Video Appears to Show Cameroon Separatists’ Campaign of Kidnappings, Torture

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON — VOA | Cameroon military officials say separatists have abducted and tortured several hundred civilians they accuse of violating a lockdown the fighters have imposed in the English-speaking western regions every Monday. The claim has prompted renewed condemnation of human rights abuses by separatists.

Voices of Cameroonians crying for help and begging for their lives to be spared can be heard in an audio clip from a video circulating on social media platforms, such as Facebook and WhatsApp, as armed men appear to order 17 people out of a bus. The armed men brandish AK-47 rifles and threaten to kill anyone who disobeys their orders. Among the 17 people are four women carrying babies.

English-speaking separatists on social media say they took and shared the video. Cameroon military confirms it was taken by separatists in the South West region.

The armed men then force all the occupants of the bus to lie down before beating them with sticks and machetes for more than 10 minutes. In the video, a man presenting himself as a fighter says his group is punishing civilians who do not respect the Monday lockdown imposed by separatists in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions.

Cameroon military officials say the attack was carried out by fighters on people traveling between Buea and Kumba, both commercial cities in the English-speaking South West region. Military officials say similar attacks and abductions by fighters were reported in several other English-speaking towns, including Mamfe, Ekona and Tiko.

Officials also said an improvised explosive device planted by the fighters killed a taxi driver in Buea.

Last week, separatists said on social media they killed four people who collaborated with government troops to kill a man known as Cross and Die, one of the fighters’ self -proclaimed generals. Military officials confirmed troops had killed Cross and Die.

One separatist armed group, known as the Ambazonia Defence Forces, ADF, also on social media, said it carried out many attacks and abductions on hundreds of civilians in several towns for disrespecting the Monday lockdown ordered by separatists.

Didimus Epie, a 37-year-old cocoa seller, says he was abducted in Ekona. He says his abductors accused him of disobeying orders by separatists that no one should be seen in public places on Mondays.

“The environment is so hostile, and we are just praying that one day the situation should get better, but for now it is very bad. On a daily basis when we go about our duties, we expose ourselves to grave danger,” he said.

Epie said he paid a $500 ransom to secure his release from a separatist camp in a bush.

Bernard Okalia Bilai, governor of the South West region, says civilians should not respect calls by separatists to keep their businesses sealed on Mondays.

“I expect everyone to support [the military] by denouncing any form of disturbances or disorder that they notice in their community. People should not hesitate to contact their local administrative authorities, forces of law and order (military) or any other dignitary in their community to denounce any strange persons, so we must continue to remain vigilant,” he said.

Bilai said the military has been instructed to protect civilians and their businesses from fighters who want economic activity grounded on Mondays.

Separatists have imposed a lockdown of economic activity in the English-speaking region on Mondays since 2017 as a sign they control the territory.

Violence erupted in 2017 in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions, when teachers and lawyers protested alleged discrimination at the hands of the French-speaking majority. The military reacted with a crackdown and separatist groups took up weapons, claiming that they were acting to protect civilians.

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  1. The bad news, is that they failed to burn down the vehicle to ashes. Obedience is very
    important at this time of the struggle to separate.

  2. JOSHUA,,,,what have we achieved after five years of self destruction?is there any evidence that in five years things will be better because people obeyed the so called ghost town?
    many of are convinced in the deepest part of our of our thinking that our ancestors came from britain,so we must not cut what you often call here our anglo saxon heritage.ridicule does not kill.people plan,invade us looth inslave and rape our people.instead of putting heads together to rebuild our civilization and oppose a common front to them.we claim that we are genetically connected to them through some accrobatic sciences that can not be explained.each time i say we should put aside french and english for an african language.i am called a sardine eater because i want to cut our dear heritage.

    • “ what have we achieved in 5 years?” Great questions. Fact vs Fiction, emotion vs rational, delusion vs actuality. I look forward read Joshua’s response

      • 5 years is setting the stage for goodness to come in the long
        run. And did you hear of the American civil war? See how she
        has become the wonder country of the world. Now, can you
        say i have lied?

        • JOSHUA,,,,,,, the American Civil War was worn by the highly industrialised North vis à vis the agriculture South. It was evident from the beginning that the south with no industry and so technical capacity will lose because what improves the technical capabilities of a people is industrial production through manufacturing where know how is accumulated and improved. The question we should ask now is, do we have industries that will enable us to do the same thing? The awnser is known. So the ultimate result of this conflict is known in advance.

