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Un milliard f cfa de subvention de l’Etat au Hajj

APAnews | Le gouvernement camerounais a accordé une « subvention spéciale » d’un milliard de FCFA aux fidèles musulmans qui prendront part au pèlerinage à la Mecque en juin prochain, a annoncé mercredi le ministre de l’Administration territoriale, Paul Atanga Nji, par ailleurs, président de la Commission nationale du hadj (CNH).

« Le président de la République a décidé d’accorder une subvention d’un milliard de FCFA pour résorber les frais supplémentaires nés de l’augmentation des coûts du pèlerinage à la Mecque arrêtés par les autorités saoudiennes », a expliqué le ministre dans un communiqué parvenu à APA.

Par conséquent, les candidats au Hadj 2019 débourseront 2.529.000 FCFA, soit une augmentation de près de 300 000 FCFA.

Quelque 2839 Camerounais, selon la CNH, feront le pèlerinage à la Mecque en 2019, soit une hausse de 350 pèlerins par rapport à 2018.

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  1. Provided the future Alhajis are not compelled to march past, like traditional rulers, holding placards! Transparency requires to wait and let those in need ask for help instead of playing “Father Christmas” with undeclared motives.

  2. What a shame what about africans and cameroonians traditionalists that goes and pray every week their ancestors in theirs villages? shame on you all idiots westerns educated fools and believers of the rapist mohamed and criminal jaysus religions imposed on you slaves


    Rich countries, such as the US, UK, Germany, Japan, etc. will NEVER EVER use taxpayers money to subsidize the journey of Moslems to Mecca.


    It is a private matter of the Moslem. The Coran has stated crystal clear that THOSE WHO CAN AFFORD should visit Mecca at least once during their stay on earth.

    It is, therefore, imbecile nonsense and foolish for the Dictator of a Heavily Indebted Poor Country ( HIPC ) to BORROW money to enable Moslems to become ALHADJIs yet his own country leaves much to be deserved: Child malnutrition, insecurity, poor infrastructure, scarcity of potable water, poorly furnished hospitals, etc. It is self-evident that this Dictator is completely out of touch with his own people.

    Will the Dictator also borrow money to enable Christians to visit Bethlehem???



      LRC has a very strong leader. However, the country has very weak democratic institutions.
      Paul Biya is a very strong leader, often with unchecked powers.
      He declares wars, changes the name of the country, borrows money to buy election computers, etc. WITHOUT the authorisation of the legislature.

      The separation of the powers of the government is only on paper. The system of checks and balances is therefore absent.
      Corruption is endemic in the country because the executive branch has hijacked the other branches of government.
      This “Strong man/ Weak democratic institutions” scenario is the root cause of the predicaments of Cameroonians.
      The truth of the matter is that LRC doesn’t need a strongman. The country is in dire need of strong institutions.


  4. The end result of such stupidity, is tarred roads leading to towns / farms, clean
    portable water for the people, good school structures, salaries to workers and you
    name the rest. According to the Koran, the going to be with Allah, means getting
    as many Alhaji`s, a thing that brings peace and prosperity. Those who can not go
    to see the Grand Master, have him come visiting. In all, like the famous Dr. King,
    Mr. Biya has a dream, that his legacy, will be a peacefull Cameroon. It has been
    cleansed with the blood of her citizens. This is the hidden truth, that christain /
    Muslem leaders, have hidden from us. It only takes a repentant Mr. Biya, a
    Seminarian par excellence, to reveal this after all is lied and done.
    Like i said before, Cameroon, is a fools paradise. More drama to come.

  5. Fru Ndi said that he wants SDF parliamentarians and senators to be there so that he can be able to talk to Hitler Biya-so did his parliamentarians and senators debate and inform Fru Ndi that they agreed with Hitler Biya using taxpayer’s money to fund trips to Mecca?

    Please, Ambazonians, it is time you start eliminating non-Ambazonians from our neighborhoods and streets. KILL as many LRC citizens as possible. They must leave and go back to LRC. Our own citizens MUST leave LRC and come back hence separation by default.

    KILL, KILL, KILL LRC citizens in Ambazonia.

    • When driving it helps to lift up your head and look far ahead before continuing. Similarly, as you advocate killing the non-Ambazonians among your people, it helps to lift up your head and consider the fate of Amazonians living over there.

      • They should come back. If you want to go and stay there, that’s your problem.

        A bit of enlightenment:

        Even though he died at last, Belinga Eboutou has been to Switzerland several times for treatment paid for by the state. Niat Njifenji was critically ill, and was ferried abroad for treatment for six months. Sadou Hayatou and his wife are critically ill and are now in Switzerland for treatment. Before his sacking, Andre Mama Fouda (then LRC Minister of Public Health) was in Switzerland for treatment, etc. etc. All of these folks are citizens of LRC.

        Son of Ambazonia’s Bui County, Joseph Banadzem (Vice President of LRC Parliament) was critically ill but had to fend for himself in Yaounde and died.

        • You have a strong point but mixing it with an unrelated issue weakens it. Ambazonians in a foreign country, including LRC, are governed by a set of rules where “Vivre Ensemble” presupposes cohabitation under one umbrella and is governed by a given set of rules. A game is popular, credible and supported by people because it is played by well defined rules. A game like “Vivre Ensemble” whose rules favor medical evacuation of those you so aptly enumerate but not the Joseph Banadzems is no good, not worthy of support.

  6. The stupidity of Yaounde will never stop to amaze me. The country lacks roads, electricity, schools, some communities food deficient, many disaster prone, crowds of angry-hungry unemployed youths and the government is dishing out money to muslims to go on religious tourism to Mecca, fuelling the the Saudi Arabian economy at the expense of the taxpayer. These Africans who are muslims go to Saudi Arabia to pray, Arabs being some of the most racist people on Earth, Arabs who were trading Africans into slavery long before the transatlantic slave trade started. Until the day we will realise that all these foreign religions on our continent have nothing to do with us, like the slave names we bear and continue to give our children, we are doomed. Biya’s dinosaur regime has ran out of options

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