Unauthenticated videos show Guinea’s President Conde detained by army

CONAKRY, Sept 5 (Reuters) – Videos shared on social media showed Guinea’s President Alpha Conde being detained by army special forces on Sunday.

The videos, which Reuters could not immediately authenticate, were posted following hours of heavy gunfire around the presidential palace in Conakry.


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  1. the masses are very easy to manipulate.what they do not understand is that no matter who is in power nothing will change because politicians do not have the financial capacity to implement what they promise the masses.the recent example of bukina faso and mali illustrate this point.i do not think that after campaore was outed,everyone in bukina faso automatically had a good job,housing and medication.industries will not spring from nowhere to employ people.effort has to be made by private individuals to creat manufacturing industries and continue upgrading productivity.moving up the value chain in oder to increase wages and living standards.without a competetive industrial sector,fast economic growth is not possible no matter who is president.

  2. @BAH: because u have eaten so much bread, Sardine and beer, your brained stopped to function properly. I was expecting you to encourage cameroonians to kick out that old man on diapers from Etoudi..Leadership is the key for growth. Its a shame to read such dirt from you.
    Five Qualities of Effective Leaders
    They are self-aware and prioritize personal development.
    They focus on developing others.
    They encourage strategic thinking, innovation, and action.
    They are ethical and civic-minded.
    They practice effective cross-cultural communication.
    Good leaders should have the following:
    Strategic & Critical Thinking.
    Interpersonal Communication.
    Authenticity & Self-Awareness.
    Open-Mindedness & Creativity.
    Flexibility. Responsibility & Dependability.
    Wake up Cameroon.

    • BIKO,,,,,what i wrote above is not speculation but scientific backed be evidence.in the past ten years we have seen contant disruption in BURKINA FASO and MALI leading to the removal of the leaders.but has it enabled youths in SIKASSO GAO MOPTI and BOBO DUIOULASSO to find work and good housing?we can say without possibility of doubt that BURKINA FASO and MALI are territories where the highest number of youths move out to look for jobs.so moving from TUMANI TOURE to another person did not change anything for odinary people.the equation remain the same if not worste because of deception.the reality is that what pull a civilization forward is industrial transformation.working 24 hours 8 days a week to practically improve living standards not hoping of miracles from politicians.

      • with the above examples,we can say biya or no biya nothing will change for odinary people.i said this ten years ago when watara was brought to power by the french,and i will again say nothing,abosolutely nothing will change in the life’s of people of guinea conakry.it is false hope to think that industries will spring from nowhere in kankan providing jobs for people.some people must actually invest thier resources,work and sacrefise on a long term basis to creat manageand upgrade industries that will give people jobs and revenue.it is from there that resources will be generated to creat futher jobs.economic transformation is a scientific process demanding calm cool headed rational mathematical calculations.there is no place for emotions here.

  3. @BAH ACHO Mr Pan Africanist! As usual,instead of u preaching to the leaders to implement African language,u are preaching to the masses to do it on behalf of the leaders.Instead of preaching to the political leaders how to open industries in their country for economic growth,u are busy preaching to the masses to open industries and carve out policies that will enhance economic growth.This bread and sardine that u have eaten will choke you..ooh

    • 🙂 I am often flustered how Bah Acho often givens the impression that leaders are just figureheads who have to be there and fed fat on the sweat of the people. Good leaders, transform their society, build policies that promote equality, diversity and inclusivity. They negotiate with international bodies for the benefit of their countries, not sell their countries away. We are stuck out here because you go to start a business in Cameroon, corruption run by government officials soon bankrupts you. Ministers steal money meant to fight diseases, build infrastucture, etc. I can’t tell you how baffled I am that Bah Acho never seems to accept that this is the cankerworm that corrodes Cameroon. He places the onus on the poor people to bring change and galvanise growth, but where are the policies?

      • EYALLOW,,,,the harsh reality is that leaders can only feed fad when there are enough wealth creators withen a civilization who actually creat the wealth.but we do not have exceptional captains of industry capable of employing even one hundred thousand people in two or three sectors.so where will money come from to feed the so called politicians fat?or is it selling brut oil which we do not drill that will feed them fat?good leaders do not negociate with so call international predators for the benefit of thier people but put thier people to work 14 hours 8 days a week to creat the confort they want.are you ready to join me in the farm?if you cant start a business in cameroon go to nigeria,ghana,bothswana,and show your capability.do the chinese in cameroon need policies?

        • for those waiting for good leaders.the reality is that in 20,30 years they shall regret wasting thier time waiting for what will not happen.the leaders you are asking for do not exist because we did not creat them.for example expecting fomunyoh an advocate of anglophonia to become president an industrilise even his village is equal to expecting muslims and christians to send humans to planet mars from church buildings and mosque.

