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Visite de Biya en Suisse : mise en garde contre une «manifestation violente»

APAnews | L’ambassadeur du Cameroun en Suisse, Léonard Henri Bindzi a mis en garde, dans un communiqué reçu mardi à APA, ses compatriotes résidant dans différents pays européens contre «une manifestation violente» qu’ils projettent d’organiser, samedi prochain dans la capitale helvétique, Genève, contre le séjour privé du président Paul Biya dans cette ville.

Le couple présidentiel a quitté Yaoundé, la capitale, dimanche en fin de matinée «pour un court séjour privé en Europe», selon la formule consacrée, renouant ainsi avec les déplacements à l’étranger après neuf mois de résidence continue au pays.

Qualifiant la démarche des manifestants de «projet barbare», le diplomate évoque «les risques personnels encourus par les contrevenants à la règlementation en vigueur en Suisse, ainsi que contre les possibles dérapages des actions violentes de saccage envisagées à l’hôtel Intercontinental», où le couple Biya a l’habitude de prendre ses quartiers lors de ses séjours helvétiques.

Par ailleurs, a expliqué Léonard Henri Bindzi, les mouvements de mécontentement des Camerounais contre le chef de l’État «sont l’expression de la haine, de la violence et du tribalisme», des comportements contraires au patriotisme et à l’amour de leur pays d’origine.

Cette réaction du diplomate intervient au lendemain de l’appel à manifester lancé par le groupe dénommé «Brigade anti-sardinards» (BAS), constitué de farouches opposants au régime de Yaoundé résidants en Europe. Ils sont à l’origine de l’«opération cap sur Genève, le 29 juin 2019» qui entend protester «contre la présence du dictateur Paul Biya sur le territoire suisse», au motif qu’il viole les droits de ses compatriotes au Cameroun.

«Le dernier face à face avec Paul Biya commence samedi prochain à Genève. On ne défie pas la BAS», proteste le groupe sur les réseaux sociaux, mettant en outre en ligne des numéros de téléphone de l’hôtel Intercontinental et des ambassades suisses aux fins de perturber le service dans cet établissement et dans les ambassades du Cameroun en Europe.

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  1. `.. returning to travel abroad after nine months of continuous residence in the country`.
    Bravo Sudanese. Cameroonians, `na butte dem`.

  2. This is how people protest about a dictator and not by kidnapping, torturing, demanding ransom, preventing kids from going to school and chopping fingers of their own people going to work to feed their family. This is the type of protest that makes Biya blink and will surely end up bringing change and not that nonsense the Amba fools are doing which doesn’t affect Biya in any way but destroy the lives of anglophones.

    • Let me put it simple for you to understand. Ambazonians are not fighting Biya. It’s the work of camerounese, Biya is their president if they choose they should take him out. Ambazonians are fighting the French-cameroon establishment. Maintain your dictator he is good for you camerounese. Cameroon will be wholly French, bilingualism is gone. Biya is not a priority for Ambazonia

      • @Chii Bright

        such an idiot, bastard, and moron

        what are you doing here in this platform terrorist kikikikikikikikkii

        I hope your forefathers were speaking English rat

      • @ Chii Bright, There is no such thing as Ambazonia. Your foolish terrorist organization has no support from the majority of anglophones and you don’t represent anglophones. You can’t keep on kidnapping & demanding ransom from anglophones, killing & beheading anglophones, torturing anglophones, chopping off fingers of anglophones, preventing anglophone kids from going to school and expect anglophones to support your foolishness. If you had any support from the majority of anglophones you won’t be hiding in bushes. May the Biya BIRs castrate all of those your amba thugs hiding in bushes.

  3. Nnôm Ngui!
    Le carisme de cà! 88 ans bientot. Le calme, la puissance silencieuse de cà! La force de l’expérience de cà! Un vrai BULU. Il n’ y a qu’a Mvomeka’a et au Sud qu’on trouve cette espèce rare en Afrique.
    Les plus beaux et les plus intelligents. La creme de la creme.
    Ps: Tous les courts types (1m20 ) veuillez vous abstenir à repliquer.

    Les tontinards et Ambazoniens disent qu’ils vont en découdre avec Nnôm Ngui le 29!
    Si Biya reprend l’avion pour rentrer au Cmr cette fois-ci, franchement, vous nous rendrez un grand service à la boucler dorénavant.

