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Un chef traditionnel tué au Cameroun

BBC | Le chef traditionnel Esoh Itoh, un chef coutumier de la commune d’Ekondo Titi, dans la région camerounaise du Sud-Ouest, a été assassiné dans la mi-journée de dimanche par des individus non identifiés.

Selon les médias locaux, il était tué en plein culte, dans une paroisse baptiste locale, lors de l’agression qui lui a coûté la vie.

Ancien président des chefs traditionnels de la région du Sud-Ouest, Esoh Itoh était membre du parti au pouvoir au Cameroun, le RDPC.

Son décès survient quelques jours après la libération de sept autorités traditionnelles enlevées par des présumés séparatistes au mois de juillet. L’un des otages est toujours en captivité.

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  1. RIP chief, where are the international communities to condemn that barbaric act.

    coward fighter equal terrorist equal ambasonias equal Igbo people equal SISIKU .

  2. These Ambazonians are even worst than Boko Haram.
    What a bunch of evil people. Then they want the rest of the country to clap.
    They burn down their own villages, kidnapp and kill civilians (men, women and children) spreads hate and terror all over.
    Before this crisis, neighbouring villages were killing each other for a piece of land ,now they are doing what they know best and blame it on others.

    Apprenti sorciers! Le Cameroun d’abord.
    Celui qui ne se sent pas Camerounais, est libre de déménager.
    Wata na wata…n’importe quoi…

    • Read this before you open your mouth:

      Roughly 20% of the country’s population of 24.6 million people are Anglophone. The majority are Francophone. The unfair domination of French-speaking politicians in government has long been the source of conflict.

      Activists in the country’s Anglophone western regions are protesting their forced assimilation into the dominant Francophone society. They argue that this process violates their minority rights, which are protected under agreements that date back to the 1960s. Anglophone political representation and involvement at many levels of society has dwindled since the Federal Republic of Cameroon became the United Republic of Cameroon in 1972. There are growing calls for the Anglophone region to secede from Cameroon.

      You must accept the facts Mr.!

      • Why are you Ambazonians act as if Cameroon is begging you to stay?
        You are free to pack your belongings and leave the territory of Cmr.
        Cameroon territory will allways be one. You don’t like it, you leave! As simple as that!

      • Bikutsi I will always call you out on your ignorance. We are not in Larepublique. We are in our country, we are comfortable in our villages, you are the people leaving Yaoundé to come and disturb us were we are. In any case, Wata na wata and we shall defend ourselves.


    “…..par des individus non identifiés” ????

    Bulu militias assassinate innocent citizens in SC in order to discredit the GENUINE revolution. However, apologists of the evil Bulu Junta continue to accuse Southern Cameroonians.

    A “Vivre ensemble” with those Bulu militias will NEVER EVER happen again.
    The war will continue until all Bulu militias are kicked out from SC dead or alive.

    • For your information, there is not a singel Bulu soldier out there!

    • You are right!
      Another blame on Amba fighters has just been made in Yaounde for tempting to assasinate Ferdinand Ngo Ngo. What a shame.


      I thought ambasonia was freed already, the war continued

    • You are right!
      He was assassinated just like reverend father Sob and many other Anglophones by the rogue army.
      Truth is that Anglophones know he was assassinated and CPDM destroy Cameroon at all cost militants are trying to blame Amba boys who carry Dane guns as the culprit.
      The autopsy report will tell us some of the truth about his assassination.
      Just like the videos of the army killing Cameroonians and burning villagers and villages, CPDM chalatants will deny it and blame malians or Europeans for it.
      Biya is in Switzerland on a lavish vacation, CPDM tribal Griots can not ask Biya why he is on vacation during war time but they have the energy to tell Ngraffi to leave south west.
      West Cameroonians know the truth about the ethnofascist regime.
      Who is fooling who?

  4. I really wish to know who did the study and what were the criteria of being defined as an anglophones. Were the participants self defining as anglophones? Was it based on province of origin or based or language of curriculum? I personally know many NW/SWener who studied in french in Douala as well as Yaoundé because English schools were rare in those town. This is also true for ‘ francophones’ living SW/NW. Most whom you call “francophones’ send their kids to English schools so to better equip them for the English dominated environment we live in.

  5. Mr Theman, you do not have a clu.

  6. @Bikutsi People killed their chief and it is paining u? Since when did a balondo chief become a beti chief? Why is the dead of this chief paining u so much,and not the University of Bamenda student that was shot in cold blood by LRC’s forces? If u think this crisis will be easy for u to solve,then think again.
    Sisiku and Co are with u, as u claim.If u like, kill them,it is the same way that all those SW and NW chiefs and MP and senators of NW and SW that support your ”one and indivisible LRC’ will be sent to their early grave by Amba boys.As we speak,all chiefs and parliamentarians and senators of NW and SW are on the run.They are on exile in LRC.They cannot step their foot in SC becos they know what awaits them.It is AK47 that speaks now,not the usual facebook comments.Ambasonia is real.

