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Washington veut un Cameroun “en paix, prospère et stable”

VOA Afrique | Les Etats-Unis veulent “un Cameroun en paix, prospère et stable”, a déclaré lundi le secrétaire d’État américain adjoint aux affaires africaines, Tibor Nagy, après une rencontre avec le président Paul Biya à Yaoundé.

“Nous voulons un Cameroun en paix, prospère et stable pour le bien des Camerounais”, a déclaré à la presse M. Nagy, insistant sur la volonté du gouvernement du président Donald Trump de “faire venir de nombreux investisseurs au Cameroun afin de créer les meilleures opportunités d’emplois possibles”.

En tournée en Afrique, le représentant américain est arrivé samedi au Cameroun, où il a rencontré dimanche la chambre de commerce américaine à Douala, la capitale économique, et visité une entreprise américaine de transformation de bois.

Placée sous le signe de l’économie, cette visite de M. Nagy était très attendue par la presse locale après ses récentes déclarations sur l’arrestation fin janvier du principal opposant du pays, Maurice Kamto, écroué depuis à la prison centrale de Yaoundé.

Début mars à Paris, M. Nagy avait déclaré: “Le gouvernement camerounais assure que Maurice Kamto a été arrêté et emprisonné pour des raisons légitimes. Moi je pense vraiment qu’il serait très sage de le libérer”.

Des propos qui avaient immédiatement fait réagir le gouvernement camerounais, qui y avait vu “une grave velléité d’immixtion à peine voilée et inadmissible dans les affaires intérieures du Cameroun”.

“Il y a beaucoup de sujets de discussion entre nous”, a indiqué lundi le représentant américain après sa rencontre avec M. Biya.

“Bien sûr, ce sont des discussions privées, je ne vais pas donner de détails”, a-t-il dit, sans préciser si la détention de M. Kamto avait été évoquée durant cette rencontre.

“Je peux vous assurer que nos discussions ont été franches, directes et honnêtes. J’ai beaucoup apprécié le savoir et la sagesse du président”, a-t-il ajouté.

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  1. Yaoundé veut une Amérique en paix, prospere et stable.

    Une Amérique où etre Noir n’est ni un défaut ni une menace!

  2. Kumkum pass garri

    Les Etats-Unis ne veulent pas une Ambazonie en paix, prospère et stable!

    Ma kontri pipo dem , USA want see Cameroon in peace, prosperity and stability. That mean say US want see the annihilation of ambazozos, ambafools and ambaboys as na the only way that for get peace, stability and prosperity for Cameroon!
    Kumkum massa is coming to give you ambazozos, ambafools and ambaboys some kumkum. Wuna go swallow that kumkum without soup or wata!

    wata na wat; gari na garri; garri no be kumkum!! kumkum pass garri!

    BREAKING NEWS: Ambahunter nominates Kumm massa AKA MKPD for Cameron man of the year 2019!

  3. kikikikikikikikikiikikiki ambafools , SISIKU SHOULD BE BEHEADED .

  4. How is it, that the LRC gov`t sees an interference when it comes to Biya`s war,
    and not inteference, when outside countries are emptying the resources of the
    That Etoudi palace of long time occupant Biya Bi Nvondo, must be soaked and cover
    with charms and demonic spells, that no one else, can survive it besides those of the
    cult regime. How easy, can one man, be an occupant of that house, without such a
    demonic practice?
    And did the Grand Master, not come visiting too?

  5. @ Kum Kum pass garri

    Singing gorilla.

  6. @ bamendayBoy

    Another ape

    • @vonjesco

      whatever terrorist, all I know you should be eradicated by force. we don’t negotiate with terrorist and traitor nyamfuka .

      amba amba amba ambafool

  7. The terror that has reigned in the short time Amabazonians have had to try their hand in governing is next to madness to the extreme. Cutting their own people’s heads , fingers , hands , burning their own hospital serving over 6000 helpless poeple.Who does that to their own people ….and kidnapping and asking for ransom from helpless people. The heck we will prefer Biya to remain in office rather than be governed by such extreme evil madness. The hell that awaits the YouTube and Facebook talking heads in the diaspora. .. I can’t even speak it. Soon even the USA of Donald Trump , the world and the history books , will equate Ambazonia to Boko Haram.

