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Vidéo: Longue Longue demande pardon en larmes à Paul Biya

Après une détention brève suite aux accusations de Longue Longue selon lesquelles  Paul Biya aurait volé l’élection à Maurice Kamto, l’artiste s’est cette fois-ci mis à genoux pour demander des excuses en larmes à Paul Biya et Samuel Eto’o…

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  1. That’s what happened in the beti/bulu killing regime of monster Biya if u criticize it without balls like Ambazonia to pick a weapon, u either become a comedian like longue crying and begging to leave another day see your children grow Kikkik or be banished like Atangana Mebara and kamto in prison, dis brutal despotic equatorial forest bastards has taken the people hostage with Gestapo tactics , the world should continue to witness the murderer regime how citizens leave in fear of death and force disappearances by thuggish gangs of Biya regime

    • Je l’ai déjà dit, soit Longue Longue n’aime pas sa vie, soit il a des problèmes mentaux. Cela pourrait probablement être un appel à l’aide. Quelqu’un doit aider ce frère. Il a besoin d’attention sérieuse.

  2. This guy is becoming a comedian? Never trust a man like this who quickly change sides. Cowards. Now you ll be an enermy to the people when Biya will sooner or later be chased out like a dog.

  3. I said it already , Either Longue Longue doesn’t love his life or he has some mental problems. This could probably be a cry for help. Someone need to help this brother. He needs attention seriously.

  4. Je l’ai déjà dit, soit Longue Longue n’aime pas sa vie, soit il a des problèmes mentaux. Cela pourrait probablement être un appel à l’aide. Quelqu’un doit aider ce frère. Il a besoin d’attention sérieuse.

  5. Sorrow is like a treasure, shown only to trusted ones and in private!

  6. Ekiée. Longue Longue, qu’est ce qui n’a pas marché?
    Ils ont pris ton passport?
    Quand on vous dis que la maffia de Bi Mvondo est pire que la Guestapo vous n’écoutez pas…Continuez!

    • @Bikutsi,

      I see a very good woman in you….(dont mine the smelly Lass insults from some people).. but very confuse woman too. I don’t blame you at all…I blame the system that has developed people like you. On one side you are against this terrible regime…but you consistently call for the death of anyone who dare defend himself against this regime. what an irony.

      • I’m not confuse my freind. I’m just realistic.
        We all want a better Cameroon for every body, but we can’t fight a brut regime by using violence.
        It will NEVER work. Specially when that regime is backed up by western powers.
        Unity, organisation, determination should be our first amunitions.
        Not noise and AK4.
        There is no winner in war.

        • @Bikutsi

          Smelling dirty lass woman! You want a better Cameroon but at the same time want to cut off NW and sell it to Nigeria because they have the balls to challenge the Thievery of your Beti-Bulu supremacy. Dirty smelly lass ashawo. We Amba children have the balls and we will
          Free homeland by fire, ice or force. Yesterday your French cousins were defending the genocidal terrorist Paul Biya at the EU parliament. You odontol drinkers didnt believe will take it that far right? Brace yourselves to face the smell of your own rotting lass.

        • @L’enemie,

          I now see what is worrying your brain….you spend time here insulting Beti and Bami people, but once you are given just a small pinch of your own medication, you lose your bearings.

          That is why nobody is willing to risk his life by identifying himself with your mov’t, worse than Shekau.

          Man up boyz…

        • Zam-Zam

          I used to think you are one of the criminal Bulus/Beti but I’m beginning to think your manipulation in trying to drag me into a Bami propaganda campaign is because you are a smelly dirty place pig selling Bami/Beti Cross. What do you gain from manipulating your koni self through life? Dirty smelly mop man you think you can put your neck to be slaughtered in Ashawo dirty lads Bikutsi place and change my perception of you corrupt thieves? My original promise to you still stands dirty Bamileke pig eating carcass man. I will chop off that your Bami/Beti Cross big bald her with my own very Amba knife before this revolution is over.

        • Oboy, ah dong deny for join wuna mov’t, movement of haters.

          Just see how you di kosh-kosh pipo for no nating.

          Ifi Bikutsi turn-turn sign die for ya kanass, you go well so?…

      • A lot of mixed messages here. No matter anyone’s views on the anglophone crisis, any truthful, honest & sensible Cameroonian must understand that Biya & his cronies created this mess and my friends, it will only get worse. Wish for all the killings & revel in it, the reality is everyone faces the same outcome. African regimes have never known how to govern, how can they manage a crisis?
        Leaders who care about their people, change, retire & respect the political process. Cameroonians were never in arms, even when they voted it didn’t count, the courts reversed it & the regime made sure most couldn’t register, most couldn’t vote.
        What Biya wants to achieve in his dying & twilight yrs other than serving his European masters is a mystery. Leave it a better country than you met it, will he?

