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Tibor Nagy (Gauche)

Washington appelle à un « transfert de pouvoir » vers les régions anglophones

Jeune Afrique | Les États-Unis ont appelé mardi à un « vrai dialogue » et à un « transfert de pouvoir » vers les régions anglophones du Cameroun, estimant que la réponse militaire privilégiée par le gouvernement ne faisait que renforcer les séparatistes.

Trois semaines après l’annonce que le Cameroun ne sera plus « éligible » aux traitements commerciaux préférentiels américains, le haut responsable chargé de l’Afrique au département d’État américain, Tibor Nagy, a estimé lors d’une audition parlementaire à Washington que les conseillers du président camerounais Paul Biya lui faisaient miroiter une victoire militaire.

« La vérité, c’est qu’il n’y aura pas de victoire militaire » au conflit qui oppose les indépendantistes anglophones à l’armée dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest du Cameroun, a ajouté le diplomate américain.

« Chaque jour, davantage de Camerounais, qui étaient probablement au départ des Camerounais très loyalistes, commencent à se dire que la sécession est peut-être la bonne solution », a-t-il déploré.

Tibor Nagy a également relativisé le succès du Grand dialogue national organisé début octobre par Yaoundé pour tenter de résoudre la crise séparatiste anglophone, marqué par le boycott des principaux groupes indépendantistes.

Plus de 3 000 morts en deux ans

« Il doit y avoir un vrai dialogue. Et il doit y avoir un transfert de pouvoir vers la région », a-t-il plaidé, insistant sur la nécessité d’annoncer « quelque chose qui ait suffisamment d’intérêt pour ceux qui sont encore dans le camp des modérés ».

Le conflit qui oppose les indépendantistes anglophones à l’armée et la police dans ce pays majoritairement francophone a tué plus de 3 000 personnes en deux ans. Il fait peser une menace sur les élections législatives et municipales annoncées le week-end dernier pour le 9 février.

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  1. Pay attention to the Code Message made last month by this same guy that “lrc does not want another Sudan on its territory”. Don’t pick a fight with a lion; you can poke it but it will eventually eat you.

  2. English in Courtrooms and classrooms was the initial request of minority Anglophones to the Yaoundé tribal Francophone government in a constitutionally bilingual country in 2016
    The Francophone President declared was on Anglophones in November 2017.
    855,000 children no school
    150,000 refugees in Nigeria
    20,000 killed
    650,000 internal refugees
    10,000 missing or jailed in French Cameroon
    350 villages burnt down
    4million affected.
    The US is only echoing what minority Anglophones have been saying all along, there is genocide in Cameroon by the Franco-Francophone government supported by France.
    Bullets alone cannot kill peoples desire for freedom and self rule.
    98% of Anglophones want self rule and local governance
    Who is fooling who?
    Do you understand me! 2mins!

  3. Might is not always Right. The Biya regime does not understand that. The man admitted that there has been an effort to assimilate Anglophones only to realize that it isn’t as straightforward as that.
    Hubris is preventing the Beti people from admitting that they have wronged Anglophones. And those Anglophones who are supporting the regime have simply sold their souls to their Devil. They know their own people have been victimized.

    Time will tell.
    Qui vivra verra

  4. The time is now. Biya is probably of the believe that the defeat of the UPC uprising in the 60s by French and lrc militia will once more inspire success for lrc in the conflict with Ambazonia. Well, times have changed, and they have changed in rather very great ways. Information flow and mechanisms of sustaining the war by Ambazonia are different today compared to the 60s. This generation is armed with technology and understands how the world functions much better. After painful silence for close to 60 years, we know too much to be fooled into submission, the people have finally risen. The reason why the rest of the world can’t openly condemn Ambazonia to the anger of Biya is because their grievances are genuine. As it is, only an all inclusive dialogue will calm the wrath of the people!