  8. The terror that has reigned in the short time Amabazonians have had to try their hand in governing is next to madness to the extreme. Cutting their own people’s heads , fingers , hands , burning their own hospital serving over 6000 helpless poeple…and kidnapping and asking for ransom from helpless people. The heck we will prefer Biya to remain in office rather than be governed by such extreme evil madness. The hell that awaits the YouTube and Facebook talking heads in the diaspora. .. I can’t even speak it. Soon even the USA of Donald Trump , the world and the history books , will equate Ambazonia to Boko Haram.

  9. We want a Cameroon that is in peace, prosperous and stable. Did any one notice the omission of “UNITED, peace, prosperous and stable Cameroon?

  10. @Bikutsi ”Une Amérique où etre Noir n’est ni un défaut ni une menace!”…Bla bla ..That is all u this incompetent beti-bulu french slaves can say. The U.S is a country that is governed by the rule of law while Cameroon is governed by some clannic French slaves in the Bet- Bulu equatorial forest who do not respect the constitution or the law.
    Martin Luther King,the civil right activists fought for the blacks in America and the blacks are respected in America today.If u kill a black in America,u will face the full weight of the law.As a matter of fact,a black just ruled America before Donald Trump.But the beti-bulu incompetent clannic French slaves have extrajudicially masterminded the killings of more than 3000 anglophone civilians,but non is facing the law.No anglo have been president

    • Kongossa
      I will consider interact with you when you tell me how old you are. Are you 19?
      Your writups are so childish. I will not waste my time.
      How old are you?



    1. UNITED

    The US envoy did NOT use any of the above-mentioned Dictator Biya’s words.
    That speaks volumes.

    Contrary to the piece of Propaganda put up to the public by CRTV claiming that Tibor Nagy’s stay in Yaounde has been strictly for business purposes, the truth has emerged from the horse’s mouth:

    “I told Biya to End Violence and organize an inclusive dialogue in the North West and South West Regions”– Tibor Naggy told reporters after the visit

    As usual, CRTV had its interest in the story, to cover up Nagy’s real purpose and shadow it with what will derail everyone from the focus of the visit.

    If history is any guide, US envoys also visited Mobutu, Sadan Hussein, Bokassa, Markus, etc before their downfalls.




    Le diplomate américain a posté un tweet sur le contenu de leurs échanges.
    «Aujourd’hui, le Président Paul Biya et moi-même avons discuté de la marche à suivre dans nos relations bilatérales, notre assistance en matière de sécurité et nos préoccupations en matière de droits humains #Cameroon. J’ai également encouragé la fin de la violence et du dialogue inclusif dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest», a twitté l’envoyé du Président américain Donald Trump.
    La sortie de Tibor Nagy démontre bien que les sujets de discorde entre Yaoundé et Washington n’ont pas été évités au cours de l’audience. Les Etats-Unis critiquent le gouvernement camerounais pour la gestion de la crise anglophone et l’emprisonnement de l’opposant Maurice Kamto et ses partisans.

  13. Mobututization of a Republic. Tribal propaganda!
    Why would a US envoy waste his precious time to stop in Equatorial Cameroon only to remind Cameroon that it wishes peace and prosperity for Her?
    So the tribal Yaoundé regime has no vision for Cameroon it needed a US envoy to make a trip to tell them something so elementary.
    Very Low IQ.
    English in Courtrooms and classrooms was the initial request of Anglophones in Cameroon in 2016 to a constitutionally bilingual Francophonie country.
    War and Genocide on Anglophones is the tribal Yaoundé governments response;
    550,000 internal refugees
    120,000 refugees in Nigeria
    130,000 children no school
    300 villages burnt
    20,000 killed
    10,000 jailed in French Cameroon
    Who is fooling who?
    Destabilization of the Gulf of Guinea!
    Low IQ

  14. @Bikutsi:- at times i just have to laugh when i read what you write..
    You seem to be loosing your normal senses….
    So yaounde is the place to talk about racism and segregation?

