Antony Blinken

United States imposes visa restrictions over Cameroon separatist crisis

Reuters | The United States stepped up pressure for a peaceful resolution to Cameroon’s conflict between state forces and English-speaking rebels on Monday, imposing visa restrictions on individuals believed to be undermining efforts to end the crisis.

Cameroon’s two western Anglophone regions have been gripped by fighting since 2017 as the rebels try to break away from the predominantly Francophone government. More than 3,500 people have died and 700,000 have been displaced in the violence.

Announcing the visa sanctions, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the United States was deeply concerned by the continued insecurity and called for both sides to negotiate for peace.

“This decision reflects our commitment to advance a dialogue to peacefully resolve the Anglophone crisis and support respect for human rights,” he said in a statement.

He did not say which individuals might be affected by the visa restrictions.

Rights groups accuse both sides of committing atrocities. While the government typically dismisses these accusations, it has, in a few cases, subsequently arrested soldiers and accused them of being involved in killings and torture.

In 2019, the Trump administration ended Cameroon’s preferential trade benefits citing extrajudicial killings, torture and other human rights violations being committed by Cameroonian security forces.

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  1. the aryans of America do not understand that they belong to the past.tell me, what will incite government officials from a country that want to accelerate its economic growth and modernisation process to want to travel to America? absolutely nothing, all the capital goods necessary for establishing industries in all sectors are manufactured in China.america only has a population of two hundred million people above which does not make it an attractive export market.if you want to grow, you have to go to where the market is.

    • this man- you seem to be a dreamer for life..
      How can you open your mouth and make such foolish claims that the USa and the west belong to the past:
      – Are you fooling yourself or just making yourself stupid?
      – DO you know how many africans killed on the way to enter the USA?
      – Do you know that the elites of africa are hiding stolen money and buying houses in the USA?..
      – Do you know that Africans believe to be rich and be call a real man you need to live in the USA or Europe?
      Ask all those foolish retarded politicians you always support where their monies are?..
      Such a move by the USA is painful to those thieves who see the west as paradise and a heaven to hide all stolen money from Africa…

  2. Here is the trick:

    “He did not say which individuals might be affected by the visa restrictions.”

    Zam Zam, any thought?

    • Who are those flooding the US embassy, filing for asylum in the name of persecution? Clearly the terrorist separatists. So yeah we know who the US Secretary of State message is intended to.

      • I hope I don’t get to call you stupid on this. If that is your thought then I feel sorry for you.

  3. **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

    „Si vous voulez la vérité, sachez donc ceci : si le Gouvernement persiste dans sa répression et son entêtement à maintenir les Anglophones dans l’Etat unitaire, c’est l’Etat du Cameroun qui va s’effondrer et non la Sécession Anglophone“. Dieudonné ESSOMBA

    The truth always prevails.
    Even a baby in der kindergarten should be aware of the facts that:
    1. there is no place on planet earth known as the so-called NOSO regions of LRC.
    The truth is there is SC , a country EQUAL IN STATUS with LRC
    2. Cameroon is NOT “one and indivisible”:

    Thank God, Dictator Biya’s UNWINNABLE, UNSTOPPABLE and financially UNSUSTAINABLE war will rescue the Anglophones from that sh*thole VIVRE-ENSEMBLE with LRC.

    • The United States continue to call for to end the violence and engage in a dialogue without preconditions to peacefully resolve the crisis.

      The writer has therefore prepared some SIMPLE questions for LRC during an eventual dialogue.

    • 1. How in God’s name could the unbalanced equation ” SC + LRC = LRC” be considered by LRC as rational ?
      2. Is there a UNION TREATY between SC and LRC as per Article 102 of the UN Charter ?
      3. Why is LRC, by design or omission, ignorant of the fact that Southern Cameroonians have the RIGHT TO SELF-DETERMINATION as per the UN Charter ?
      4. Is LRC aware that Southern Cameroonians are a “people” and therefore distinct from the “people” of LRC ?
      5. Is LRC aware that Biya unwittingly withdrew his country, LRC, from the informal union in 1984?
      6. Why has no Southern Cameroonian ever been appointed Minister of the Armed Forces, Foreign Affairs, etc. Fact is: these key ministries (‘ministeres de souverainete’) are the ministries that are considered as strategic in the functioning of any state?.

