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UK negotiates a post-Brexit EPA with Cameroon

Business in Cameroon | Jean Tchoffo, Secretary General of the Cameroonian economy ministry, presided on May 8 in Yaoundé over the presentation of a report on the trade impact of the bilateral Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Cameroon and the United Kingdom.

According to the official, the validation of this study is the first step before the actual start of negotiations, which may have to be concluded by 2021. These will include a review of the legal text of the Cameroon-European Union (EU) Partnership, with a view to its possible transposition into a bilateral Cameroon-United Kingdom post-Brexit EPA.

The British government informed Cameroon of its ambition since February 12, 2018. And after two informal meetings, the Cameroonian President finally authorized the opening of formal negotiations on 29 August 2018. However, Paul Biya conditioned the start of these negotiations on the completion of a study that will provide an overview and outlook of trade, economic and financial relations between Cameroon and the United Kingdom. It is also a question of assessing the possible impacts of this agreement on Cameroon’s economy and finances.

The Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a party to the EU-Cameroon EPA. However, the British people decided on 27 March 2017, in a referendum, to leave the Union. As a result, the United Kingdom should in principle lose the benefit of trade agreements between the EU and its partners around the world. In order not to disrupt trade with its partners after leaving the Union, the United Kingdom is engaged in negotiations of new trade agreements and treaties with all its major trading partners.

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    “United States Congress Passes Resolution 358
    The United States 116th Congress 1st Session in Resolution 358 on 7th May 2019 has again called on the Government of Cameroun and Armed Groups to enter into broad-based dialogue without preconditions to resolve the conflict in the Former British Southern Cameroons. The change of language from crisis to conflict signifies a huge step in wordings. This resolution is coming few days after the United States unilaterally called for an informal session of the United Nations Security Council, May 13th 2019.
    The resolution was sponsored by House Of Representatives Ms. BASS (for herself, Mr. SMITH of New Jersey, Mr. KIND, Mr. WALBERG, Mr. CASTRO of Texas, Mr. MEADOWS, Ms. OMAR, and Mr. WRIGHT)”


      “Mr. Biya of Cameroun through his Prime Minister has recently said he is ready for dialogue on any issues except SEPARATION. The move goes contrary to USA and international partners stance on dialogue WITHOUT PRECONDITION. However, Cameroun PM Dion Ngute this morning tweeted and said dialogue is ongoing already. This move brings out the games and bad faith of Cameroun to indicate they are stalling with time to torpedo any strong moves from the international community as the UNSC meets next week”

      **MY TAKE**

      Dictator Biya has FINALLY realised that his Bulu militia can NEVER EVER defeat the INVINCIBLE Amba boys. That is the reason he is now talking of dialogue on any subject matter EXCEPT “SECESSION”.
      However, EXCEPT “SECESSION” is considered as a PRECONDITION.




      Dictator Biya must, therefore, either accept an INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue WITHOUT PRECONDITION or be prepared to fight the secessionists “bis zum bitteren ende”.
      In the beginning, this evil Dictator swore that the FORM OF THE STATE is a NO-GO-AREA. However, now he is prepared to discuss the FORM OF THE STATE because of:

      1. the gallantry of the INVINCIBLE Amba boys
      2. the noose of the international community.

      Dictator Biya and his apologists on this forum should now be ashamed of themselves. They were shouting NO DIALOGUE WITH TERRORISTS. Now, Dictator Biya is BEGGING for dialogue.




      Dictator Biya and his apologists on this forum were swearing that “there will be no dialogue until the ‘secessionists’ have dropped their weapons”.
      The FAKE Amba boys, created and sponsored by ex-convict Atanga Nji have “surrendered” their weapons. This dirty trick of LRC is now used by Dictator Biya as justification to call for his “dialogue WITH PRECONDITION”. Of course, Southern Cameroonians will say NIET to Biya.
      It is either to dialogue WITHOUT PRECONDITION or to continue the war until LRC emerges by 2035. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS



      The Red dragons of Lebialem under the leadership of Field Marshall Leke NEUTRALISED more than 50 LRC terrorists and burnt down 6 military vehicles. The Waterloo of LRC terrorists occurred on Thursday the 09.05.2019
      The photos of the casualties of LRC could be seen in facebook account BIYA MUST GO.

      Southern Cameroonians will accept only an INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue WITHOUT PRECONDITIONS. Sending a Southern Cameroonian toothless PM to “dialogue” with Southern Cameroonians is a joke in bad taste. Dictator Biya is simply deceiving the international community and tricking Southern Cameroonians to participate in the so-called “NATIONAL DAY” celebrations.