    • Its schocking to me if you really believe in what u are writing. The only truth is this old despots age..this is a man who was given a mandate for over 35 years to head cameroon. Have you ever asked an honest what this Pig on diapers have achieved?.We have no roads, the country is in war, tribalism at its highest level because of his divide and rule policy. This man was given the richest country in central africa to manage, today we are poorest..If i was a BETI-BULU person, i will hide in the forest and dont come out.
      You Bikutsi have given all to France, made them the master but always the first to cry racism..
      Please make good use of your brain b4 its too late..Join the revolution and send out of this forest gorilla out b4 its too late..Dont be naiv and reamin a fool for life dear….

      • What do you call a “revolution” ? The barbaric chaos you guys are sponsoring in the NW and SW?
        Or the tribalist arranged desorder the so called BAS is on to?
        Is that what you call a revolution?
        If that is the case count me out.

        • @BIKUTSI:- u have been raised to think in tribes..U dont have any form of arguement..U had power, enjoed it, drank wine, danced Bikutsi and ruined cameroon..Each time u look for a tribe to hold responsible for your mismanagement- U killed the north- called them terrorist, claimed they were behind the coup detat..A bami won the elections, u started your dirty ame and today KAMTO is in jail..
          Southern cameroonians are liberators of this dirty system..Accept it or not..we dont take money and stay quiet- we just want to fight a system and liberate cameroon from the nhands of a gang that have hijaked the countrys wealth..May be your cousins or uncle will face the guilotine soon, thats why u are scared?..We will change cameroon by force- Honeymoon is over my dear..Its Time to act..NOW OR NEVER..

      • @biko
        No need to argue with you as you are in a cult.
        It’s very hard to reason with cultists.
        All I will say is you Kamto never won an election and FYI, it will take 5 generations for a grassfielder to be president in Cameroon.
        You opened the Bermuda Triangle and now that triangle in swallowing you morons.

        • @ Mbappe I’m very sure somebody from Blaise Compaore’s tribe said the same thing like you just did. I wonder where that person is hiding right now. Nobody ever thought that Rwanda will switch their national language from French to English. Let me advise you my friend when things fall apart, the center cannot hold.

        • @bobass.
          That person is not hiding as the guy in power in from compaore tribe and also the burkinabés have a sense of belonging to the same country that grassfielders do not possess.
          You need to be re-educated

        • Your lies can never hold. He is not from the same tribe as Blaise Compoare. My cousin works there for the U.N. and is more informed than you. Biya’s days are numbered. Your tribalism will not last. I used to see Biya riding his bike near the lake when I used to go and visit Delphine Tsanga and never ever dreamt of him becoming president. Ayissi Mvondo even slapped him at one point. Things do change my friend and you will one day eat your words.

          I just want to remind you that it was a graffi man who saved Biya’s life during the April 6th coup. Biya was so scared and wanted to come out and Ivo a graffi man told him to stay put. Can you imagine what Issa Adoum and Ahidjo would have done to him if he had come out? Things do change my friend. Stop your hate of the graffi people .

  4. BIKUTSI: Let me take some time to teach you..being a francophone from EAST cameroon at times seems to be a crime..U have been raised in fear and think the army in your region has monoply to use force..let me start like this:
    REVOLUTION:- is a fundamental and relatively sudden change in political power and political organization which occurs when the population revolts against the government, typically due to perceived oppression (political, social, economic) or political .- Is it true for southern cameroon?..YES..
    A revolution can be peaceful or violent..When we started a peaceful revolution- your idots sent troops to kill, rape and burn houses..Today they are having the answer..
    This revolution will help u..liberate you from mental slavery and make cameroon s better place.
    Just be quiet.

    • A REVOLUTION can NEVER be achieved with a group of desorganised people who put gansgers, feymen in the front line!
      We all want change in Cameroon, but as long as those greedy gangsters who just think about themselves and do not care about the lives of Camerounians are in the front line, nothing will change.
      Now they want to go to the Hotel in Switzerland to make more noise and desturb the peace of other guests.
      I can’t call that a revolution, that’s just the manifestation of frusted people with no sens of direction.

      • @BIKUTSI:- You from East cameroon have been sleeping for over 50 years..
        revolution has always come from southern cameroon..
        Multp-party:- what u enjoy today and are spoiling with bread and sardine came from Southern cameroon..
        before the union of the two countries, southern cameroon didnt have a brutal military, we had the mobile wing and had power transfer from foncha to Enderley with no blood shared..With you folks, u fought brutal wars against the bamis and killed many people..
        Southern cameroonians are a civilized people, they question their leaders and want transparency..You are the mafias, FEH men and fake people working and giving all to France.
        Today southern cameroonians are fighting a liberation war that again will help you- wait and see. Cameroon will change for good..

