Une dizaine de soldats tués dans le Nord-Ouest

RFI | Regain de tension dans la région Nord-Ouest au Cameroun. Une patrouille militaire a été attaquée jeudi à l’est de Bamenda. Il n’y a eu aucune communication officielle sur le sujet, pas de bilan non plus. Mais une dizaine de soldats ont été tués.

Le théâtre de l’embuscade est une colline de la division de Ngo-Ketunjia, à quelques centaines de kilomètres à l’est de Bamenda, entre Sagba et Bamessing.

Selon des vidéos que les militants séparatistes font circuler sur les réseaux sociaux et dont des personnes originaires de la région nous confirment l’authenticité, deux véhicules blindés ont sauté sur des engins explosifs improvisés, avant d’être attaqués par un groupe de miliciens locaux, notamment équipés de lance-roquettes.

Deuxième attaque en deux semaines

Certaines de ces vidéos montrent des corps de soldats tués. Ce sont des membres de la Brigade d’intervention rapide (BIR), l’unité d’élite de l’armée camerounaise. Ni l’armée ni les autorités locales n’ont fait de déclaration sur le sujet. Une attaque du même type avait déjà eu lieu la semaine dernière et plusieurs combats ont éclaté depuis dans cette zone, faisant une quinzaine de victime dans les rangs des militaires.

Par ailleurs, certains groupes séparatistes avaient appelé à deux semaines d’opération « villes mortes » à compter du 15 septembre, sans pour autant perturber le quotidien dans les principales villes du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest.

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  1. I thought the superior BIR cannot die from bullet wounds according to that @Bah with sardines mouth, this landscape belong to our ancestors and la republique will not take by force , we the children of West Cameroon GOD willing shall fight until the last man standing , the earlier the evil dictator redraw his military back across the mungo for peace to return and save life the better for everybody

  2. It is common knowledge fact that to start a war is extremely easy. However, it is also a celebrated fact that to stop or win a war is extremely difficult.
    Dictator Biya started his sh*thole UNWINNABLE war hoping that it would last for a week or two, the so-called BLITZKRIEG.
    Unfortunately for him, the BOYSES in the bushes gave him an OPEN-ENDED WAR. That evil BULU Dictator does NOT have the resources and know-how to fight an open-ended war. THAT was the reason he created his so-called commission on disarmament. He thought he could end the war with the help of his dirty trick since he started the war without an EXIT STRATEGY.
    Unfortunately for Dictator Biya, the BOYSES in the bushes REJECTED the so-called commission on disarmament since WAR IS WAR.

    • Believe me or not,
      1. The momentum is UNSTOPPABLE
      2. The war is UNWINNABLE
      3. The FINAL resolution to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around come rain come shine
      4. At least 95% of SC remains UNGOVERNABLE
      5. Dictator Biya will be the Most Valuable Casualty (MVC) of his sh*thole war.

      Dictator Biya should, therefore, fight the sh*thole UNWINNABLE war he foolishly declared on the peaceful people of SC. This is compelling because the BOYSES and GIRLSES in the bushes will NEVER EVER, I repeat NEVER EVER surrender weapons. They are prepared to defend the land of their ancestors until the last man standing.



      GENUG IST GENUG!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Amba Boys neutralizss Bir..lol

  4. Lrc how market?more RPGs on the way,i have said it here time and again that larepublics boys scouts are no threat to us.we are getting warmed up and lrc can never win this war through the barrel of a gun.

  5. so where is the trained professional army..
    I thought they wanted to clean the place in a short time?..
    What about BIR that every Francophone is afraid of?..

    The army is even weaker than the Yaounde Regime…
    On a serious Note , the day we will know the official number of BIRS killed , Military, Gendarmes and Police, many will be schocked..

    The Yaounde Thugs will never win this war…
    This is not the MAKI war against the BAmi people…
    Its a revolution, a war against an IDEOLOGY..
    All you need to do to seat down and Talk…

  6. May ants and maggots continue to eat down the rotting guts of the slain BIR terrorists coming in to give us machine guns! Gen NoPity has 6 years of guerrilla war experience, more than any 9 months BIR training or 2 years EMIA special force training plus 6 months Israeli and 6 months US West Point training.

    Any of the terrorist soldiers in Ambazonia are walking into their graves. We will not stop you when you come in but we will lure you into the perfect trap and reap you into tiny shreds of Rocket Launchers.

    Well done Gen NoPity. Wipe them all the sh!t no wipe lasses.. put Nkum nkum in their mouths and send them to hell.