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Un dangereux chef de gang séparatiste arrêté par les populations et livré à l’armée

Koaci | Lundi 10 septembre 2018- Godlove, a été arrêté ce weekend par les populations du village Romock dans la région du Nord-ouest en proie aux affrontements entre séparatistes armés et forces loyalistes.

Après son arrestation par des bergers peulhs, le séparatiste a été remis aux Forces de défense et de sécurité.

« Ce chef de milice s’apprêtait à attaquer une fois de plus, un village Mbororo au moment de son arrestation », confie une source sécuritaire ayant requis l’anonymat.

En l’espace d’une semaine, la communauté Mbororo (bergers) installée depuis plus de 150 ans dans la région du Nord-ouest a été la cible de deux attaques séparatistes.

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Lors de ces attaques, le bétail des bergers Mbororos est emporté par les assaillants.

Sur internet, le milicien arrêté défiait régulièrement les forces de défenses et de sécurité dans des images de propagande dans lesquelles il montrait son butin de guerre.

Dans ses vidéos violentes, il brandissait comme un trophée, les corps mutilés des soldats tués.

L’Unicef organisme du système des Nations unies en charge de l’éducation a récemment condamné les attaques contre la communauté scolaire.


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  1. Where are all the secessionists apologists of this forum? We Anglophones don’t want you, you will all pay all the evil you inflict on us

    • If truly you are an Anglophone, then you are a slave or at least one of your family is a slave to the Bulu regime.A true Anglophone who knows his/ her history will not make such utterance.I am an interpedentist.Ambaland will be too hot for slaves like you.

      • Africans For Donald Trump

        You are delusional if you think that the majority of people from the North West and South West support the ambazombie terrorists!

        The majority ofdo not support the terrorists. The majority of the people of the North West are scared to voice their opinion because you terrorists are kidnapping and killing any one who voices his opinion against your stupid terrorist movement!
        You just threatened son of the soil in your comment above. That is the terrorism that is keeping people scared to voice their opinion.
        The history of Cameroon is irrelevant. The future is what we have to build. We do not build history, we plan and build the future.
        Kidnapping and raping students; attacking and killing police officers is not how you plan and build a future for your children!

        • Majority are for secession, house slave. It’s just a handful of greedy Anglophones like you( If you truly are) that prefer the status quo to be maintained.The protest that took place all over Ambaland on the 22nd September and 1st October 2017 is an evidence.

        • Majority are for secession, house slave. It’s just a handful of greedy Anglophones like you( If you truly are) that prefer the status quo to be maintained.The protest that took place all over Ambaland on the 22nd September and 1st October 2017 is an evidence.We didn’t declare war on our selves, your slave master did.

        • Africans For Donald Trump


          We know you ambazombie terrorists are delusional and with the constant marijuana and tramadol that you have been consuming you must definitely be insane by now!

          The videos of the protest matches you are talking about are ther fr all to see. How can you call a few thousand people out of millions of people a majority?

          There are no more than a few thousand misguided people in those videos? Apparently you do not even know the meaning of the word majority! Dullness is your portion! The Gods of our ancestors have a plan for you terrorists!
          You coward terrorist conman!
          Nyamfukah! Shegue!

      • beheaded him ” like the beheaded our soldiers “

      • @ popol. Which history are you talking about. The history of the colonial masters? We were one before the colonial masters came and will remain one after the colonial masters brief fabrications for their national interest. There is no such thing as British Southern Cameroons. Those days of colonization are gone. God has brought us back together as he meant before the whites came and distorted his creation.

      • Popol I don’t know what story you are talking about, but my grand parents always told me about the hatred they had of English and French colonial masters. I am 100% from South West but I do not recognize myself in this madness. All conscious Cameroonians want changes, but not in this way. And no responsible man draws the devil into his house and exposes his family.
        Look at all these young people you are manipulating by sending them 100 dollars, they are all lost. You guys put our families in dangers. Most of these guys are the ones who sell their parents’ plantations. Little thieves who have found the legitimacy behind this mess , to commit their crimes legaly. The so-called leaders do not even have carabot houses in the villages so it does not bother them that the army come to burn .

