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Un mort dans le crash d’un hélicoptère en zone anglophone

APAnews | Le commandant de la brigade de Nkor, localité située dans la région camerounaise du Nord-Ouest, a trouvé la mort lundi lors du crash d’un hélicoptère de l’armée qui survolait la zone anglophone d’Elak-Oku, a appris APA de sources locales jointes au téléphone.

Le crash, qui a également fait sept blessés graves dont le pilote et son assistant, tous admis sous soins intensifs, serait survenu à la suite d’un problème technique.

L’appareil, apprend-on, avait été affrété pour ramener dans leurs circonscriptions de commandement des autorités préfectorales, qui pendant 4 jours s’étaient mobilisés pour accueillir à Bamenda, le chef-lieu de la région, le Premier ministre, Joseph Dion Ngute dépêché sur place par le président Biya dans le cadre de la recherche des solutions de sortie de la crise sécessionniste anglophone.

La circulation dans la zone, infestée d’activistes sécessionnistes, est rendue particulièrement risquée par la route pour les dignitaires du pouvoir, régulièrement pris pour cibles par les combattants «ambazoniens» et qui doivent de ce fait faire régulièrement appel aux moyens aériens de l’armée.

Alors que l’armée n’avait pas encore communiqué sur le sujet jusqu’en fin de journée, des sources locales ont toutefois écarté la piste terroriste comme possible cause de l’accident.

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  1. They will be taken out by any means. Satan is waiting to burn him like firewood. The blood of Ambazonians spilled since October 2016 will be taking them down one after the other. I regret that all of them did not perish. Oku is not part of LRC–their army helicopter should not be flying over Ambazonia.

    Burn in HELL!!!!!!!!!

  2. Great work of war artistry ADF. How I wish Dion Ngute, Atanga Nji, Beti Assomo, Yang Philemon, Gogomo Mbinglo, Mbayu Felix, Mengot, Tabe Tandoh etc were al loaded in that chopper.

  3. It has been said over and over that those who seek justice should come with clean hands. Clean hands!



    A mammoth crowd of Southern Cameroonians shut down New York as UN Security Council met yesterday, the 13.05.2019. The meeting of the UNSC was INFORMAL under the auspices of the US.

    Meanwhile, at a vote to FORMALLY discuss the Anglophone Question in future, the UN Security Council was split as follows:


    France, Côte d’Ivoire, Belgium, Equatorial Guinea

    2. NEUTRAL:



    US, UK, Russia, Germany, Indonesia, Peru, Kuwait, Poland, South Africa, Dominican Republic.

    **** MY TAKE ****




      “But for this dialogue to take place, it is necessary that calm returns, that children go to school, that activities resume and there are no more ghost town” (Atanga N., 2019)

      **** MY TAKE ****

      It is crystal clear that ex-convict, school dropout, conman Atanga Nji

      by DESIGN or OMISSION does not understand the words “WITHOUT PRECONDITION”.

      1. By design

      Ex-convict Nji pretends not to understand. That is why he is dishing out condition after condition for dialogue. His ulterior motives are abundantly clear. Ex-convict Nji is the greatest beneficiary of this crisis:

      * He became interior Minister
      * He manages the billions of FCFA of the “plan d’urgence’

      He will, therefore, stands to lose if the problem is resolved


      2. By Omission

      Ex-convict Nji is a secondary school dropout. He lacks the ability to think critically. He is dishing out condition after condition for dialogue out of ignorance or negligence

      **** CLOSING ARGUMENTS ****

      In my opinion, ex-convict Nji is doing everything possible to sabotage the resolution of the crises. He understands the implications of his preconditions. He is also aware that the US, EU and the “secessionists” will NEVER EVER accept to dialogue with such despicable conditions from LRC. The impasse will remain unresolved and he will continue to manage billions of FCFA without third-party oversight.


        «la décision du Chef de l’Etat de relancer le dialogue en vue d’une sortie de crise sonne comme un désaveu des partisans de l’option armée».
        «Qu’il s’agisse du ministre de l’Administration Territoriale (MINAT), Paul Atanga Nji, du ministre d’Etat, ministre de la Justice, Laurent Esso, du ministre d’Etat, ministre de l’Enseignement Supérieur, Jacques Fame Ndongo, de l’ex-ministre de la Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, ou du gouverneur de la région du Sud-O

        Au début de la crise, Atanga Nji avait soutenu qu’il n’y a pas de crise anglophone. On en était encore aux revendications corporatistes, marquées par des manifestations pacifiques. Le MINAT, souligne Mutations, «avait comparé les combattants séparatistes à une horde de bandits qui allait être très vite être mise hors d’état de nuire»




      The PM was at the centre hosting ex-separatist fighters. How did it go?