    • So you operate like Boko Haram right?
      Why do you cry then when they treat you like BH?

      • Great question @bikutsi. Tu bois quoi?
        They talk terrorism, they terrorize innocent civilians that don’t agree with their ideology, just like Boko haram, yet they cry when the army treat them BH.
        At least BH wasnt crying out.

        • Hihihi
          Je bois le jus de baoba. L’arbre sacré.
          Ces Ambazoniens doivent etre civilisés. Une bande de gangsters qui se dit défendre les droits et protéger une minorité soit disant “Anglophone”..
          Va leur demander ce qu’ils entendent par ‘Anglophone” ,ils ne sauront d’expliquer.
          Depuis le début de cette crise ils n’ont apporté que misère et désolation dans cette partie du Pays, et ils veulent qu’on les laisse faire.
          N’importe quoi.

        • This chief was killed by Larepublique hoodlums to create a chasm between NW and SW. It will not work, Ambazonia is ready for this and we shall be free.

    • @KONGOSA

      if u can go and join the fight that will be good, but u are overseas talking rubbish rubbish online here coward fighter.

  7. You can be Anglo whatever and living in lrc that’s your business.the two cultures are different,their dates of independence different,and no amount of force can make the two countries to live together.
    Studying in another country didn’t make you a national by acquiring their language and culture.
    We will get our independence and no one is leaving our territory,the land belongs to us no apologies.we will never leave that land,and we will fight to defend it till the the last man standing.

  8. My suggestion is that those who desire an enriching experience in the exchange of views must choose their interlocutors very carefully. Many hints and guidelines present themselves. Whenever a posting places blames on the victim rather than the perpetrator of a crime, that is a red flag! Many tribal loyalties crop up here and there with ardent devotees interested only in defending “theirs”.

    In a country where there are not enough medical doctors to go round, two were mercilessly shot to death at a clinic in Mbengwi, Momo Division this week. Eye-witness accounts/wailing from neighbors left no doubt that military men had carried out the act to punish doctors who dared to treat Ambazonia fighters.
    (The Hippocratic Oath provides for treatment of all patients!!!!).

  9. @Bikutsi ”So you operate like Boko Haram right?”…Of course we operate like Boko Haram.

    • Why crying then when Cameroonians treat you like BH?
      Btw why do you need to cross to the SW and kill their chiefs? Why can’t you stay in your backyard bush of the NW and go on with what you know the best: killing each other for nothing?
      The people of the SW have made it clear, leave!
      Bande de sauvages..

    • Bikutsi you are still in the divide and rule game? Foolish people we are now wiser than this. Divide and rule worked in the 90s with “come no Go” it will not work today….Wata is wata

  10. @KONGOSA

    idiot, bastard, and raccoon

    small war past you, now its facebook and youtube kikikikikikikikikiki. Ambas need more voodoos bags, therefore when I shoot them the bullet cant kill them.

  11. In order to bring LRC to the table to negotiate peaceful evacuation from the Southern Cameroons lands, the first strategy is to eliminate totally the black legs and people who have soul SC to LRC. First order of the day is getting rid of the so-called chiefs every where in SC and then the so-called elites and then go after any other black legs!

    • Have you take a look att your own legs? Which color are they? Red???
      Repeating after others..’black legs ‘..
      Do you know where that expression come from?
      Why are you Ambazonians so stupid?

    • We are so stupid because of our proximity with Beti bulu folks like you.
      It will not work. Wata NA wata


    SW Governor, Ex-Minister Exposed As Ekondo Titi Chief’s Killers!!!
    A Governor in the South West of Cameroon and a former Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization have been inextricably linked to the death of the Traditional Ruler of Ekondo Titi, *National Telegraph has been hinted. According to our sources, Bernard Okalia Bilia, Governor of South West Cameroon with residence in Buea, the Region’s capital and Emmanuel Rene Sadi, former Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization now serving at the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon as Minister in charge of Special Duties have been directly accused by some Anglophone bigwigs as architects behind the death of HRH Chief Esoh Itoe Stephen of Ekondo Titi.