      • @polpol
        Not all anglophones are idiots like you. More than 90% of Francophones face the same Problems like anglophones. It’s true that we need to fight for our Rights but completely wrong that with need an arms struggle that we will never win. Do you know any Country in this world that is fair? There is non. You must at least find a group of People complaining. Take a stock of the past 10 months and tell us if we are progressing. We are suffering and taking ourselves decades behind. Are you in a safe place with you Family like the idiots in US? To be against an arms struggle is wisdom. Anglophones are slaves. You moron. Ambazonia has no place in Anglophone Cameroon.

    • Son of the soil,
      The Bororo are a minority, and are well known to be armed. This is not their war, they are normads floating between Cameroon and Nigeria. They have just invited trouble upon themselves. The army is not always around to provide security. When word of this trouble gets to the Ambas boys, only God knows the outcome. Tell them, since you are their mouthpiece that they have declared war and war they will have.

      • Africans For Donald Trump


        You can only terrorise the population for so long before they rise up against you. The Bororo’s are not the only group of people that are tired and sick of your terrorism!

        Th ambazombie terrorists do not represent the majority of the people of the North west and South West. We have several candidates from the north West who are contestng for the presidency of The Republic of Cameroon. What does that tell you?

        You are not more of a North Westerner of South Westerner than anyone just because you are an ambazombie terrorist. We can not all have the same opinion on how to resolve our socioeconomic problems just because we come from the same region. If you can not respect the political opinion of others then you are an uncivilized terrorist, a conman and a coward!

      • @ Nsahlah. What of those Ijagam people in the Manyu division who have a common ancestry with the Ijagam people of Biafra in Nigeria. Are you saying that Ayuk Sisiku is not from the SW province but from Ijagam Nigeria? How do you relate him to a free born from Santa in the NW province? Not with a white man’s language abi?

      • Nsahlah never fool yourself with those Bororo people , trust me your ambazombians guys know well what bororo are capable of. Go and try!

      • blablabla. I thought you are also an Amba boy. Big mouth with Zero know how. They are waiting and equal to the Task.
        This is the beginning of the end of all the mess you have created in the anglophne region.

  2. Mbororo are strangers in that land and a minority if I was them will not risk the peace their Muslim minorities community has enjoy for almost 150 years, be” careful what u wish for”, before the majority threateneds your existence we definitely don’t want it happened like in other countries around the world, “a word to a wise is sufficient”

    • Africans For donald Trump

      @Forever young

      After you live in a place for 150 years you can not be considered a stranger!

      The Mbororos like every single tribe in the North West and South West migrated from somewhere before settling there. It does not matter how long ago they arrived the North West. We all arrived from somewhere.

      You guys will pay for the mayhem you are causing in Cameroon. You will pay for the students you kidnap and rape everyday! You will pay for the police officers and soldiers you attack and kill everyday! Yu will pay for the business me you kidnap and kill everyday!
      Shameless terrorist cowards!

    • If you truly were an “Anglophone” (what, exactly does Anglophone mean?), you’d at least be able to write a decent English.

      I am not a fan of Biya, and am a US citizen born in Cameroon. However, what you guys are doing is nothing but terrorism. And don’t count on any serious government world wide to support renegades.

      You do not kill to make your voice heard. Once you start killing, you choose to be a thug, a terrorist and you will be treated accordingly. You are delusional, and have been deluded by BBC the like of Ebini Antem, who has always behaved like a psychopath.

    • @ Forever young. You Ambazonians are either confused idiots or are being manipulated by a few con men in Maryland. You call the Bororo people strangers? What of the NW and SW people. Are they not also strangers? The NW people have a completely different culture and ancestry from the SW people. What about that? If you are going to base the NW and SW relationship via a brief British fabrication during the colonization era, then the Bororos have the right to be part of the NW people as they were already there before the British and French came. The SW and NW people can’t say they are one without the Bororo people when the brief British fabrication included them. In short the Bororos are more related to the NW people than the SW people are related to the NW people.

  3. Just like professor Carson Anyangwe cautioned the Mbororo community to identify those misguided Mbororo that has taken arms against their Christian neighbors so they can be dealt according for their treacherous activities with la republique terrorists rapist army against our brave Amba boys, for the revolution of Southern Cameroon belongs to everyone , let the Mbororo community should not be foolish to fall in the trapped la republique want themselves to be against West Cameroonian, we don’t want the anger of the truth sons& daughters of Ambasonia against our Muslims minority guest whom our ancestors welcome them to stayed peacefully in Ambasonia

    • The Mbororo are in general a very peaceful and loving people. Authentic Africans with a very rich culture.
      Stop your hate propaganda.

