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‘We have no observers in Cameroon’: Transparency International

africanews | Transparency International has disowned a report broadcast on Cameroon’s national television that said it’s observatory team monitoring presidential elections had approved the management of the electoral process.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the global anti-corruption body said it had not deployed an election observer mission in Cameroon. It described the television report by Cameroon TV as ‘false and untrue’.

“The individuals shown in the report have no affiliation with Transparency International,” said Patricia Moreira, Managing Director of Transparency International.

The individuals shown in the report have no affiliation with Transparency International.

In the report broadcast on Monday, the purported observers described the October 7 election as ‘credible, fair and sincere’.

‘‘Everybody did their job. They took it very seriously. The election management process was extremely good,’‘ said one of the observers, Nurit Greenger, who is reportedly from the United States.

Transparency International, which has a chapter in Cameroon, said it had ‘established a reporting mechanism to be sued by the general public to report possible irregularities’.

‘‘At this critical time for democracy in Cameroon, Transparency International…urges all parties in politics and media to act responsibly and with integrity in their communications around the election and its results,’‘ concluded the statement.

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      Ex-convict Atanga used money from the so-called “Plan d’urgence” to hire impostors to disseminate lies.
      Thank God, Transparency International has exposed the fraud and put the GOC to shame
      The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC is a country ruled by deceit, deception and terror.

  2. biya..the beti liar with crtv and the wadjo tchiroma boko haram leaders

    • Biya, the supreme leader has been your man! Stand with him as he kicks you and your brother’s ass. You never expected that the hunter could one day become the hunted, did you?

  3. Not surprived by the fraud reported.

  4. CRTV subtitle said the woman was an “Observator”.
    I suppose there are no “Anglophones” who could review the news item.
    we wish our neighbouring country well

  5. Every single practice grows from the village, through the towns and on to the cities of the Republic. As it has been with football, so it is now with scamming and other fake practices.

    An international dimension has been introduced. Fake election observers have joined the mix, this time using Transparency International as garb. Ministers Issa Tchiroma Bakary and Atanga Nji Paul are really doing overtime at honing the professionalism of Cameroon’s actors.

    Well, the main candidates at the last presidential elections are crying foul. First was Joshua Osih protesting the exclusion of NW and SW regions. And then Cabral Lib ii is charging massive voter fraud. Both call for the annulment of the entire election. Maurice Kamto calls for a partial annulment of some scandalously rigged areas.

  6. Those doubting Thomas in dis forum who claimed they can change the dictatorial regime through the ballot box must be day dreaming in their reckoning, imagine a regime full of deceit and fraud not even afraid or shame to use the name of an international organization to deceive the masses of people worldwide , will be true enough to deliver a fair results in the election if the despotic wicked leadership is not the winner

  7. is this a country?
    What a shame…

    Its game over to Biya and his Gang..
    The people have spoken ..And this time against Biya and his Gang of thieves..
    We are not in 1992..We are now in 2018….
    You cant keep on fooling the people…

  8. Quelle honte?? Une bande d’amateurs. Je me demande qui conseille ce vieux fou de Biya. c ‘est ridicule.