  5. You can’t stop a mindset militarily… Keep trying.
    Southern Cameroons has risen and no amount of weaponry can stop that.
    Do your worst.

  6. **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

    1. The military option will not bring the Anglophone Crisis to an end
    2. the Major National Dialogue was SCAM, a sheer waste of precious time, energy and scarce resources.
    3. You can’t wipe out a thought militarily. Simply put, Z-E-R-O military solution
    4. Every day more Cameroonians are getting radicalised due to the government’s handling of the crisis
    5. For the crisis to end, he advised that there has to be a true dialogue, one whose proof is in the implementation of results.
    6. Only either a FEDERATION of two states EQUAL IN STATUS or SEPARATION can resolve the impasse
    7. The so-called SPECIAL STATUS is a waste of precious time, energy and scarce resources.

    • A few days ago, the GOC gave the catholic church the colossal sum of 500 ( five hundred ) FCFA for Cardinal Tumi and Bishop Nkea to go to SC to CONVINCE people to accept the so-called SPECIAL STATUS. However, the inexplicable and greatest paradox that defies all human logic is that only GOD and Dictator Biya know the content of the so-called special status. Simply put, Cardinal Tumi and Bishop Nkea have received a bribe to go and deceive the people. Of course, this mission will fail PANTS ON FIRE. The GOC has become extremely desperate to stop the momentum. That is the reason they waste taxpayers money without any positive. As for the so-called cardinal and Bishop, they should really be ashamed of themselves, their church and their God. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!

  7. Water nah water

    Who is the USA

    • It’s the nation that freed Africa from European colonisation, without that nation we will still be fighting against the Europeans to free ourselves. Just as they did that in 1945 when the UN was created and many African countries benefited, they are still doing it today and Ambazonia will also benefit. That is the USA for you bro.

  8. Yaoundé is calling for the independence of California.

    • Who is this sick mind called Mbappe. You compare the status of California in the US and that of the Anglophone regions in Cameroon?
      Vous etes un vrai extra terrestre.

  9. My prediction:

    Tomorrow 21 November, 2019 Mancho Bibixy Che will be set free by Yaounde’s Appeal Court, understandably following “hautes instructions de la hierarchie”.

  10. 98% de tout ce qui se fait au Cameroun est en français et vous osez parler de quoi ? Bolloré est un Américain ? N’est-ce pas BIYA qui se dit le meilleur élève de la France. N’applique-t-il pas les méthodes françaises de la seconde république?

    Le CFA de merde et tous vos expressions sont dans quelle langue ? Vous payez les français pour tout faire chez vous. Bande de paresseux. Vous calquez tout sur les francais et vous n’avez pas honte ? Vous croyez que les anglophones vous lisent et vous comprennent ? Bande d’égocentriques. Ambazonia says BYE BYE TO YOU.

    Long live the USA qui ont sauvé des vies Ambazoniennes.
    Long Live the USA qui aident l’Ambazonie
    Long Live the USA for helping AMBAZONIA to emerge from the darkness of la ripoublique francophone du Cameroun.

    Ambazonia shall be FREE.

    • Et ton commentaire est en Fancais! Hihihi…

      • Heureusement. Ce message est destiné aux zozos de la ripoulique.

        To win a battle, one needs to master the language of the enemy.

        J’embrasse mon ennemi pour mieux l’étouffer.

        Ambazonia shall be free against all odds.

  11. 3000 people dead in SC and the Cardinal / Father Nkea, know this all too well. One, has
    to wonder at this point, why these two `men of God`, can not go to Paul Biya, and have
    a one on one with him. The Cardinal, needs to be truthfull like he pretends to be, and
    see need, to go to Biya rather than to the field. It is sheer cowardice and this can not
    solve the problem. The Cardinal / Father, are merely supporting and campaigning for
    Biya / CPDM. THIS IS TOO BAD and very tricky.

  12. It takes courage to embrace your enemy, even if it is too better be able to strangle him.

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