Villagers torched and soldiers attacked in brutal Cameroon conflict [+video]

Sky News has gained rare access to the Cameroon military, joining them on their patrols of what used to be called the Southern Cameroons.

Thousands of people from the Anglophone areas of Cameroon have had to flee over the border to Nigeria.

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  1. Dictator Biya’s SH*THOLE UNWINNABLE war will surely be resolved at the negotiating table.
    There will be only TWO options:


    1. a federation of TWO states EQUAL IN STATUS ( cf. UNGA RESOLUTION 1608 )


    2. SEPARATION of the two states (SC and LRC)

    Any person thinking of any other option should be considered as an Alzheimer patient. Only Alzheimer patients can believe that:

    1. decentralisation
    2. the BIR
    3. the commission on bilingualism
    4. the commission on disarmament
    5. translating the OHADA text
    6. FAKE Amba boys

    can resolve the impasse.

    • Comrade, a Federation will not work. The closest to that will be a Confederacy. If the Swiss are honest in their mediation, this is what they should be lobbying for. The pain inflicted on one side by the order has eroded the little hope that nested federation.

  2. Being Anglophone in Cameroon is not about speaking English, it is a culture that comes with speaking English incorporated through ideological upbringing, same as Francophone, as unAfrican as this is. No one is stopping individuals of a Francophone origin from acquiring an Anglophone identity according to the Cameroonian context, but respect the values that make the two English speaking provinces work, in the same way our Papas who go to Yaounde to chase pension papers are told in French to speak French or leave.

    Even federalism will be achieved only after exhaustive negotiations and SC will milk the situation to achieve the fullest autonomy, otherwise, separation is the only option. This is not a wish, but rather just looking at the situation and the determination of genuine Ambaboys!

  3. They can bring the French army to join them and it will not resolve the war on Anglophones in Cameroon.
    English in Courtrooms and classrooms in a constitutionally bilingual country was the initial request from the minority Anglophones to the hypercentralized Yaoundé Francophone government.
    Arrogance, incompetence, lack of vision and finally war is their solution.
    Very low IQ!
    In Switzerland 4 different official languages/Systems in a Federation functioning well.
    In Canada 2 different official languages/Systems in a Federation functioning.
    In Cameroon 2 officials languages/Systems in a hypercentralized Francophonie tribal Government in total Fracaso!
    Good governance can’t be replaced by a tribal militia
    Who is fooling who?
    Follow the Canadian model or implode!
    Low IQ!

  4. Epée Dipanda

    Any delay to a peaceful federation or separation today will secure the conditions for a bloodbath in 10 years when our children would have acquired the resources to prosecute a more bitter war of separation. La larepublique must save inhabitants of Douala and Yaounde the trauma because in 2035 when arms will be picked up again the bloodbath will almost certainly be assured.

    • @Epée Dipanda

      are you ready for 10 years fight “terrorist”. hahahahahahahhahahahahhahaha

  5. Now that our young kids have a mastery of a new national anthem, one should
    begin wondering, what the adults are turning to, after so much destruction of
    property, towns burned without measure, close to more that 2000 killed etc etc.
    Federalism today, means having a break today and living to fight the other day on
    the future. It has not gone right in neighboring Nigeria even after a full scale war.
    Shall it be we did not see it happen eslewhere, that we don`t know what to do in
    our case? Have we not read it in history and written the lrc exams and passed?
    Why are we behaving Thomas?

  6. Whether federation or confederation or secession, the mistake cannot he made to draw lines on ethnic/tribal grounds. Someone mentioned Nigeria. It didn’t work in Nigeria because Nigerian lines aren’t drawn along ethnic/tribal lines. We can witness the same problem in Ethiopia who’s federal constitution is one of the best in the world, yet it’s unworkable because lines were drawn along ethnic/tribal lines.

    • Correction: it didn’t work in Nigeria because lines are drawn along ethnic/tribal lines. We cannot make that mistake in our case

  7. The Ambazonians are today well informed and ready to fight for their LIBERTY.
    Liberty has no real price. Liberty is not a token, it’s a fight for the conscious and the willing, who are determined to get to a fixed goal. FREEDOM of the people of Ambazonia. No one shall alter our strong will to achieve our sole and only goal. THE FREEDOM of the people of AMBAZONIA.

    May wisdom always guide the our people. We shall prevail against all odds.

  8. Camer believer (Colby)

    Soldiers are there to restore order and they have been acting with extreme restraint otherwise all these animals would have being a story by now.They deradicalized many and gave them chances to get back to normal life or die like rats.

  9. Long live Ambazonia

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