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US Military Trains Cameroon Troops on Medical Evacuations

YAOUNDE VOA | The U.S. military is training Cameroon’s military on first aid techniques and medical evacuation in order to reduce battlefield deaths. Cameroon estimates that one-fourth of all soldiers killed fighting separatists and Boko Haram terrorists could have been saved with better care.

Twenty-nine-year-old soldier Poumje Amidou has been getting treatment for fractures since last October at the military hospital in Yaounde.

Amidou said he barely escaped death when separatist fighters attacked his base, leaving one of his colleagues dead and two others wounded.

He said what he remembers is that he bled profusely and had serious wounds on his left leg, stomach and right arm.

Amidou’s life was saved when a Cameroon military helicopter rushed him to the hospital.

But others were not so lucky.

In recent years, about 117 soldiers have died from wounds that would not have been fatal had they received the correct first aid, according to Cameroon’s military.

That’s about one-fourth of all Cameroonian military deaths in the battles against English-speaking separatists and the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram.

Better care for the wounded

U.S. military advisers are working to prevent future deaths by training soldiers to provide better care for the wounded.

Major Mommearts, who did not give his first name, is one of the U.S. trainers.

He said the course on MEDEVAC – medical evacuation – includes evacuating casualties by air, known as CASEVAC.

“We talked about the different levels of CASEVAC, so you have your own legs, you can move the patient yourself, you have different pack bones that they can use. Make sure they are not bleeding while they are being transported.”

In February, the U.S. announced it was cutting some security assistance to Cameroon following allegations that Cameroon’s military was committing human rights violations.

The U.S. says despite the reduction in military aid, relations between the two countries are good.

The director of Cameroon’s military health, Colonel Abeng Mbozoo, said those ties are shown by the U.S. medical training.

He said the training is an indication that military cooperation between the U.S. and Cameroon is excellent. That is the reason the U.S. military has come to train their Cameroonian peers, said, Mbozoo, to save lives and prevent deaths in different battle grounds.

Thirty Cameroonian military staff received the U.S. training this week and will pass on the knowledge to their colleagues.

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  1. This is like saying that a lion is teaching the antelope tactics to escape its predation. Kikkiki goodbye bereh boheh (America)

  2. See your own mouth


  3. @BAH:- you might be a smart man but i have the feeling you are not critical in the way you make your analysis..
    We should stop fooling ourselves in this forum..We should not pretend like we dont know what is happening in cameroon..We all know that our biggest problem in cameroon is that of leadership…..You come out and pretend to be against elections, to be in for that the president remains in power for removing him will not change anything..
    Have you heard about the term Good Governance?..
    In international development, good governance is a subjective term that describes how public institutions conduct public affairs. The concept centers on the responsibility of governments and governing bodies to meet the needs of the masses as opposed to select groups in society..
    Be honest ..

    • BIKO,,,, I completely disagree with you. The idea that we need good governance to prosper economically is a strategic trap. First because it was not thought by us in line with our strategic objectives. Secondly, you don’t copy a system to successfully catch up and surpass those who created it. Champion nations are poinieering nations. They craft new systems, more advanced and refined than previous ones to win in competition between nations. What a country need is the right Strategy put in place by its wealth creators, industrialist. Strategy is the life blood of a country. Once the Right strategy is in place everything follows. It is the compass of all nations. No matter who is president and how long they have been in power.

      • @BAH: what you are saying cannot work in a system…
        In a system or a country with good structures.. Good Governance is always a subjective term. What I consider good is not necessarily what you or any of the other posters here might consider good. In fact what you just wrote cannot function in a failed state like cameroon, Why:
        – marginalization
        – Divide and rule
        – Poor governance
        – No functioning institutions..
        – A leader with no plan..No sense of purpose and direction..
        – The Etoudie King on Diapers feels he is God and works for his interest, not that of his people..
        Cameroon as a country A is a political body that has disintegrated to a point where basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government no longer function properly..
        DO you agree?..Ofcourse NO

        • BIKO,,,, the idea of starting economic transformation is a tragic one because good structures is the result of a process that starts with wealth creation.once we possess the financial capacity to sponsor a system of administration. Then we can chose the structures to put in place aligning them with our strategic orientation. Even in the most chaotic situation from the beginning. It is possible to focus all strength and resources in wealth creation. we do not need institutions to either build canals and direct the rivers crossing our villages inland to do irrigation. This will enable us make four harvest a year instead of one. This is a comparative advantage in agriculture that will see us compete and beat subsidised European and Asian agriculture products. No institutions needed to do this

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