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Vers la mise en place de Conseils régionaux au Cameroun

APAnews | Le processus de mise en place des premiers Conseils régionaux au Cameroun a franchi un nouveau palier avec la décision du gouvernement d’affecter 7 milliards de francs CFA pour le fonctionnent des conseils régionaux au cours de cet exercice budgétaire, a-t-on appris dimanche de source officielle.

Joseph Ngute

Dans une note dont APA a reçu copie dimanche, les Services du Premier ministre ont précisé que le déblocage de ces fonds entre en droite ligne avec les engagements du président de la République Paul Biya de doter un coup d’accélérateur à la décentralisation afin de rendre plus autonomes, les Collectivités territoriales décentralisées (CTD).

« Cette enveloppe est réservée au fonctionnement des premiers Conseils régionaux, à mettre en place au terme des élections prévues cette année au Cameroun » précise la note.

La décision du Premier ministre dévoile le montant de l’enveloppe dédiée au fonctionnement des premiers Conseils régionaux du Cameroun puisque dans les détails, 2 milliards FCFA seront «pour la rémunération du Président et des membres des Conseils régionaux», tandis que 5 milliards FCFA iront pour le «démarrage» et le «fonctionnement» des Conseils régionaux.

Si officiellement on sait les élections législatives et les municipales auront lieu au septembre 2019, tel n’est pas le cas pour les premières élections régionales.

Toutefois, selon certaines indiscrétions Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), l’organe chargé de l’organisation, de la gestion et de la supervision du processus électoral, « travaille pour l’organisation des élections régionales pour la fin du premier trimestre et le début du deuxième trimestre ».

Une indication qui laisse croire « qu’avant la prochaine Fête nationale le 20 mai prochain, le Cameroun devrait avoir ses premiers conseils régionaux », a indiqué une source proche du ministère de la Décentralisation et du Développement local.

Le président de la République a annoncé, en janvier dernier, sans donner une date précise, l’organisation prochaine des élections régionales.

Lesdits Conseils régionaux viendront compléter l’architecture institutionnelle de la décentralisation telle que prévue dans la Constitution de 1996.

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  1. A failed state.
    Nobody knows when elections will hold, so nobody can prepare any plan or program for development.
    40% of a budget for salaries and the rest for overheads. These francophones in Etoudi need a mental asylum.
    For your education salaries and overheads together must not cross 15%. It appears the world bank warning meant nothing to you.
    In any case we asked for a federal state, this your “gifts” amount to nothing more than misuse of our tax payer money.
    A charade.

  2. 25yrs, a quarter of a century to implement basic decentralization why?
    The tribal government knows if Cameroon is made a Federation even of 10 states and one man equals one vote, then the tribal operatives will never ascend to power by the vote of the majority.
    The only way to remain in power is to put a place a fake decentralization where all the governors and proconsuls will be ENAM appointed tribal graduates who will maintain them in power.
    Let the indigenous peoples elect their leaders and see if anyone will ever elect such incompetent governors now ruling over the peoples of Anglophone Cameroon.
    One man one vote, self rule our desire, just like the African paradise Switzerland we want to elect our leaders locally without a tribal constitutional court.
    Who is fooling who?

  3. Which structure is “Conseil Regional” and where is it situated? Is it elected or decreed? How does it interact with the different (existing) councils?

  4. Are you still cameroonian? Cause elections are for cameroonians.


    LRC is the only country on planet earth where dates for elections are a presidential secret. Only Dictator Biya knows when elections should take place. The kangaroo parliament, ELECAM, the Constitutional Council, the toothless PM and even the citizens have no idea if and when elections will take place.
    Dictator Biya’s so-called “démocratie avancée” is indeed unique on planet earth.
    BTW, this time around even Dictator Biya does not know when elections will take place.
    The reason is simple: He does not know WHEN and IF his terrorist soldiers will defeat the “secessionists”.
    He, therefore, has only two options:

    1. organise elections only in his LRC without SC
    2. organise elections in LRC and SC whenever the “secessionists” have been defeated

    Option #2 should be considered as WISHFUL THINKING


    Believe me or not,

    1. SC is now almost UNGOVERNABLE
    2. ZERO elections in SC
    3. ZERO disarmament
    4. ZERO Ministry of decentralisation
    6. Zero commission on bilingualism
    7. Zero commission on disarmament
    8. ZERO Island of Peace
    9. ZERO Ndian oil

    The momentum remains UNSTOPPABLE
    The war remains UNWINNABLE

    The FINAL solution to the Anglophone Question MUST be gotten this time around come rain come shine.
    There is absolutely nothing Dictator Biya can do to prevent the resolution. His terrorist soldiers can NEVER EVER defeat the “secessionists”. The “secessionists” will disrupt any elections in their homeland.
    Dictator Biya has trapped himself. He has inadvertently made his colony ungovernable. His decrees are considered meaningless in SC.


    **** BREAKING NEWS ****

    Les militants de l’opposition au régime de Paul Biya ont encore manifesté à Paris pour demander «au dictateur» de dégager.

    **** MY TAKE ****

    The foolishdecision to arrest Prof. Kamto inadvertently opened another war front.

  8. Cameroonians of good will, should continue giving Mr. Biya hard times until his
    last day. No one should spare this. Let him eat his roughly made cake and have it.
    When the dust settles very soon, it will be well.

  9. @joshua

    are you still a Cameroonian hahahahahahhahaha , dont forget you are an ambafool

  10. The front that is relevant is on ground zero.
    Paris has no bearing

  11. Decentralisation my foot. What an insult! 40% of the meagre 7 billion to be paid to knob-heads for sitting in unnecessary meetings that often would lead to nothing productive for the ordinary person. These morons in Yaounde and the slave journalists of the regime continue to ridicule themselves by pushing out this type of cabbage. How long are we going to standby and watch this disaster continue to spiral down into the whirlpool of destruction that has been swirling for the past 6 decades? At independence, the economic situation of Cameroon and the rest of Africa wasn’t too different from that of Asian countries. Today we are borrowing from China, we are using engineers from Asia for infrastructural development. Shame to recluse in Etoudi. He was around at independence.

  12. On the contrary. Nobody in their right mind will invest in a hole where all citizens are up in arms against their “beloved” leader.
    Maybe this is too advanced for your tactically challenged grey matter.
    We have left

  13. Fan of Makontripipo-com

    These ambazombie terrorists and terrorist supporters are the biggest idiots on earth.

    The leaders of the ambazombie terrorists are all professional conmen yet the ambazombies do not realise that.
    They raised about 2 million dollars for what they termed “my trip to buea” and the funds have been distributed amongst the scammer leaders.

    These ambazombie leaders are way more corrupt that the government of Cameroon. What happened to the money that was contributed by people from the North West and South West? Apparently the ambazombies have been terrorized by their leaders to the point where they can not even ask their leaders to account for public funds.

    Shame on you!
    Wonderful international idiots!

  14. The money na your money?
    Why e di over hot you?
    You bin contribute?
    We are still on our way to Buea, one court battle at a time.
    We do never yield.

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