  5. Only a fool, would think that the UN, EU etc, will solve the problems in Cameroon today.
    Because they have their minds placed on our resources, plus Biya`s corruption that is
    their gateway, nothing good, will come from them.
    We have failed ourselves, by thinking that they are for any demogracy like they do have.
    No way. The UN, wants gov`t to speed up it`s decentralization process. Who decides,
    what is good? Because Cameroonians allowed themselves to think they are two
    peoples, there lies the problem: divide we fail.

    • You are starting to get it. Keep it up. That’s the way foward.
      We have been saying this over and over again, and you called us names….

    • @JOSUA:- every nation has a history..Cameroon that we have today is a union of two countries that came together to live as one.If you are honest to yourself, you will accept that the Francophones thought they have their slaves ,hey never respected the West cameroonians, treated them like third class citizens and never respected the terms of the union..Today these people are frustrated, make open complains but the respond is to send brutal forces to rape, kill and burn houses..Dont think its about Amba as many are fooling you to believe , its about neglecting terms of a union..What these young boys are doing in the name of AMBA is as a result of the bad Francohone politics in west cameron..Is French the language in west Cameroon?.Why are all police and gendarmes talking only French for eg?

      • @ biko Cameroon is not a union of 2 countries. There was never a country called Southern Cameroon. This was part of Cameroon that was separated by the colonial masters to evenly distribute Cameroon’s resources. Stop your nonsense. The problem in Cameroon has nothing to do with francophones. Dictator Biya and his regime is the problem. Cameroonians have always lived together as brothers and sisters everywhere in Cameroon. There are a lot of Bassas who were born and bred in Limbe who call Limbe home. Same as a lot of anglophones born and bred in Douala and Yaounde who call those areas home. Biya has used hate to try to divide and conquer us and you Ambazonians are trying to do the same. It is not going to work especially now that most anglophone kids are going to francophone schools.

        • As a result of your madness, most anglophone kids have ran to Douala and Yaounde and are going to francophone schools since all Bilingual schools there are full . Your foolishness is causing a perverse effect of what the lawyers were fighting for.

    • WoW! @ Joshua, what happened to you? Oh my God my prayers are working. Some people are beginning to come to their senses. Praise the Lord.


    Some updates on the D-DAY

    1. Members of BAS have already identified some FAKE BASE activists created by ex-convict Atanga Nji and sent to Geneva on a diabolic mission.
    2. BAS members from all over the globe will be in Geneva on the 29.06.2019
    3. LRC has asked the Swiss authorities to prohibit the demonstration. The Swiss have said NIET because of the fact that FREEDOM OF PROTEST is a cornerstone of their constitution
    4. CPDM militants in Switzerland have vowed to confront members of the ‘Brigade Anti Sardinard’ face to face on Saturday, June 29, 2019. Serious confrontation is therefore expected.
    5. BAS has invited local and international press to cover the “combat”

    • Se how stupid you guys are?
      You want to make an action, and you are all over social media talking and giving all the details about the so called action? Lol…
      Biya knew exactly what you guys will be up to before he left Cmr.
      Now you are just confirming what he usualy says: ” La force de l’expérience “.

      Ps: Who told you that Nnôm Ngui vill be at that Hotel at that particular time?
      Le ndem C’est quelque chose…
      There are people wating for you at geneva and are ready to teach you lesson.
      I will just sitt and watch from my sunny Sweden.. Hihihi.
      Please Negreos, stop embarrassing yourselves in front of the world.

      • Truth and Facts



        I really wonder why they always announce their plans over the social media and then call it secret. But we must admit the fact that BAS is giving Biya and the CMR gov’t a hell of a time here in Europe. The image lost is huge.

        No! Don’t sit and watch from “your” sunny Sweden. If you want to enjoy the real type of enjoyable sun, go sit and watch in Limbe or in the south region, if it must be.

        Cameroonians are the highest African fleeing their country even when their country was not at war. That says a lot about the situation in the country. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find people of certain African countries living in Europe. That is because their country is thriving and live is always best at home, if home is functioning well.
        We must accept the facts.

  7. why are u afraid..
    This is the mentality you people have had for 60 years and are still having..
    Complex and always afraid for action..
    Go to the beach, enjoy sweden while others are fighting to liberate you fom slavery- Foolish Girl..
    You will seat in class and learn the French revolution and believe it was a civilized revolution because they are white people..When people have been supressed for too long, you dont need to be shame..Wake up, storm the streets of geneva, and protest..
    Biya and his Gang of thieves and FEH men are coming, hiding wealth and the peoples money and you seat in sweden and complain..You are a disgrace to that country..And you claim you want a change?..This is real madness…

    • Ekiée
      Now I’m foolish because I desagree with you!
      You want democracy but can’t tolerate other peoples opinion?
      Biko, when the real revolution will start in Cameroon, I will be in the front line.
      For now I prefer to enjoy the sun in Sweden and watch that cirkus from long away…

      Ps: If you guys don’t finish with Biya this time when you have the opportunity, I will be 100% behind him.