    Cameroon has problems in southern Cameroons that cant be solve for 3 years now..
    Cameroon dont even understand to talk with its own people , no idea about dialogue and you want yaounde to be involve in international diplomacy..?
    A country where only a certain village or tribe conserves power, where post and jobs are given folllowing a certain family name?..
    You are from the forest and this BIKUTSI dance and the selfishness of your people have drained you to think like a mad woman…
    We can write any thing in this forum but please be honest to yourself and be realistic…

  15. @Biko
    Tu es hors sujet and you missed Bikutsi point.
    She means Cameroon has no lesson to receive from the US.
    That what the big picture in regards to human rights.

    • @Mbappe
      Merci pour tes efforts. J’ai arreté de m’expliquez.
      Ces ambazoniens sont d’une stupidité incroyable.
      Ils passent leur temps à traiter les autres de bêtes et tribalistes alors que eux, détiennenent la palme d”or de ces ajectifs.
      Heureusement qu’ils sont une espèce en voie de disparition.
      Je parle bien ici des “Ambazoniens !.

  16. @Mbappe ”She means Cameroon has no lesson to receive from the US”…..Of course Cameroon have lessons to receive from the US when it comes to solving ”internal affairs”…as Cameroon claims..
    Take note.This is Donald Trump’s special envoy to the unity palace.First,it was the American Ambassador that u castigated and called him names.Banda Kani even promised to send the American Ambassador back to his country in a coffin.Now,Donald Trump have sent his subordinate in charge of African Affairs to the unity palace….Whether u like it or not,there is fire on the mountain…run! run! run!..

  17. Alors que certains s’étonnaient déjà de ce discours convenu dans le cadre aseptisé face a des journalistes des médias d’Etat, Tibor Nagy a apporté quelques heures plus tard des précisions via des tweets sur le contenu de ses échanges avec Paul Biya.
    Il a ainsi renseigné qu’ils ont discuté outre des questions bilatérales, mais aussi de la question des droits de l’homme au Cameroun, appelant expressément à un dialogue inclusif pour la fin des violences dans les régions anglophones du Sud-Ouest et du Nord-Ouest. Avec le ministre des Relations extérieures qu’il a rencontré plus tôt dans la matinée, Tibor Nagy a exprimé sa préoccupation concernant l’arrestation de Maurice Kamto et la conduite des processus judiciaires contre cet opposant et plusieurs de ses partisans, mais aussi des menaces

    • Fallait que quelcun lui pose la question de savoir ce que les united Snakes of AmeriKKKa en font de tous ces noirs détenus illégalement dans leur prisons?
      Qu’en font-ils de ces tueurs racistes déguisés en policiers, dont le seul objectif est de tuer des jeunes noirs?
      Lorsqu’on vient donner des lecons et jouer les “grand-freres” faut venir avec des mains propres.
      Les USA C’est la dernierre puissance de cette planette qui serait une référence morale quelconque.

  18. off course very very serious and the cameroonian government should take this serious.I don’t cherish White western always coming to Africa to help us solve our problems very very humiliating but again it is people like biya who continue to humiliate us Africans.this is a problem that he would have tackle hands down ftom the beginning but he decided to use repression as usual.An evil brutal shortsighted repressive regime.Did you see what the USA representative presented to Biya?A younger biya and late bush senior in the white house. what is the coded message there?Biya!you have been in power for too long.Before coming to Africa he stopped in Brussels and Paris.To be honest i start smelling the beginning to the end of this monstrous dictatorship that have greatly humiliated Cameroonians.A wonderful Nation that was handed to him in 82 now a laughing stock.

  19. @Enow Kumba Off course before coming to Cameroon,Tibor Nagy said that America believes that Biya’s long stay in power is the main reason for Cameroon’s problem.He has come and deliver the message from the white wise…affaire a suivre.

  20. **Urgent intervention warranted**

    Cameroun is a state party to the UN and several multilateral treaties. By making a formal declaration of war against the Southern Cameroons, Cameroun automatically triggered the multilateral treaty regime that includes, the UN Charter and the Geneva Conventions among others.

    The threshold for the intervention of the International Community to abate the genocide of the Southern Cameroons by Cameroun soldiers and their military and civilian commanders in now. It is urgent.

    This is not time for diplomacy as usual.

    Chief C.Taku

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