    • KONGOSA,,,,in oder for so called political leaders to creat industries ,they need the financial capacity to import machinary.do they have this resources or you are expecting the so called imf to give them the mythic money often announced by propagandist caucasian tv stations?the reality of our time is that political leaders are of no use because they do not have the resources necessary to implement whatever they promise.without the material means necessary to implement an idea,everything about it no matter how good it looks is nothing but wind.

  4. An honest African will today accept that Cameroon is under developed because of poor leadership. Most Africans are corrupt. Cameroon needs a death penalty for corruption…
    To clean the country we need people who love the country..
    Not people like BAH who spend time talking and we dont see action..
    There is an African idiom that if a man does not eat at home, he may never give his wife enough money to cook a good pot of soup. This might just be true when applied to the Etoudi Thugs in Yaounde..
    France and the white man have been given Cameroon for free..
    The people have been fooled with alcohol..Sardine abd bread to be quiet..
    What a shame..

    • BIKO,,,,the kind of high quality patriotic leadership you are requesting is only possible in civilizations not contaminated by premitive alien dogmas like christianity and islam.there is no chance for us to have such leadership because it is prepared in advance first and we did not.i agree with you that a death penalty for corruption is the right approach.will creationist adhere to this kind of strategy sure to give one hundred percent results?biko are you ready to join me in the farm?

  5. No matter what they claim to offer upon climbing to first position, it is all
    about themselves, family and few friends.
    Let Africa kill this mentality, by a public death killing for poor or corrupt
    rulership. How true, is it that with almost all the ministers etc in kondengui,
    Biya is a good leader and he governs well? Cameroon military, save that
    country. No ballot, will fix that country.

  6. @BAH ACHO ”the reality of our time is that political leaders are of no use because they do not have the resources necessary to implement whatever they promise”…….Wow,so Biya does not have the resources to implement what he promises,but he has money to stay in Intercontinental hotel for 3months,right? Biya’s gov’t does not have the resources to implement what he promises,yet we have a full gov’t in Kondngui becos of embezzlement of state funds…Are u sure u don’t have schizorphemia or something? U come here to defend bread and sardine gov’ts in Africa and put the blame on the door steps of the poor masses…All u know is talk talk talk no action on the field….

    • KONGOS,,,,,so Biya does not have the resources to implement what he promises,but he has money to stay in Intercontinental hotel for 3months,right?where does the money come from?de we have captains of industry with an export capacity of say just 10 billion a month?where are our manufacturing industries to capture hard currency through exporting finished products from our industries?even elimentary industries like foot wear and cloothing we do not have captains controlling this sector.according to you they have the money ?now that they are not using it for industrilization,what should we do?fold our hands complaining or doing it ourselves?i think doing it ourselves is the right thing to do.if you are waiting for government know it is not going to happen.this is being realistic.

  7. @BAH ACHO U are still not answering my question.I asked u to tell me which political capital, between Yaounde and London,the political capital that has destroyed the culture of the people of ”NW” and ”SW”.

    • KONGOSA,,,,base on historical reality,the political capital that invaded and tried to destroy our culture is LONDON not younde.all evidence point in this direction.if british mercantilist did not invade occupy raped and pillaged our people trying to dismantle our original system of societal organization. we will not be here talking in english.this is irrefutable truth that can never be disputed.to reinstall our culture and make it vehicle of thinking.we must impose an african tongue.without this complete cultural restoration is not possible.english carries british culture and thinking not ours and will never be.
      the british try to brainwash thier victims to think that destroying thier language for english was good.but japan is better without english than india withh english.

  8. @BAH ACHO British used indirect rule,which did not destry our African traditional institutions while Yaounde is using direct rule which has destryed our African traditional institutions.gO AND CHOP MORE SARDINE

    • KONGOSSA,,,,,, the strategy of Britain was simple use such a system to fabricate a new àlead assimilated and controlled psychologically and culturally by Britain and then use them to destroy our cultural identity.they seem to have succeeded because through our docile assimilated àleads we now identify ourselves as anglophones meaning subjects of the British impire. If we do not do take the firm radical decesion to reverse the current structure like Vietnam did. We do not have the SLITEST chance scientifically to successfully rejuvenate our civilization. no culture survive with an alien language, either we reverse the situation by establishing and African language and move towards a society like Japan or we maintain linguistic subordination and become a hybrid crimenogenic society like ??

  9. To know what a society with an imposed language and culture become just look at South America. it has now become a hybrid crimenogenic society with no authentic ENCIENT civilization culture to hold and orientate collective society.it can not even plan and project itself 10,20,30,40,50,68,70,80, years ahead. It is trapped in the vicious cercle of short-termism animated by periodic elections with politicians making unrealistic promises they can’t fulfill every five years. This is because of an imposed language and culture that come with it. Our situation is still far better because we still have our culture and languages. We can rejuvenate it by imposing a single African language to protect others. Move from teaching in English to the civilization language leaving space for regional languag.