        • In my opinion, the most effective weapon your movement had was to restrict children from going to school. Today parents are not afraid of sending their children to school, which means you have lost your bargain.
          If I was an advisor to your leaders, I would tell them to use the small influence they have left to negotiate or make some demand to the government for the good of the people they pretend to defend. They should do this while there is still time. Very soon your leaders will lose their leverage and will be insignificant. It will be Back to Where they Started, with nothing to show for years of self-destruction.

  3. The schmuck, Bah Acho is back. Your level of understanding of social justice is pitiful. Black pastors in the DC area told Martin Luther King to stop the fight for civil rights because blacks were getting killed. Guess what, they were the very ones celebrating when the civil rights bill was signed by President Lyndon Johnson.

    Chief Mangosuthu Buthelezi sided with the Apartheid regime in S. Africa against Mandela/ANC but celebrated when the Apartheid regime fell. Lech Walesa and the Solidarity Movement were assailed when he fought communism in Poland but then those who criticized him turn around and celebrated when communism was rooted out in Poland.

    Apparently, you have not read anything on social movements.

    Where is the dam you claimed you were building? What a charlatan!

    • AMBAMAN,,,,, it is no secret that Martin luther King was used by the American system to put African American minds to definitive sleep. If not how can a normal person fight to integrate the system of those who inlsaved his own people?all logic lead us to conclude that he was an instrument of the American establishment.this led to the manipulation called civil rights Bill. Instead of paying the victims of aryan inslavement.the inlsavers were paid and empty dreams of freedom promised to the victims robbed of their dignity. Till this day nothing has changed, yet you used it as an example to make your point. this is evidence that you are driven by emotions not by rational calculated thinking. not to talk of Mandela who betrayed his own people to please bandits.

      • Let us come back to the conflict in question. On what do you count realistically to come out victorious in a military confrontation with younde? What is your long term strategy to force younde to bow to your demands?do you have the financial capacity necessary to sustain conflict for the next twenty years like younde? all strategic thinkers win wars before declaring them. If thier calculations show that they have the means to win the war. Then they declare it. If not they will not if they are not one hundred ? sure. I doubt if you have the calm and lucidity necessary to make such rational calculations base on the enemies capabilities and yours.seeing how emotive you are, we can conclude you don’t make such calculations reason why your arguments are not evidence base but believe.

        • I am not driven by emotions to show you where I have build the dam I was talking about.with your creationist self destructive mindset. You will send your culturally uprooted a bas to come and destroy it. Don’t be this emotional. Try to think mathematically before writing.

  4. Allergic to ignorance

    @ Bah Acho I couldn’t wait for these new age British Africans to bring up social justice movements in the West. Out of all places you chose you chose the US lol. Perfect opportunity to educate my African brothers on the long game that’s been played on us all over the world. Like I said before we have been completely brainwashed by western media. Why haven’t you asked yourselves if freedom and equality were so important to America why was Declaration of Independence signed by slave owners?? Your hero President LBJ was known to be an open racist using the word nigger during official meeting (on record)… Do you know what world you live in?

    • ALLERGIC TO IGNORANCE,,,,,this is not only the consequences of brainwash but total menticide.the term British southern Cameroon often used here by our anglophone citizens illustrate this point.the more we dig deeper the more it becomes clear that freedom is a word that applies to the aryan race.were the Indians of America slaughtered by decerndants of those who signed the so called declaration of independence also included? What happened to them? Shocking as it is some of us use such a joke like an his book the cultural genocide of the Indians batholome Las casas says Caucasians hunted Indians slaughtered them and sell their meat ? in shops where other Caucasians buy to feed their dogs.this are the deeds of people our so called Anglo saxons use as reference.cruel déception.

  5. Allergic to ignorance

    The real reason why MLK was taken seriously by that administration is because he started the public transit boycott. See most black people back then were using some sort of public transportation so by doing so most public transit companies lost like 80 % of their customers overnight. That’s reality not the marches and crying. See I’ve talked to black people who were around in the 60s. And from what I heard most of them were against integration because they wanted to go to black schools and knew black businesses couldn’t compete with white ones. It’s sad how bad we don’t know how the REAL world works. Not the made up one from TV

  6. Allergic to ignorance

    And another sign of your brainwashing is you fell for the communism is evil and capitalism is righteous. That lie was believable 20 years ago when the west was in its prime brainwashing us into believing their is the only way to the top. Well if that’s the case then how come communist country is on pace to become the biggest economy in the world lol. We are really lost