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‘We remain hosts of 2021 Nations Cup’ – Ivory Coast

BBC | The Ivorian Football Federation (FIF) insists neither they nor the Ivorian government have been informed by the Confederation of African Football (Caf) of a possible shift in their hosting of the Africa Cup of Nations in 2021.

The Ivorian Federation reacted to an interview Caf president Ahmad gave to Afrique Media TV on Monday when Ahmad said this week that Cameroon – stripped of the 2019 hosting rights – would replace Ivory Coast as hosts in 2021 and the latter would instead stage the 2023 tournament.

“We made this decision to shift, because we saw that Ivory Coast also is not ready for 2021. To do things in a more humane way, in 2021, the Cameroonians will be ready. And in 2023, we will organise the tournament in Ivory Coast. This is the decision taken by the Caf Executive Committee on November 30, 2018 in Accra,” Ahmad said.

A letter from Ahmad to the Cameroon President Paul Biya dated 30 November 2018, seen by BBC Sport, has also surfaced in Cameroon where Ahmad has invited Cameroon to host the 2021 Nations Cup.

However, FIF revealed in a statement on Tuesday, that it has written to Caf to remind the body of the decision it took in 2014, and said the “Federation deplores this way of proceeding.”

“It is reported that the Ivorian state authorities and the leaders of the Ivorian Football Federation have been approached by the Confederation of African Football (Caf) and that they would have been consulted on the recent decision taken by the Executive Committee of the said Confederation regarding the organisation of CAN 2021 which has been designated to the Ivory Coast, by the unanimous members of the Caf Executive Committee meeting in Addis Ababa in September 2014, following a successful bid,” the Ivorian Federation stated.

“The Ivorian Football Federation wishes to formally deny this allegation. No Ivorian state authority, nor any leader of the Federation, at any level whatsoever, has been contacted or approached by the African Football Confederation before taking this decision.

“In addition, President Augustin Sidy Diallo was in Accra to attend the final of the CAN Women and at no time was he informed by any leader of the African Football Confederation with regards to anything relating to this subject.”

Augustin Sidy Diallo

Ivorian Football Federation president Augustin Sidy Diallo
Caf, which is still looking for a new host for the 2019 Nations Cup, has not made any official statement on the reported swap and some top officials told the BBC that only president Ahmad or the general-secretary Amr Fahmy can confirm this latest development.

Guinea, who were given hosting rights for 2023, would also be affected by this shift. Guinea, which has never hosted the competition promised to use Conakry, Kankan, Labe and Nzerekore as venues.

Back in October, Ivory Coast Prime Minister Amadou Gon Coulibaly had laid the foundation stone of a brand new football stadium in Yamoussoukro as work commenced in preparation for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations.

Hundreds of people were present at the site for the 20,000-capacity stadium in the political capital, which is expected to be one of six venues for the tournament.

Coulibaly promised a budget of 300 million euros ($345 million) investment in infrastructure in preparation of the country’s first hosting of the event since 1984.

Work on a separate 60,000-capacity stadium in Abidjan began in 2016, while other new grounds are scheduled at San Pedro and Korhogo, and the renovation of a major stadium at Bouake (40,000) is also on the agenda.

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    • And Ambazonia will host the “Ghost games” in 2020 as Ambazonia is a unexisting ghost state.

  2. Welcome to the African cascade!
    Since the AU is always docile it it’s actions against monarchical dictators in the continent, it is no surprise that the Ivory Coast and Guinea are being sacrificed because of bad governance of a Central African dictator living in Switzerland.
    What is the reward for those who respect time and schedule? Granted the goal is not to reward or punish, Cameroon should have been offered the possibility to host in 2025 nothing sooner.
    CAF must be fair to those who work hard to keep the image of African football.

  3. It would really not be fair, if CAF handled this issue without consulting Ivory Coast and Guinea. I mean they can not be side-lined, because CAF wants to please Biya. We keep on doing things the wrong way. I am from Cameroon and l don´t support CAF´s decision. Like @Lum said, the you can not punish people who have been working hard to keep a good image. Cameroon should be after 2023.

