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Une entrevue entre Macron et Biya signe le rapprochement entre Paris et Yaoundé [+vidéo]

RFI | La conférence de reconstitution du Fonds mondial de lutte contre le Sida, le paludisme et la tuberculose s’est achevée jeudi à Lyon, en France. L’objectif de recueillir 14 milliards de dollars a finalement été atteint, pour que le Fonds puisse mener à bien ses programmes pendant les trois prochaines années.

Plusieurs chefs d’État africains avaient fait le déplacement et des rencontres bilatérales ont été organisées avec le président français.
En marge de la conférence, Emmanuel Macron a donné rendez-vous à plusieurs de ses homologues africains. Le chef de l’État français a reçu les présidents du Niger, de Madagascar, du Burkina Faso et du Cameroun, et dans ce dernier cas, c’était une première.

Les deux hommes s’étaient déjà parlé, mais par téléphone. Jamais Paul Biya et Emmanuel Macron ne s’étaient vus lors d’une rencontre bilatérale. Difficile de savoir ce qui s’est passé derrière la porte. Ni la présidence française ni la présidence camerounaise n’ont communiqué sur le contenu de ces discussions, qui ont duré une quarantaine de minutes.

Cette rencontre est en tout cas un signe de rapprochement entre Paris et Yaoundé, dont les relations s’étaient compliquées, ces derniers temps. La France voyait d’un mauvais œil la crise dans les régions anglophones du Cameroun. Et avait appelé, ouvertement, à la libération de l’opposant Maurice Kamto, incarcéré au début de l’année.

Deux événements qui ont eu lieu la semaine dernière ont sans doute contribué à détendre leurs relations : le dialogue national sur la crise anglophone et la libération du président du MRC, le Mouvement pour la renaissance du Cameroun, il y a quelques jours seulement.

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  1. Paul Biya and yi Grand Pekin way yi go marry yi grand Mami!

  2. You can tell them by the company they keep.
    Doing state business in top secrecy is very telling. Next step will be the Cayman Islands or one of the many Swiss Bank depositaries or money laundering Haven’s.

  3. the Slave and the master..
    See him smiling..
    This man is evil..
    This man is a curse to this country..

  4. In 1960 Ahmadou Ahidjo became the president of Cameroon at age 36 with French assistance. 22 years later and at age 58, ( i.e. 1982) he handed over to Paul Biya. In 1989 and at 65, ( 7 years of rest), Ahidjo died and was buried in Senegal.

    President Biya may wish to fill the gaps.

  5. 38 years in power, and it is still begging and begging. What a president.
    Death, save cameroon.

  6. Biya says he gave a “compte rendu” to Macron.

    For how long is this grand pa going to disgrace CMR? He was so agitated in front of Macron to the extent that Macron had to calm him down with a hug.

    For how long is France going to prop him up? The only reason for our 1/3-dialogue and the liberation of Kamto was just a prerequisite to meet Macron.

    All those using tribe innuendoes to backup Biya should get ready. Simple logic has it that a man (Etoudi and those willing to die a free death for Biya) can never win judgement against a clan (the whole of CMR).

    How I pity those supporting Biya based on tribal affiliations. When the time that’s coming soon is going to finally come, Biya will run and abandon them to face their fate (freely chosen) alone…

    • Are all CMRs fools?

      Listen to Paddy Assanga, the secessionists we castigated for being a federalists. That’s him there back home fighting for a one CMR. Do we need to dissect our women to understand that?

      The problem is in France/UK/,UN, let all sons of CMR join hands and send Etoudi to rest, and save CMR. CAMEROON is our PARADISE. We ain’t got any other Paradise.

      Our problem is not NW/SW, Bulu, Bami, Anglo, Franco. But US.

      Wake up folks and let’s forget tribe.

      KAMTO won, he’s Bami. So what?

      Is Kamto CMR?…

      • Yep, Biya is the problem and he’s clung to his colonial masters giving them the resources and feigning that he only can “rule” (not govern) Cameroon. Cameroon can make good of its multicultural heritage but it has mostly been exploited as a divisive tool by the regime and some of the people.

  7. You look at the contrast and you imagine how nebulous and ominous things look for Cameroon. The French president is way younger than Biya’s son and one can imagine what Macron is thinking about a despot who wouldn’t relinquish power and Biya’s “me alone” mentality of holding a country hostage, tearing apart the constitution for a lifelong presidency.
    Biya as usual is giving an account to his boss. The borrowing is off the roof especially in the twilight of his presidency and his years. He is bent on leaving behind a huge debt and chaos and a legacy of electoral fraud and pervasive corruption. Rigor & moralization was a farce that ended up stealing ” Cours de Coeur” contributions and the Regime was three times most corrupt by TI ratings and stayed in the bottom fifteen most corrupt. Shame!

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