Under the banner of “OTS”, thousands of teachers strike in Cameroon |+video

Africanews | Cameroonian publich school teachers have been on strike for three weeks. Despite the government’s promises, not all teachers are convinced.

Citing deteriorating conditions and unpaid salaries, some dating back years. Cameroonian publich school teachers have been on strike for three weeks.

putting the education of hundreds of thousands of children on hold.

“OTS, OTS !”, videos circulating on social media show pupils from the Douala based Banaberi highschool protesting.

As they chant OTS an acronym standing for “On a trop supporté” meaning we have endured too much, tehy joined the teachers’ strike in Cameroon. Three weeks into the mobilization, the school system is heavily impacted.

Walking with her friends, Marie Louise Mbadje is just one of many worried high school seniors.

As she wakls with her friend,Marie Louise Mbadje is just one of many worried high school seniors: “We’ll have to sit the high school diploma exam in just a few months but we don’t know how we will do it. Teachers are absent and during the essay session, which started last week, it was very difficult. Substitute teachers supervised the exams because our teachers weren’t there.”

Behind the banner OTS, teachers who refuse to work citing deteriorating conditions and unpaid salaries, some dating back years. The collective OTS has brought together union’s members and non-union members. The death of a teacher a few days ago has grieved an entire nation and further convinced teacheres like Bonaventure Kougang of the importance of the strike: “Our collegue Hamidou passed away after ten long years of good and faithful service at the Beka highschool yet, with no civil servant status. It is ourtrageous and it hurts. We can say that the Cameroonian state kills its teachers.”

The collective now demands 181 billion CFA francs for teachers return to classes. According to them, the amount is equivalent to the money the state owes teachers. After concertations the governement decided to address the teachers’ grievances, vowing to pay gradually.

“The government proposes to pay in the following months 25 billion CFA Francs, Emmanuel Sadi the Communicationminister annoounced. The balance, approximately 31 billion nine hundred million CFA franc will be paid in 2023.”

If the move aims at convincing teachers to end the strike, for now, not all strikers are ready to back to classes.

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    1. Teachers are already on an INDEFINITE strike
    2. Health workers will begin an INDEFINITE strike on the 16.03.2022
    3. Transport workers will begin an INDEFINITE
    4. Other strikes are already in the pipeline.

    LRC IS BANKRUPT. LRC can therefore not meet the demands of the striking workers.State coffers are empty.
    Dictator Biya’s sh*thole war with SC has placed the economy on life support. AFCON was the last nail in the financial coffin of LRC.



  2. Since 2016 ongoing, the cameroon government continue to play down itsi engagement in a unwinnable war against the English minority, SW/NW backlog generations of hate, despise everything francophone over 60 years. They are fighting tooth and nail for their independence over 5 years. Instead of the french regime to dialogue to address the ROOT CAUSES they continue to ignore the destruction it is causing in the entire country soon, which will be a civil war. 98% of indigenous English people will break away because cameroon military has killed many of their people, burnt their villages, many in jails, to justify their unwillingness for peace & justice. Cameroon will go from bad to worst as the outdated regime lives on a support machine from borrowing left & right to fight a unwinnable war.

  3. I am surprised the Cameroon government actually sat down with the teachers and had a meaningful dialogue! What happened to the normal tactics of resolving grievances – round up a couple of leaders, give them some beatings and imprison them, and hope the sheeps will scatter in submission? Can it be that there are a few fellows in the system with a properly functional cerebral cortex?