  10. What will protect us from total erasure is the imposition of a unifying African language in which administration, learning, research, and public life is conducted.all public exams will be carried out in this language.japan,south Korea, Vietnam and China have special translation institutions with trained linguist employed well equipped and paid to do the translation of all alien books judged necessary for the countries progress. The idea that English is a universal language and we should just adopt it is an insidious attempt to push us to cultural suicide and defititive submission. It means we will not have a civilization anymore to defend and shall be defenitively defeated and subjected.our future is right in our hands, we can turn things around. But we must have money to pay for it.

  11. History repeats itself, but they never learn. Sad.

  12. We are in this for a very long long time & right now there seems to be no light ahead.

    Pretending that the leaders or those at the helm of our African States do not bear any responsibility as long as the steady well being of the populace is concerned is absolutely nonsense.

    I invite all (and specifically my dear friend Mr Bah Acho) to familiarise themselves with the Russia history and China history (or revolution as one might say); the rest is history.

    Back to the story at hand, what has Mr Alpha Conde done that the current “homme fort” of Guinea Conakry cannot do?

    • HETANT,,,,, no body can doubt for a second the central rule that strong patriotic leaders like MAO played in china’s rejuvenation or Russia from LENIN to VLADIMIR PUTIN. the deviding line between us and both states is that they won a military battle against the enemy and installed complete national sovereignty. This is why ambitious economic policies could be thought and implemented. had UM NYOBE succeeded, our story will be completely different today. The same could be said of other African patriots like SANKARA, and LUMUMBA. now that they were not successful and as a result we GOTE what we have today. what should we do? fold our hands and complain or simply look for another way to divert obstacles and move ahead? I am convinced this is the way forward for us.

  13. @BAH ACHO U say that Ambasonia does not exist,in other words SC does not exist if I understand u correctly.Which means it is ”NW” and ”SW” of LRC that exist as a geographical region under LRC,right?Why then has the international community not declared SC… AKA Ambasonia as a terrorist organisatioon since it does not exist as an international political entity? Becos the international community is already aware of this name,Ambasonia as one of the belligerents in the conflict in the Cameroons.

  14. @BAH ACHO ”the strategy of Britain was simple use such a system to fabricate a new àlead assimilated and controlled psychologically and culturally by Britain and then use them to destroy our cultural identity”…..
    U seem to talk much and know much about the British strategy in Cameroon.What about the French’s strategy? do they have the same strategy like the British? If yes,what have u done,to the powers that be,in order for them to remove the French langauge in our society?

    • KONGOSA,,,, it is even more easy to decipher the French strategy which is based on direct assimilation to the enemy through total erasure of langage, spirituality and names.while British bandits chosed an indirect strategy French cannibals chosed direct disctruction like the Portuguese. you just have to to look at the behavior of those who live in territories contaminated by French bandits to see for yourself. In fact people are destroyed to the point they are ashamed of speaking the language that represents thier identity. not to talk of names, a man living in douala find the name Jean pierre more appealing than ESSOMBA OR KOA.this explains why they name thier children after the enemy. They have been assimilated and infantilised to the level of total voluntary submission.

  15. @BAH ACHO Like i said,you have been dueling so much about the British strategy and their empire in Africa,specifically in ”NW” and ”SW” of LRC I u will like to call it,since,according to u,SC AKA,Ambasonia does not exist.Now,I want u to educate me on the Frenchs’ strategy in ”NW ”and ”SW” of LRC. What is the intention and strategy of the French in ”NW” and ”SW”?

    • KONGOSA,,,, I have already awnsered the all your questions above. Once administration publish my comments you will be able to read my response. to awnser the following question, exist.Now,I want u to educate me on the Frenchs’ strategy in ”NW ”and ”SW” of LRC. What is the intention and strategy of the French in ”NW” and ”SW”?the French knew that once they have succeeded in assimilating those we call francophones. It will be easy for them to then use them to assimilate the North West and south west since they are more numerous. The strategy is so easy to detect. The term Cameroon is a bilingual nation was carefully thought by French strategist with this idea in mind. They know that an assimilated people has no cretical thinking capacity to look beyond terms like that.

  16. Voilà un prof d’université qui s’appelle BAH CHO, pris en flagrant délit d’escroquerie intellectuelle pas KONGOSA

  17. KONGOSA,,,,, yes ambazonia doesn’t exist and has no chance to ever exist if we look at the balance of forces of both sides ten years ahead.the north and south west exist geographically under the umbrella ? of younde, or let’s say younde’s administration.what do you mean by the international community? If you have not yet understand that the international cominuty is smook in the eyes of the naive. Then you are in serious trouble. Did the international cominuty save Iraq, Syria, lybia, and Ukraine? come down to planet earth please you seem to be living in Mars.

  18. Amba is dealing with the toy boys from Bulu/Beti land of LRC. FM No Pity is really pitiless.