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Vingt morts dans un accident de circulation au Cameroun

APAnews | Vingt personnes ont trouvé la mort dans une collision survenue lundi à Elogbatindi (Sud du Cameroun) entre un bus de transport en commun et un camion.

D’après les premiers éléments d’enquête de la police, le bus de transport en commun, à bord duquel il y avait une trentaine de personnes, manœuvrait pour éviter des trous sur la chaussée lorsqu’il est entré en contact avec le camion, arrivant en sens inverse.

Sur place, l’on aurait dénombré 19 morts, tandis qu’un blessé serait mort en chemin lors de son évacuation à l’hôpital régional d’Edéa où d’autres blessés ont été conduits et immédiatement pris en charge.

« Nous avons recensé dix blessés dont au moins trois sont dans un état grave. Leur pronostic vital est engagé », a expliqué une source hospitalière.

Les corps ont été déposés à la morgue et aux dernières nouvelles, la circulation qui avait été interrompue entre Edéa et Kribi a été rouverte, les forces de l’ordre ayant pu dégager la chaussée où l’impact sur les véhicules laisse deviner la violence du choc.

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  1. Amba Boys again!

    All deaths are caused by the real Amba Boys!

  2. Road accidents result from mechanical or human errors, both avoidable with adequate training in maintenance and use. But in a society where neither one nor the other features in recruitment, …

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      @John Dinga

      No amount of training in maintenance and use of road vehicles can eliminate road accidents from any society!

      There were 37,133 people killed in motor vehicle traffic crashes on U.S. roadways during 2017.

      According to John Dinga these accidents would have been avoided if the drivers had adequate training in maintenance and use!

      • Mr. Dinga gave an idea of the problem and it’s true that human and mechanical error are factors in these collisions but there’s more to it. He didn’t say it is all encompassing.

        Mr. Kumkum, contribute ideas rather than just disagree. People speak out because they want more for the country. The roads are poorly constructed, narrow and not properly maintained. Driver training and licensing requirements/regulations are serious problems as well as the conditions/maintenance of the transport vehicles. I don’t understand how the stats about USA is relevant to the Cameroon situation

        • Kumkum Pass Garri

          @ Esoben

          Mr JDinga wrote:”Road accidents result from mechanical or human errors, both avoidable with adequate training in maintenance and use.”

          The statistics form the US is proof that adequate training in maintenance and use of motor vehicles will not make accidents avoidable!

          The stats from the US is relevant to counter JDinga’s simplistic analysis and very wrong/misleading conclusion. That is my contribution to this topic. My contribution is to point out to everyone that John Dingas analysis and conclusion above is completely wrong!

          Esoben, what is your own contribution to this topic? What amount of training is adequate to make human error avoidable? That is a very ignorant and ridiculous comment from JDinga.

  3. Dodging holes on the road s in cameroun ends up in killings. What are camerounese doing? They sheepishly say je men fou! Hahaha

  4. A couple of years ago when I was in Cameroon, I had a conversation with a government administrator in Buea and I asked why some urgent first steps have not been taken to curb road accidents. I suggested that sales of beer should be outlawed at motor parks & within a certain radius around the parks. I also suggested that vehicles start inspection checks at set up state facilities every so often and that plans should be in place to do sporadic breathalyzer tests conducted randomly by undercover trained officers. I urged them to also deduct toll gate fees at the motor parks for vehicles bound for Douala in order to forestall theft of funds that should be used for road expansions and reconstruction. Centralization never works. I am coming up with a road map to revive Cameroon. #Woman power! 🙂

    • Kumkum Pass Garri

      May God grant you the wisdom, courage and strength to be successful in your endeavor to come up with a road map to revive Cameroon. More woman power to you!

  5. Well, and so it is in our El Dorado, where skillful intellectual legitimizers and enablers of ” la hierarchie” use ruses such as diverting attention to America in order to achieve their “Do Nothing” policy. Do not ever expect them to shine by proposing any diagnosis or treatment of the local malaise.

    • Kukum Pass Garri


      I guess you are so delusional that you think your childish analysis and dumb conclusions above constitute a “Do Something” policy!

      How much training is adequate to eliminate human error in operating road vehicles?

      • @Kumkum,

        You just nailled this monkey! Well done

        Now to me as someone that drive on these road when on holidays? The road at too narrow and speed is a pb….cars and trucs nearly touches eqch others on the road so when I drive in cameroon as soon as I see a truc coming i always slow and keep right and let truc goes them speed back always..bcus simple mistake you touche each other amd it is drama…not emergency services or rescue…lot of peoples that could have being sabed die bcus of lack of emergency services…just if you tire burst in cameroon road you can spend a day on that road

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