    • No one ever attacked a Mbororo in 150yrs living in these communities.
      The government after declaring war on Anglophones in 2017 has tried to use South West and NorthWesr devide tactics to fan ethnic and tribal conflicts but it did not work.
      Today the government is using agents to attack Mbororos who have never been attack in 150yrs and promote ethnic war so as to distract from the real genocide they are propagating.
      The government promotes tribalism as a policy try getting a passport in Yaounde!
      When they need to blame a Francophone for their laziness they immediately blame a Bamileke why?
      Today they are trying very hard to Incite herdsmen to attack others like they do in Nigeria with government support.
      “Les Bamenda” the government will do anything to destroy you so open your eyes.

      • Yaaa, Lum!

        Bu’siness as usual. Always running away from one’s shadow.

        This is the second time Mbororos are laying hands on these tief co*ws, and you call it a gov’t plot?

        It is better to take a Mbororo man’s wife than to mess around with his co*ws…

        • @Zam
          The Mbororos in my village if you mess with them you get killed.
          They don’t waste time to arrest you and stage a military propaganda parade.
          The government is playing with fire.
          They think promoting ethnic violence with rogue operatives is a solution to the Anglophone problem.
          Even this strategy too shall fall, the Mbororos Will someday realize they were being used to keep the current Yaoundé tribal government in power.
          Even the army they send to Anglophone Cameroon is selected by ethnic group and for those who don’t want to go and die they ask them to pay ransom to the tribal militia called army.
          Attacking Mbororos is done by the same people who burnt 180 villages in Anglophone Cameroon.
          Tribal warfare in Cameroon will mean disaster for all #250 tribes very bad policy

        • @Lum,

          that is exactly the danger in recruiting children to do the dirty job in the name of restoration forces.

          They know quite too well that Mborroro men don’t joke with their cattle, but they still decide to go ahead and try to steal. Even Boko was scared of messing around with Northerners’ cattle. They know how vehement those cattle owners are—you better kill them than go away with the least cattle for free.

          Some of these youths believe indeed that those amulets can make them invincible. That is surely the reason why they are insisting on stealing Mborroro cattle, despite the fact that they were caught the first time.

          Why not just leave Mborroros out of this? They usually disturb nobody when left alone…

        • @Lum,

          that is exactly the danger in recruiting children to do the dirty job in the name of restoration forces.

          They know quite too well that Mborroro men don’t joke with their cattle, but they still decide to go ahead and try to steal. Even Boko was scared of messing around with Northerners’ cattle. They know how vehement those cattle owners are—you better kill them than go away with the least cattle for free.

          Some of these youths believe indeed that those amulets can make them invincible. That is surely the reason why they are insisting on stealing Mborroro cattle, despite the fact that they were caught the first time.

          Why not just leave Mborroros out of this? They usually disturb nobody when left alone…

      • yaah yaah (lies)

      • @Lum
        South West and North West are divided and you can’t change it. It’s a natural division and we will never be one. It has nothing to do wiith the goverment. Even in the diaspora the division is not hidden. I am proud norht west man.

  4. These motorists. Brothers are showing the way to deal with this Timor.
    The country is with the patriots…


    Elections are around the corner. Ex-convict Atangana has increased his manipulation of the population in favour of his God, Dictator Biya.
    His FAKE Amba boys are appearing everywhere in SC. They kidnap Fons, attack the Mbororos, burn down Amour Mezam buses, allow themselves to be arrested by other FAKE Amba boys and handed to the Gendarmes.

    More “success stories” will be staged by the FAKE Amba boys before the 07.10.2018.
    They will include the capture of the “Quartier général” of the secessionists, the arrest of the commander in chief of the secessionists, the defeat of the secessionists in the Northern zone of SC, etc.

    I feel sorry for the people who allow themselves to be manipulated by ex-convict Atangana, I really do.


      The face of the so-called terrorist leader speaks volumes. He has not been beaten by his captors or the BIR . Any person who is familiar with the brutality of the beasts referred to as the BIR will agree with me that the face of this so-called terrorist leader would have been deformed by now.

      The so-called terrorist leader has already been released and paid his dues from the money of the “Plan d’urgence” for his role as an actor

    • Separatist aka blabla like you of course! I see no one else but you who has been completly brainwashed . You better wake up from your dream. And i will remind you that Biya is not Cameroon , after him that country will still exist.