      Atanga Nji:

      When the PM arrived, the ex-combatants first sang the national anthem, in front of the flag. They told the PM: “We have been misled by enemies of the nation. Nobody can deceive us twice ” . So, I believe that the PM’s visit to the DDR center has allowed the whole world to see that the Head of State does what he says and says what he does. He said that those who lay down their arms will not go to prison. Today it has been found that those who have laid down their weapons are not in prison, they are well supervised in this center. It is a reintegration center that allows them to have a bright future.

  5. Thank goodness for social media.
    The army can no longer lie about their fake victories in southern Cameroons
    An army unable to report about a helicopter crash until it is forced to do so after Independence fighters report downing the Copter.
    What was the mission of the army? Who were on this mission?
    We must assume they went to kill innocent villagers and or survey areas for future genocidal missions.
    Hopefully their twitter president will have the courage to honor their sacrifices on his behalf on Twitter.
    Southern Cameroonians at the grassroots level must know that dialogue for this regime means genocide and depopulation.
    The goal of the Yaoundé Francophone government is recolonization by any means in collaboration with France.
    Our goal is freedom and self rule by any means.

  6. Will Dion Ngute, Biya`s PM, also visit his constituent to talk peace. Just wondering,
    if charity if start at home. Ambazonia, shall be free some day.
    Folks like Bamenday boy, should be liking their wounds nows.

  7. Long Live AMBAZONIA

    FREEDOM is our sole and only goal.

    May force and wisdom always guide the people of Southern Cameroons (AMBAZONIA). Freedom is a human right.Together we stand to win, separated, we may easily lose.

  8. Maj 2019 .Cameroon is still One and Indivisible.

    • Une réaction qui trahit l’état d’esprit d’un Chiwawa.

      Ambazonia is gone forever.

    • What about giving the “NO” to Nigeria? Which one are you? The Southern Cameroons issue will be resolved once and forever. Be ready for it.

    • @Bikutsi smelling tumbu lass

      The Shrinking of ur comment is evidence of the hurt Ambazonian discussion at the UNSC is landing on ur Beti-Bulu genocidal cabal. Go tell Etoudi, Ambazonia does not depend on the UNSC anymore. We will only negotiate from a position of strength and fight like never b4. The collaboration of Amba defence fighters was our biggest achievement so far not even the UNSC discussion. That’s y helicopter in Oku went down under ADF fire while as Sword of Ambazonia burnt those LRC vessels to ashes at Tiko sea port. AMF is doing a great job in Nigeria internationalizing the struggle n raising arms. ADF has comb the northern zone and picked out those Atanga Nji fake Amba boys kidnaping and extorting us. Soon, enemy combatant n LRC soldier Kawa Yanick will b plucked up.

      • Why are you so called Ambazonians sooo stupid?
        You jubilate because one old helicopter is shot down! One dead! ONE!

        And if this was a setup by some mastermind to
        justify more killings and the burnings in your background? Huh?
        You want to go to war with no strategies, no leadership, no plan, no material and no Money?

        Some are making billions from your misery and you are here jumping because one old helicopter is down!
        Go study a little about war before getting yourselv in it.

        Who is your ennemy? Do you even know it?

        • Smelly dirty tumbu lass @ Bikutsi. Our enemy is Bi Mvondo Pombia LRC, France, UK, Beti-Bulu mafia, every colonialists and their federation enablers like your brother Zam-Zam and the Munas. With your dirty tumbu lass say go read, where did you read anything? Did reading take you to Sweden where you are hiding swindled monies from your relatives in Biya government? Dirty smelling woman, I bet you couldn’t believe we will still be holding this far up to your invincible BIRs did u? We will fight you criminals like never before dirty tumbu lass woman. We know our enemies and it’s all the 2 face liars on the side of injustice. By the time you monkeys realize it, you will build monuments to honour us and beg for strategies to help fight back France and your colonial FCFA. Dull empty dirty brain

        • The enemy is well identified

          The Bulu criminals
          The betis criminals
          The Anglo caniches
          The Douala caniches
          The Bamileke caniches
          The French and their ngong dog countries
          The attempt to sabottage our quest for freedom
          And ANYONE who is figthing against the FREEDOM of Ambazonia

          GOD Bless the USA
          GOD Bless Ambazonia

        • You mean you don’t know who is your ennemy.!

          Answer this one now: Who is your freinds/alliers?

        • you are a frog, not so ?

          No wonder, you look completely lost between the few lines which you can’t disassemble.

      • @ L’enemie,

        Small kanass boy, you dong see wati?

        You go wash grand remé dem lass for Étas sotey you hear mwing.

        You dong send ya contribution for May?…

  9. Quand on fait du cinéma, on récolte des résultats.

  10. It’s been known worldwide that rag tag groups tend to attribute to themselves such achievements, but we that are in the know, know very well that the cockroaches amba thugs did not shoot down anything , they don’t have the knowhow to do so, onlya fool will believe it was anything but a technical issue. The primitive amba are shooting helicopters yet their land is under occupation and being sacked on a daily basis….. laugh wan kill me abeg :

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