  4. CameroUnese let me tell you, your country will never host afcon, your day dreaming and one man show lazy diaper wearing dictator caused you to lost a unique opportunity. Nothing good comes from CameroUn

  5. Morocco wanted to host the 2019 Afcon all along, the “anglophone crisis” was just a blessing in disguise for them. After refusing to host in 2015, they figured they could just push all this black African countries down the line by taking 2019. That is why they are pushing Cameroon to 2021, ivory coast to 2023, and guinea to 2025. The Arab masters must always get their way. Issa ayatou wouldn’t allow all those manipulations, that is why he had to be replaced by a puppet who will play ball, that is why the Malagasy Ahmad Ahmad came in. Morocco was not going to wait until 2025.
    The useless Cameroonian regime just made it easier for them to yack the organization from them.

    • This Biyaist again. You CPDM chop broke pots are always quick to blame everyone for your laziness except your baboon brains. Again I ask you, did Morocco appoint a civil engineer as Minister of HEALTH, a nurse as minister of economy or a thief with a convicted record fresh from prison as minister of interior? See how such administrative confusion trickle down to madnesss and disorder? Morocco is the most liberal North African country. Algeria next door killed Albert Ebosse like a rabid dog, Tunisians detest your kind and Libyans were hunting darkies down like game after the fall of Ghadaffi. No place is perfect but King Mohammed came himself to return your lost refugees with personal compensation after they escaped your destitute country. Show some appreciation u political criminal.

  6. Between 2014 when the award was made to 2019 when the games were due, there are five (5) years. In 2018, that is four years down the road or 80% of the allotted time, only 55% of the construction work had been realized. Is it any wonder that working at such a rate, the remaining 45% could not be done in 20% of the remaining time? No need to go consulting witch doctors for answers!

  7. Ivory Coast… LOL. They were laughing at Cameroonians. They didn’t know they are worse. They had 2 more years. If you go to Abidjan, you will see. They are just talking like Cameroonians. They are building only 1 (one) stadium so far. Nothing else at this time means just 2 years left. How do they want to build 4 stadiums in 2 years? each one means finding funds that takes at least 6 months to 1 year. Building a 20,000 capacity stadium requires 2 years. It is too late and they didn’t even know that.

    • Completely agree with you. Ivory Coast, to me, should take this as a blessing in disguise, instead of going thru the humiliation route Cameroon is going thru. There is no way, Ivory Coast will be ready by 2021. I don’t even think they could get to the level of preparation Cameroon is at right now. Like you said they haven’t even secured the financing to build some of the stadiums.

  8. Now u see how a failed state like french cameroon is having wave effects on decent countries.It is not the fault of ivory coast that a docile dictator in diapers failed to respect the rules of the game.Giving the present rotten state of french cameroon infrastructure,i can bet they will still not be ready by 3035….not a typo error


    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC will surely NOT be ready by 2021.


    Dictator Biya is yearning for a MILITARY SOLUTION to the Anglophone Question.

    Historians regard Dictator Biya’s dream of a military solution as mission impossible.

    Believe me or not,

    1. There is ZERO military solution to the Anglophone Question
    2. The Commission on Bilingualism is NOT a solution to the Anglophone Question
    3. The Commission on disarmament is NOT a solution to the Anglophone Question
    4. Translating the OHADA text is NOT a solution to the Anglophone Question
    5. The appointment of ex-convict Atanga Nji is NOT a solution to the Anglophone Question
    6. etc.

    Simply put, if Dictator Biya ever dreams of AFCON21 he should convene a GENUINE and INCLUSIVE dialogue. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS.

  10. They don’t see wetti! They wanted to organize an African wide Event and Marginalize North-West Region as Usual. God Answered the Prayers of the Bamenda Man. Winner go Count winner Loses for all that White Elephant Project them. Inconsiderate Bastards, Backward thinking people. Everyday we hear Cameroon is one and Indivisible but Their actions speak louder than their Words.

  11. qu’ont-ils vu? Ils voulaient organiser un événement à l’échelle africaine et marginaliser la région du Nord-Ouest comme d’habitude. Dieu a répondu aux prières de l’homme Bamenda. Vous devriez y aller et compter vos pertes pour tous les projets fantômes. Bâtards inconsidérés. Gens arriérés. Chaque jour, nous entendons que le Cameroun est un et indivisible.Mais leurs actions parlent plus fort que leurs paroles.

  12. When God answers the prayers of the Bamenda people, Yaoundé is in trouble. The consequences are just beginning! How can Cameroon organize the African Cup of Nations and Marginalize Bamenda.The largest English-speaking city in the country and the birthplace of the ruling party and the main opposition party. How does this show that Cameroon is one and indivisible?