  6. #mutilez cet animal animal ennemie de la cohesion sociale !

    • Les vrais coupables sont pourtant ailleurs dans la diaspora.
      Ces jeunes transformés en voyoux et bracqueurs sont eux aussi victimes de la négligeance du gvt Camerounais et de la mannipulation des attisseurs à la haine cachés dans la diaspora.
      Faut résourdre le probleme à sa source.
      Pourchassez les vrais Bandits de la République: Biya et sa bande, Mad Bareta, Ivouu etc… voilà les vrais gangsters.

  7. @Africans For donald Trump If u guys think that the tactics that u used,to fight the UPCist is going to work with SCNC,then u are doom to fail.Called them terrorist as u like.Stage all kinds of terrorist attacks on civilian population and put it on SCNC.Your game has failed even before u conceived the idea.U have only one choice,that is,addreing the anglophone problem with frank dialogue,if not,you will continue to waste your time in vain.Come to think of it,are u saying that even,u,francophones,trust this Biya’s regime? If not,how do u expect anglophones to trust the regime with their lives? wata na wata…

    • Africans For Donald Trump

      @Kongosa dog

      That marijuana and tramadol mix you have been taking and the amulets you hang on your neck claiming bullets will not go though your body will not save you.

      You will be annihilated just like sick-seku ayuk tabe and his cohorts!

      You are a hugely unpopular terrorist group, with no strategy and uncivilized tactics. I am from the North West and you will never change that no matter how delusional you th tramadol and marijuana make you!
      You are a terrorist moron! You are a nyamfukah! Nyamfukah na Nyamfukah! what a stupid slogan “wata na wata”. You no be know say wata na wata? Keeping repeating it so it sinks in your head . A terrorist is a terrorist! Bush man!

      • Atanga Nji is also from the NW. Your mama yi smell smell mbumbu so Donald Trump shihole slave. Fockard.

        • Africans Donald Trump


          When your strategy to achieve independence involves providing youth with amultets and intoxicating youth with tramadol and marijuana, it is obvious that you will never succeed!!

          You are a wretched person! Your are dumb and uncivilized ! You are a co
          Nyamfukah! Coward terrorist conman!

        • Africans For Donald trump


          You obviously have lost your mind due to the tramadol and arijuana mix you have been intoxicating yourself with and the amulets and concoctions you have been drinking from your sorcerer.

          You uncivilised mokey!

          Sehegue! Nyamfukah!

        • This type of language can only come from those who lack ideas to contribute. Did you know go through class 7? At least we need some basic morals. You are just a mess.

  8. What an obvious scam! No time for commenting on this staged rubbish. He looks like a newborn from his mother’s womb, not a single scratch contrary to the brutal notoriety of the lrc barbarians. He is fortunate that his masters didn’t turn around and shoot him to death, like they did with the kids in Santa a while back!

    • eh! eh! eh! eh! eh! @ eyallow. Which kids were killed in Santa? Just stop those your lies when it comes to my village. You can lie about other places not my village for I have minute by minute information about what is happening in my village. The only people who were killed in Santa were those your Ambazonia thugs you sent to destabilize my village a couple of months ago. This is a warning to Ambazonia terrorists: DON’T MESS WITH SANTA. @ eyallow,you are free to use a different village to promote your lies and propaganda.

      • brother for atangana nji fit tok true?useless,which santa u comot?

        • @ Ambas. You can never change my tribe because I don’t support your foolishness. Look for a stronger argument. This is an argument of a loser. Your foolish tactics of kidnapping, beheading and calling the people of the SW and NW who don’t support your foolishness Francophones or Biya supporters doesn’t hold. We hate both you Ambazonians and the Biya regime. You are a thread to the well being of the people of the SW and NW provinces and it’s the reason you have no support from the majority of what you call anglophones.The truth is that we whooped your Ambazonia ass in Santa. We don’t want your foolishness in our village. DON’T MESS WITH SANTA PEOPLE. Santa is not Ijagam or Nyandong where you’ve traumatized all the villagers.