    • 7. Why has no Southern Cameroonian ever been appointed Ambassador to France and the United Nations, let alone to Nigeria, South Africa or the US, which are english speaking countries?.
      . Why is the name of the country now referred to as LRC when LRC was one of the two partners in the union ?
      9. Why is the 11th day of February, that is historically known as the plebiscite day, now referred to as the so-called “Youth day”
      10. Why is the 20th day of May, that is historically known as the day of abolishment of the federal system of government, now referred to as the so-called “National day” ?
      11. WHY? WHY? WHY?

  4. Sad news for the LRC compatriots today : – A man in the south of France today, gave Macron
    a hot slap on his jaw, as he went greeting people along the street enroute to a restaurant.
    Two men, were latter arrested.
    Biya, will get sick of such news, hence, it shouldn`t get to Etoudi.

  5. hahahaha, Separatists do not come to the USA and do not have Bank accounts in the USA. Please change your fake title to Visa restrictions on Cameroon Government Officials

    • Nonsense. Truth hurt. Even more than visa restrictions to separatist terrorist, Blinken is saying you shouldn’t expect any form of support from the US.

      • Former deputy Joseph Wirba fled to the US. I even forget the name of the old man the used to do Amba propaganda in Canal2, who now lives in the USA.
        Just two well know example to refresh your mind.
        I live in the US and have been here fir nearly 30 years. Most of the Cameroonian friends are Anglophones, and I can tell you that 60% of them filled for asylum, claiming being persecuted by the Cameroonian Govt, even before the Crisis. Now with this Crisis I bet you that the number of asylum cases have quadrupled.
        Blinken is saying no more, go to your country and solve your own problems

        • @Jamed: As someone who has been living in the same US you claim to be living for the past 15 years, I feel ashamed with your line of reasoning. For anyone to be granted an asylum, they must have a fair hearing and defend themselves adequately to merit their asylum. This applies to individuals from every country not only Cameroon. For you to think the statement is for asylum seekers to go back and fix their country makes me think you reason like a primary school kid. I seriously doubt if you live in the states. No names were stated in the announcement but any smart person will know who are those who do not want the war to end. If the Cameroon government wants to end the war, she’ll sit down for a fervent dialogue. Seems like you don’t see the atrocities committed by Cameroon militia.

        • The US government, since President Obama made it very clear that they support ONE Cameroon. Who is against ONE Cameroon?

          I condemn violence no matter where it comes from. But I also understand that the Cameroonian govt is in its roles of protecting the integrity of its territory. Every govt in the world would do the same.
          Separatists on the other hand are using violence and chaos aimed at the international community for political gains; Blinken understands that.
          I doubt the Cameroonian govt officials involved in this crisis are applying for US visa. Separatists are the ones applying for visas and/or Asylum while causing havoc home.
          You mentioned a fervent dialogue. What dialogue do you want when your only objective is separation, knowing very well the govt will not agree to it?

  6. @Jamed, is as dull as the name. The official policy says, to refuse visa to those hindering a peaceful resolution of the crisis. The policy did not state that they will be revoking immigration status. Refusing visa are to those who are in position to facilitate such dialogue and are against it. Not any regular citizen who has no power to initiate a dialogue. And by the using saying that dialogue with no preconditions just simply means that they are against what Yaounde is for. The government has been putting none negotiables on the table and the US is able to see through that. So, get smart Jamed.

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      • L’enemy,

        Thanks for confirming that you are a terrorist sponsor. You seem to still be drinking too much mimbo. But rest assured before that balloon belly of yours explodes, the rest of your fellow Ambas will be feeling the heat.

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