      • @BIKUTSI:- i have never been rude..
        “You want democracy but can’t tolerate other peoples opinion?”- u ask me this question?..honestly?..You have been the one insulting people here as AMBA boys, Terrorist when they support the movement..
        I am not a terrorist..I can understand the people of southern Cameroons because I know the pain, anger and sufferings they have gone through for the past 50 years..
        These people have suffered too much..
        And I can understand when they saw enough is enough..
        I never love killings but hey its not a monopoly of the the cameroon brutal forces..These people are just retaliating..When the army rape, kill and burn houses, nobody complains but when these poor boys in the bushes act, you call them barbaric- SHAME

  8. Equatorial Africans run to the whiteman for everything.
    Health, education, vacation etc
    In 60yrs not a single Hospital a president can go to treat a disease of old men like prostate cancer.
    Not a single hotel a presidential couple can vacation like the intercontinental in Geneva.
    Yet when the girls loose a match in World Cup badly we blame the whiteman for racism.
    The girls lost because of poor preparation, no training facilities, no proper soccer league in the nation ….. just incompetence.
    If the whiteman is such a racist and they are always against Africans why is this president always looking for ways to run and luxury himself in Switzerland?
    Laziness, inertia, incompetence, adoration of the whiteman.
    Why didn’t he go to China or Japan?
    Who is fooling who?
    Low IQ

  9. @lum

    Cameroon is Cameroon

  10. dont even respond to this retarded , backward and handicapped BamendayBoy..
    Look at his write up, you will understand his brain is the problem ..
    He might be from cameroon, but you will understand he cant even express himself..
    Seems to be a mad man in this forum..
    @BamendayBoy… I see you are fan of BAMENDA- though still cant spell..
    When cameroon is freed by the freedom fighters from southern canmeroon, we will put u in health care center, where we will take care of your brain and then set you free to live a normal life that will be free of oppression and suppression..
    I see you dont even get what is going on in that country..The minority are God chosen and are only the people to help free you from slavery..LONG LIVE THE REVOLUTION..
    They are not terrorist-They are helping u …

  11. 7. Swiss newspapers are already having a field day about Dictator Biya and the D-DAY.
    8. Dictator Biya is now a laughing stock of the world
    9. Important guests have started checking out of Hotel Intercontinental for fear of the D-DAY
    10. “S2cessionists” from many countries in the world will take part in the D-DAY protest
    11. CPDM militants will be CRUSHED if they dare disturb the protest. Switzerland is not LRC
    12. Dictator Biya might be asked to vacate the hotel in order for peace to reign.
    13. The writer will report from Geneva live on the 29.06.2019

  12. Ambazonia on the move.

    Ce qui est génial, c’est l’inaptitude des froggies de comprendre que l’unon de dupes, de criminels, de feymen, de génocidaires est fini par la détermination d’un peuple. The people of AMBAZONIA.
    The courageous people of Southern Cameroons are great people.

    AMBAZONIA is gearing to the future.

  13. This dictator Paul Biya is the most useless president on earth a couple of months ago Italian citizens were in the streets thousands of them protesting against dis wild animal for the death and destruction he has cause in West cameroon, a place majority of them barely see on their computer stream or t.v. and fell touch the suffering people going through in the moronic blood thirsty military of Biya killed innocent civilians , if dis moron of a leader is not a mad man will choose to go in Switzerland in the same hotel been spending the blood money stolen from the Cameroonian treasury for 37 years, thinking his victims residing in Europe will watch him have a good time after planning the death and destruction of their relatives back in Cameroon, corrupt Swiss government should be ashamed

  14. The corrupt Swiss government should be ashamed to host dis crazy bulu dictator and his supporters in their country, just like their French cousins which promotes and protect dictatorial regimes in Africa for them to steal the national resources of their various countries and send to France while the black African are being killed by thugs in uniform call military and natural misery because of zero economic opportunities, dis same black African die in different parts of the world both land and sea trying to come to Europe or America for a better life and if they succeed in the precarious journey in some of those countries will be treated worse than dogs majority of those black African in Europe or America are manual Labourers ,women prostitute doing undignified labour just to make a living

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