  9. the french Cameroon army is a terrorists among the people, Southern Cameroons will fight dying rather than be rule by colonial french Cameroon, “what goes around comes around” for 58 years the biya regime have been barbaric thieves, now they will be dealt with according to their own inability to be grateful, the regime is unpatriotic murderers! they are treating the people badly who feed them as second class slaves, these slaves have risen to fall no more!independence all the way or no colonial puppet french Cameroon will have civil war of biyas legacy

    • @ ndolloz, There is no such thing as Southern Cameroon. That was a brief fabrication by the colonial masters to exploit our resources. Can you show me a world map that has ever had a country called Southern Cameroon? Stop leaving in the 19th century. That is a dark century for black people with regards to colonization and slavery. You can’t be talking of Southern Cameroon in the 21st century. What a disgrace.

      • you are fake in every move or word that comes out of your mouth,you want to falsify history,there isnt any map?so to u map signifies a country,if ambazonia doesnt have a map right now it is because we are still working on it,yours is on the the map cos of corruption and laziness,asshole country .

        • @ Ambas. working on what map. The U.N. and the rest of the civilized world doesn’t support terrorists, the reason you have no support from the U.N. and even from the Queen of England who was the architect of this brief fabrication called Southern Cameroons. Your terrorist organization will never ever succeed. You keep talking of Southern Cameroon as if it was a country on its own that was colonized by the French speaking Cameroonians. I have asked you to show me any world with a Country called Southern Cameroons and of course you can’t as there was never any such thing as Southern Cameroons. It was just a brief British fabrication to exploit Cameroon’s resources. That’s real history not the fake news you Ambazonians are promoting all over the internet and this forum.

  10. hahahahhahahahhahahahahhahaha I will personally give a big thank you to that population. long life in lrc

    • Don’t believe what LRP is saying. The population cannot get hold of ADF leader just like that. this guy is innocent as i can see. How they could they betray their own people who are fighting for their liberation. I don’t believe these guys one bid.

  11. The best news ever! It’s about time they start turning in these terrorists one by one. This great example is going to be copied all over the national territory. SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING.

  12. What are i guys talking about? This guy was a common criminal who usurped authority to ferry our criminal acts.

  13. @Africans For Donald Trump Wow…A majority of anglophones do not support secession.What do they support? Etat unitaire non decentralise?Ha ha ha ha..I go die laugh..I did’nt know u are such a good humourist…Even francophones don’t like the status quo.How can u expect anglophnes to love a system that francophones hate? U,francophones have no choice,u are condemned to stay with the status quo,but we,anglophones have a choice to stay,or to leave.And anglophones,in their majority,spoke on the 22nd of Sept 2017 that they want to leave.If not that some anglophones stayed at home becos they were afraid that they would be shot by your terrorist soldiers on that 22nd of sept,u would have seen a population bigger than the one u saw on that 22nd of sept 2017…Vivre Ambaland

    • @ Kongossa. The majority of the people of the SW and NW don’t support the Biya regime and don’t support your Ambazonia terrorist organization. What about that? I know you hate the truth. You always associate anglophones who don’t support your Ambazonia foolishness with the Biya regime which you know is not true. Both the Biya regime and the Ambazonia terrorists are a threat to the well being of the people of the SW and NW provinces. The Biya BIRs beat up and rape our students. The Ambazonia thugs beat up, rape our students and prevent them from going to school. The Biya BIRs kill and burn down the houses of villagers they suspect are supporting the Ambazonia terrorists. The Ambazonia thugs kidnap and behead anglophones who don’t support their foolishness. Who is more evil?

  14. Not all Anglophones are secessionists. Some are Federalists for a two state solution, others for a 10 state federal system, a few occupying lucrative government positions are for hyper centralization. A sad example is the group of greedy buffoons who met in Buea claiming to speak for SWners when they do not have the interest of the people in mind one bit, to clamor for non separation(using the NW as a ploy) instead of vying for an end to the unnecessary death, destruction and pain being visited on the people followed by a dialog with respect for Cameroonians who are unhappy with their condition as citizens of their dear fatherland.

    The Cameroon army does no distinction. Most of the victims of this assymetrical war do not even know about Ambazonia. May the Almighty God help us.

  15. If a thing does not make sense, it is usually not true. From military spokesperson Cameroonians know that such persons are usually “neutralized” – their euphemism for killing – as was displayed in Menka Pinyin, Kwakwa, Kembong, Ekona, Belo and other places, with the mutilated bodies left for the world to see.

    Why should this be so different???????????