  7. Jai la preuve que le le bataillon de la mort de biya a voulu tuer longue longue et c grace a laurent esso que ont ne la pas descendu…maintenant ont veux lui coller des trucs bzare..mais biya je vous promets va bientot etre trainer ds la rue je vous le promets bcp de choses se passent en coulisse et biya a decider de mourire au pouvoir et c c ki va arriver

  8. Distraction. Why not spend time and money going out for good and educative stories
    for your readership?


    The mea culpa of Longue Longue is proof that:

    SARDINE + BREAD = 37 years of Biya’s Dictatorship


  10. Grown men are humiliated daily in public as comic relief for the tribal regime.
    Like Bona you need a foreign passport Longue Longue to carryon with your life with some dignity.
    The French Legal system respected your rights as a human than Cameroon will ever do how sad!
    Thousands of Anglophones are denied passports just because they are Anglophones in accordance with francophonization apartheid laws they are charged $300-$600 bribe to be considered for a passport.
    Welcome to Equatorial Africa where the role of government is to humiliate, torture, terrorize, blackmail any citizen who dare not worship the high priest of Yaoundé
    What is hypocritical in all is that them same Equatorial Africans in government are all carrying European passports.
    Who is fooling who?
    Low IQ!

  11. haahahhahaahahhhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahahhahaahahhahaahahhhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahahhahaahahhahaahahhhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahahhahaahahhahaahahhhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahahhahaahahhahaahahhhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahahhahaahahhahaahahhhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahahhavvhaahahhahaahahhhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahahhahaahahhahaahahhhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhaahahahahhahaahahhahaahahhhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhaha

  12. One word; duress!

  13. Wow, the African experience!! At home they’re molested, overseas they’re disregarded & this also applies to their presidents. Does a man have to be on his knees to supplicate another fellow human being? What’s the point?
    This tells the story of totalitarianism, where human dimension morphs into all sorts of vagaries & dehumanizing episodes. Money & power puts the privileged up a shaky ladder & the rest of the people live in a state of permanent fear.
    Longue Longue, your first video is exactly how you felt. This one is motivated by torture & only meant to make a brutal regime look good. Be a noble warrior!
    After slavery & colonialism, the West left the next round of torture to our oppressive regimes. Never refer to anyone as “papa” & no one should want that. Very paternalistic! Time..!

  14. comique land,

    shame to frogs

  15. Come on guys this Mtf surely have been manipulated this guy was in DC just recently spitting fire about the regime in MBOA and out of a sudden mtf is on his knees crying like some beti girl who have been properly sodomized by my home boys from abakwa , K, and half mile Victoria. Like really I thought this mtf got some balls.

    • The dream of every inferiority complex suffering fugly anglo bami, to have a beti girl….keep dreaming, they dont like you and Will never lay with you, stick to your ugly women, you never see us talking about them cause there is nothing to write about them we are proud enough with angels as Women to waste time desiring ugly mongrels like anglo bami women

      • I never given them a chance to even flirt with me.
        Can’t do it

      • How then do we have half Betis half Bamis/Santa like ZamZam and BobJazz floating their shares in this forum? I mean products of a mbalmayo one night stand flunking their silly one and indivisible genocidal ideas on this forum. People who give their daughters to std infected strangers to sleep with as they wish just for a bottle of manjunga has no locus standi of morality to blab on. Go and jump into lompanga.

  16. All Cameroonians should cry after watching this video. This video has driven me crazy. This is Easter weekend we should be rejoicing as the Lord died for our sins, rose from dead and went to heaven to his father. Yet we see a man on his knees begging for forgiveness for a crime he never committed from a brutal dictator who has no place in God’s world. Djene Djento, I just destroyed all your music I had in my collections. You are an idiot. This was an opportunity to rally all Cameroonians to march in Yaounde and take out this brutal dictator like the Burkinabes and Algerians did but you decided to take money from the brutal dictator and disgrace Longue Longue. You will one day pay for this. As for Billy Longue, that badluck money wei you take am from Biya go tight for your neck.

    • @bobjazz,

      that is exactly what I was thinking, that Billy boy has sold his brother to those monster at Etoudi.

      Longue Longue started this depression when he came back to CMR after serving his sentence. He kept on mentioning how ungrateful his own family was. He kept on repeating how he has helped them all, but received not even respect in return. He also mentioned that he was the chop chair—the poor Kamto is now the scapegoat for everything.

      After cleaning and reconciling the triangle, we’ll still have a huge workload in front of us—the very few CMR-Males that are still normal would have to psychologically assist the rest.

      Post-Biya traumatic stress is going to be unprecedented…

  17. Banana Ripoublic

    Long Live Ambazonia

  18. Lorsque tu ne sais pas où tu vas, regarde d’où tu viens.

    — Proverbe africain

  19. this is a typical LRC comedy…
    People from southern Cameroons are such a proud people and will not do such a stupid thing..
    This shows how disturbed and chaotic Eastern Cameroon is..

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