      The upgrading of the weapons of Genuine Amba boys has started yielding fruits.

  2. Mr Biya wants to play the role of judge and jury over his own case. The idea of a “conflict” presupposes there are two sides. How far does Mr. Biya go with the obdurate insistence on telling only one side of the story? Visiting delegations are not allowed to visit conflict zones and see for themselves or get the views of the victims on the ground. And so time passes, resources are wasted and the regime hangs on in a balance.

    “Vivre Ensemble” is a game and like all other games, it must have rules for its actors, otherwise it is a jungle. Hon. Joseph Banadzem, the MP from Bui suffered and passed away in a world where the Belinga Eboutous, Sadou Hayatous, Mama Foudas, Niat Njifenjis get automatic medical evacuation.
    Is it rocket science to recognize that two different policies are in place

  3. A few things are for sure non-negotiable:

    1. No negotiations unless all political prisoners arrested since 2016 are released.
    2. No negotiations while Biya is still president
    3. No negotiations unless the 1959 Cooperation agreement between France and La Republique du Cameroun shall be considered inapplicable to the former trust territory of Southern Cameroons – and particularly, a timeline must be set for an end to the use of the CFA. Amba will not use a slave currency.
    4. In the event that there are negotiations, no agreements on negotiations without a set date for a new federal constitution which completely devolves power from the central government and empowers the federated States and most importantly, to the People. No more constitutions based on 1960s oppressive methods

    • These conditions are non-negotiable. France must not have anything to do with Ambazonia. It is puzzling that the diehard Biya supporters on this forum continue to sing the praises of Yaounde when for the past two years all the noise they were making about how Ambazonia is voiceless, how she will be crushed by Biya’s thugs, about the fact that Biya will never negotiate with terrorists, how the form of state is non-negotiable, etc, have all been dashed against a stonewall. And yet, they keep on saying Ambazonians are dreaming. When a people finally see the light, it is hard to send them back to the darkness. Come rain, come shine, things will change forever for Ambazonians, make your noises, call us your silly names, threaten us with death, kill us, imprison us, there is no turning back!

  4. Only the most dishonest observer will fail to see the “shoot to kill” policy military troops use in English-speaking Cameroon as opposed to the rest of the country! Throughout the protest over Prof. Maurice Kamto’s election matter, how many citizens were shot to death? Dishonest judges may do their own thing, Belinga Eboutou used to do but there comes an end somewhere down the road, n’est-ce pas?

  5. Epée Dipanda

    In Ambazonia our police will be elected on city by city basis.
    There will be no gendarmes for our police service will be sufficient.
    Of course Biya cannot be part of the solution as be represents the problem.
    Compensation must be paid to the families of the almost 2,000 people killed because Biya cannot dialogue.
    Ambazonia must be free

    • Kikikiki, Epée…your generals and field marshals shall be elected too, I guess.

      The Berlin conference of 1885 dealt with Africa—division all over.

      I hear the part of Togoland that opted to join Ghana in a similar fiasco organised by Oyibos in Cameroon is now asking for its own separation from Ghana too.

      Northern Cameroonians in NGR would soon be requesting for their own separation too…

  6. With so much, that i hear the PM knows, it is very embarrasing that he goes
    around, disgracing himself. There should be much wonder in every mind, if
    the chairman and the catholic church, will agree with him they are in a dialogue
    situation to stop the crisis. This is not a government. This mafia gang, has to go.
    Again, only Cameroonians, can condone with such nonesense.

  7. Holy cow. You mean the Biya regime is negotiating trade partnership with the Ambazonia Queen of England? Kikikikikikiki. This is real proof that these Ambazonia thugs are fighting a lost battle.

  8. BOBJAZZ,,,, even with thier midiocre political alead caged by America.they still try to think in strategic terms. They do not think like our clowns in (EH CHEH KAH), cricket jackets, with slave names calling themselves francophones, anglophone. they never ask themselves what a francophone or anglophone is? Real intellectually sound people who see where thier interest is. will never delute their identity with that of cannibalistic aryan Christians. They will do everything to maintain their authentic traditions, culture, language and spirituality. These are the three components that hold people together like glue. Forming the base of economic cooperation build around group identity.

  9. Epée Dipanda

    Yes a similar conundrum created by the British and French. Similar scam to create ever bigger countries at the expense of tribes broken up.
    Fortunately you will have the opportunity to see how a civilised African Country manages differences.
    Let’s see if Ghanaian police will also shoot to kill with guns bought by the tax payer

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