    • Africans for Donald Trump

      @John Dinga,

      “Why should this be so different now?”

      What a stupid question!

      There are millions of possibilities!

  16. Paa John let them tickle themselves and laugh. We have had enough of LaRepublique.
    Ambazonia will be free

  17. u are the confused idiot without knowledge of your history cowardly simpleton , who ever told u the relationship between tribes of NW and SW began during the British colonial rule ignoramus, did u know prior to the German arrival we already trade and intermarriage among ourselves, even joined together with the doula under prince Rudolf douala canton Bell to form a common resistance against the German colonial rule when the capital of. GermanCameroon was transferred from Douala to Buea idiot

    • @FEY
      A nation is built by people who share a common interest not just tribes and skin color.
      The common interest of the people of NW and SW can’t be destroyed by some stupid idea of cultural similarities.
      What does a man in bonakanda have in common with a man in Ngoundere? Absolutely nothing.
      The principles of free speech, democracy, respect for merit, hard work, good education, freedom of movement, affordable healthcare, free market etc is what the peoples of Anglophone Cameroon desire to build.
      No one is dreaming to die in a hypercentralized tribal Cameroon because of cultural similarities.
      How come an Anglophone can succeed in Germany, UK, USA, Australia, South Africa etc but not in French Cameroon?
      Principles and common interest that foster growth not just tribal nonsense

      • Your response made my day. From all the postings I have read on this forum thus far, yours makes much sense!

      • @ Lum Just as a colonial master’s language cannot determine the boundaries of a Country. Stop sending these thugs to go and intimidate our children in the NW and SW provinces while yours are going to school in the diaspora. Only wicked people manipulate others to destroy their own lives. The NW and SW people have nothing I repeat nothing in common except for the fact that a few can express themselves in the English man’s language called English. The SW people look at those NWesterners living there as inferior to them and call them ‘Come no go’. I know that because I am from the NW province but lived all my life in the SW province. Stop fudging a relationship that can never ever work.

    • @ For ever young. You can curse as much as you like for I know the truth hurts but that can’t change the fact I stated: “The people of the SW and NW provinces have a completely different culture and ancestry. The only thing they have in common is that a few of them can express themselves in the English man’s language called English. Un point un trait. I asked you to show me a world map that ever had a country called Southern Cameroons and you can’t. This is because there is no such thing as Southern Cameroons. This was a brief British fabrication from the Country Cameroon to exploit their natural resources. Foolish African, we are in the 21st century and not the 19th century which was a dark century for blacks as it relates to colonization and slavery.

  18. I think u should released my comment to @bobjazz moderator so I can educate dis idiot bout Cameroon history prior the British colonial rule

    • What history, the one that suits your narrative , or the real history?

    • Africans For Donald Trump


      When people are discussing the present and the future you are stuck on history!

      How dumb can you be? Shameless terrorist coward! Nyamfukah!

    • @ For ever young. Your comment wasn’t released because of your childish write-ups and immaturity. You need to work on your thin skin and grow up and stop cursing like a child when you can’t respond to a challenge. THIS FORUM IS FOR ADULTS ONLY SIR.

  19. @bobjazz Bla bla bla..Maquizard! U keep singing your usual song that a majority of anglophones do not support seperation,but u are still to tell us what they support.Is it Etat Unitaire non Decentralise? Are u saying that a majority of anglophones will choose Etat Unitaire non Decentralise over seperation? Tell us what a majority of anglophones support and stop this manipulative tactics.
    ”There is no such thing as Southern Cameroon. That was a brief fabrication by the colonial masters to exploit our resources”…Ha ha ha..Sounds like there is no such thing as Israel,becos even the state of Israel was created by Britain.
    Now,can u tell us the people that created LRC? Did the colonial masters that created LRC not do that becos of their interest to exploit natural resources?

    • @ Kongosa, There is a world map with a country called Israel. Can you please show me a world map with a country called Southern Cameroons. You need some prayers my friend. You can’t take us back to the 19th century. It was a dark century of slavery and colonization for black people. I won’t be surprised if your ancestors were house slaves. Their products are the only blacks who want to go back to the slavery and colonization era.

  20. the writter is purely govt sponsored,he is not a leader of any group,if u say so,it means 90% 0f anglophones are leaders,why bias and created news ,who told you he is even amba boy,amba boys doing what at home,shame to u this rubbish journalist