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VIDEO: Yves Michel Fotso angrily requesting food in jail

In a video leaked to social media, Yves Michel Fotso is seen in his prison cell during an angry outburst. Mr. Fotso seems to be hungry and unhappy for not having received an expected meal.

Yves Michel Fotso who is the former head of the defunct national carrier Camair received a life sentence in 2016, on conviction of embezzling almost US$56 million.

Prior to that sentence, Mr. Fotso had been already sentenced to 25 years behind bars in a separate graft case.

Yves Michel Fotso

The judges “found Mr. Fotso guilty of embezzling 32.4 billion CFA francs” (US$55.7 million) when he was chief executive of Cameroon Airlines – from 2000 to 2003.

Fotso created three front companies to rent aircraft to the airline when the planes had already been purchased outright with public funds, it was reported.

The judges also found Mr. Fotso guilty of making fraudulent withdrawals of funds from a Camair account at the Commercial Bank of Cameroon.

The former tycoon consistently protested his innocence.

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  1. And you think it’s funny punishing a man already condemned for double life with hunger? These low-life-ridiculous-low-IQ Beti-Bulu thieves must be educated on the rights of prisoners, minorities and governance. Equatorial forest people are truly a despicable bunch of the dark race. Soon one idiot named @colby will show up to preach “dishonesty” as their monkey kind boast of being in power? What is power that brings nothing but misery and pain?

  2. The humiliation of a son so a father who believes an ethnic group is not ready to become president of their native Cameroon can see.
    A minister in jail for embezzlement celebrates his birthday with important champagne from the “Colon”
    The minister is from the ethnic group destined to become president as promoted by the Bamiphobes
    The results of governing by incompetence is the creation of a state full of embezzlers, opportunities to embezzle, adoration of embezzlers, promotion of embezzlers.
    Mobutization of a republic!
    Low IQ

  3. From a Child Born with a Golden Spoon in his Mouth to a High Flying Executive of an Airline company and Now Begging for food. How ironic Right?

  4. D’un enfant né avec une cuillère en or dans la bouche à un haut dirigeant d’une compagnie aérienne. Maintenant mendier de la nourriture. Quelle ironie, n’est-ce pas?

  5. this is evidence that the decesion we took from 1960,or even before to send our children to study things like business administration,political sciences,etc,in american,canadian,and european universities was a terrible strategic mistake.not only is it impossible for people without an engineering background to run a company.it is even more impossible for university graduates with no experience of working on a production line to manage and give a company a growth oriented strategy.not only are they ignorant about the process by which products are designed,tested manufactured and commercialized.they know nothing about costomer needs because after graduating from university,hardly do they live closely with those who will buy products from the company they are supposed to run.

  6. Shameful country which takes delight in torturing people.
    Cursed be the day our parents joined you

  7. No comment???!

  8. Interestingly there seems to be a pattern: when bad news is about certain Cameroon people, no commenting becomes the norm! Just saying 🙂

  9. The low IQ Equatorial Baboon does not have anything to say?? How ironic. You claim to be knowledgeable about everything.
    Like one commentator said above, “cursed be the day our parents joined this Godforsaken union.”

  10. 3 years! The high IQ “Ambazonian diasporan is still on social media making noise.
    The Battlefield is in Cameroon! Leave the internet and go to grown zero and lead “your people ” to Buea..

    They all want to go to haven ,but don’t want to die!

  11. you’ll soon disappear like rat tuge. fool.

  12. No aiota of sympathy for the thief.

  13. That is the same food you threw away many years ago….what has all the millions brought to you? Fix the country for future generations, you only want to do fishy business to earn money you can never spend while millions are sleeping hungry.

    Hope others who think they can bring CMR down to its knees through embezzlement are watching…

  14. unpatriotic old evil thieve, bread and sardine shameless embezzlers and supporter of the Grand embezzler murderer master,what goes around comes around, all his properties must be seize, sold and give back to the ever poor Cameroonians living in everlasting slums,he must be forces to name all his thieving gangsters too, all those embezzling civil servants in Yaounde have turn the entire country into a banana republic,if there is a God to thunder all these demons cpdm members who continue to promote death, torture, bribery, corruption, embezzlement, liars, manipulation, and all the evilness in a society


    As long as Dicator Biya and his Beti embezzlers of public funds continue to hold the country to ransom, there will NEVER EVER be peace.
    Simply put, peace can only return to the country after the Dictatorship of Paul Biya


    **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

    “La seule interrogation pour un Camerounais digne et soucieux de l’avenir de son pays, c’est celle de savoir, pendant combien de temps encore ce pays riche en ressources de toutes sortes et doté de personnes intelligentes, continuera à être dirigé selon des principes dignes d’une «association de malfaiteurs».

  17. Now Fotso only wishes he bought a plane that went up and only came down in pieces! He would have saved LRC from the current melt down. No human being deserves such treatment. Peroid.

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