  13. @ Brandino. Why Didn’t You Kill Your Own Chiefs During Biafra War? @ John Dinga. When Your Terrorists Shot An Ambulance & Nearly Killed A Senior Douala Medical Military Staff, You Said Nothing Just As @ Kongossa Wrote ” Dead Of …” Instead Of ” Death Of”. RIP Brave Hero. You Were Unarmed But They Shot You Just Because Your Stand For One Kamerun But By The Time We Kill Their Unarmed Sympathyzers In Bulk, They’ll Call Human Right. Keep On Inviting Army & Make More Refugees. Those You Are Killing Have Family Members As Well. NO DIALOGUE, PLEASE IF YOU ARE MEN, START KILLING THE ONES YOU CALL FRANCOPHONES IN THOSE AREAS. THEN YOU’LL HAVE YOUR WAR WHEREVER YOU ARE. COWARDS

  14. @ Brandino. Why Didn’t You Kill Your Own Chiefs During Biafra War? @ John Dinga. When Your Terrorists Shot An Ambulance & Nearly Killed A Senior Douala Medical Military Staff, You Said Nothing Just As @ Kongossa Wrote ” Dead Of …” Instead Of ” Death Of”. RIP Brave Hero. You Were Unarmed But They Shot You Just Because Your Stand For One Kamerun But By The Time We Kill Their Unarmed Sympathyzers In Bulk, They’ll Call Human Right. Keep On Inviting Army & Make More Refugees. Those You Are Killing Have Family Members As Well. NO DIALOGUE, PLEASE IF YOU ARE MEN, START KILLING THE ONES YOU CALL FRANCOPHONES IN THOSE AREAS. THEN YOU’LL HAVE YOUR WAR WHEREVER YOU ARE. COWARDS, WHY HIDE AMONG THE INOCENTS TO FIGHT? WHERE IS YOUR HQ? WHICH TOWNS, VILLAGES, ARMY CAMPS DO YOU OCCUPY? MOUF

    • After your period of incubation, you should naturally take off where you had left off with your many non sequiturs. But foisting them on others is your style, not mine!!!!

      You exude so much wisdom in mattes of NW/SW, hardly ever your own hamlets which are supposedly equally disadvantaged.

  15. Son of the soil

    The only solution to this problem is to compromise on positions. Both the government of Cameroon and the ambafighters should try as much as possible to regard life with a bit of esteems. These killings are not helpful, AK47 builds nothing good.

  16. Those who fool themselves that they know, keep saying that `God` is in control.
    In the past two years, what is the proof, that `God` is in control in what Cameroon,
    is passing through? See the brute killings going on, the cardinal`s brain child dying
    slowly, biya enjoying his stay on earth the way he wants it, the international communitiy
    and it`s institutions bowing at biya`s beck and call, pamol and cdc bleeding, cocoa farms
    abandoned, all hopes lost etc etc.
    Time for reflection, is now. Cameroonians, have allowed themselves in to this foolery, for
    too long a time and we can see the results today. So so pathetic.


    The Chief was killed by the BAFIA MAFIA commanded by:

    1. Okalia Bilai
    2. Rene Sadi

    and assisted by Mbamois

  18. @Bikutsi Sorry,i am neither a SWesterner or a NWesterner.I am a Bayangi boy,from Manyu county,and my country is Ambasonia.So,when u keep talking about SW/NW,i don’t know what that means.Becos we don’t have SW/NW in our country.I am a bayangi boy,and an Ambasonian.All i am saying is that,LRC should leave our country alone.Even our president,a Bakweri man,by name Dr.Ikome Samuel have also asked LRC to leave our country,Ambasonia alone.

  19. @MBAMOIS If during your time of fighting for independence from France,u did not know that killing the chiefs and people like Ahidjo who sided on the side of France and make u pepetual French slaves till today,we Ambasonians will kill all our chiefs who are all members of the CPDM colonial party.After we must have finished with the chiefs,we will then attack our parliamentarians and senators who have been asked to resign by the people of SC.

  20. @MBAMOIS ”By The Time We Kill Their Unarmed Sympathyzers In Bulk, They’ll Call Human Right.”..Why are u now crying like a baby? Is it today that u started killing unarmed seperatists civilians? As a matter of fact,u started killing unarmed seperatist sympathizers since 2016,and they have just killed one of your unarmed sympathizer and u are crying like a baby.Besides,why is the killing of an anglos chief annoying francos?
    ”NO DIALOGUE, PLEASE IF YOU ARE MEN, START KILLING THE ONES YOU CALL FRANCOPHONES IN THOSE AREAS.”….We know that all along,u have been searching for a genocide between anglos and francos.But sorry,there won’t be any.No body will touch any franco.U will leave our land without any genocide.I understand how frustrated u are,that your prayers will not came to pass.

    • Kongosa,

      we’ll keep on fighting for Anglos, but not for Ayuk and the likes.

      Killing Anglos under the guise that they’re collaborators is nothing but counter productive. The more reason why some of us will prefer exile than be ruled by your mov’t. And make no mistake, we’ll fight you until the end too. So, be sure to have us on your back.

      I hear there is a video of Cho out there in Norway, enjoying your funds with his family?

      At times I wish I would have joined your mov’t and enjoy some njoh funds too…

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