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What Led Asylum-Seekers From Cameroon To Tijuana? [+audio]

KPBS | Last week, a group of about 50 asylum-seekers from Cameroon protested the immigration process in Tijuana. They say they have been waiting a month or more to request asylum and are running out of money.

The number of Cameroonians requesting asylum in the U.S. has increased in recent years according to data from UNHCR, the UN refugee agency. The data show a 56% increase in the number of people from Cameroon seeking asylum in the U.S. between 2014 and 2016 around the time atrocities fueled by political violence began in that country.

Last week, a group of about 50 asylum seekers from Cameroon protested the immigration process in Tijuana. They say they have been waiting a month or more to request asylum and are running out of money.

“The American government and the Mexican government should understand that we came a long way. From Africa, from Cameroon to this place, it took us about four or five months,” said Brown, one of the asylum seekers who only gave KPBS his first name. “We have spent a lot of money. Being here we don’t have money to eat, we have to pay our hotel bills. We are stranded. So we are pleading on both governments to see how they can help us.”

KPBS can’t confirm the exact number of people from Cameroon waiting in Tijuana to request asylum in the U.S. But there are many stories such as Brown’s. Most, like him, are members of the English-speaking minority which has been facing intense government oppression since 2016.

Andrea Barron, advocacy & outreach program manager with Torture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition, joined Midday Edition Thursday to talk about the conditions driving people from Cameroon to the U.S.-Mexico border.

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  1. They are fleeing camerounization,killings, burning of villages kidnap and rape, beheadings by camerounese soldiers,

    • Camer believer (Colby)

      No my friend they are going to learn how to print fake Mexican pesos and US dollars banknotes.

  2. Paul Bathelemie Mvondo Biya and his gang of Bulu-Beto-Bassa-Yambassa genocidaires. Village baboons do drunk with power that they are ready to kill any thing standing on their Rosicrucian ways. Ambazonia must be free of we all die.

    • L’enemie,

      have you applied for your Amba ID? Pastoh Anu has set a deadline, past that deadline it will cost you a hundred box.

      After beheading, kidnapping, beating of women’s butts…what next?

      Wuna movement go tok sotey spit dry for dem mop b4 dem get dis new njor yarri…

  3. UN scribe, Guterres, has sat quiet on Cameroon, ever since he visited and received
    a bronze statue from the hands of ocultist Biya Paul, like many others in line.
    Many have died, escaped to foreign countries etc etc, but all the UN can do, is just
    lip service. What an evil organization.

  4. Grant them asylum, the dictator, is killing us by the minute. The world has
    sat quiet and no human being, can sit quiet, without doing something.
    Be your brothers keeper.

  5. Grass is always green on the other side, until one gets there. Right now America is undergoing the worst xenophobic experience under its 45th president. Old wounds that were nearly healed over the years have been reopened as Donald Trump gleefully indulges in what most Americans had assumed was the work of ignorant, unpatriotic persons. Like a choir master, Donald Trump intoned ” Go back to where you came from”. And his political base responded hilariously!

    Asylum seekers? Consider this as bad weather which will pass with time.

  6. @ JD, the solution, is not always asylum seeking. Team work to send the dictators /
    tyrants running, would be the best option. Asylees, constitute a burden and no country,
    can just accept it when it is like the solution of the problem. Costly and a big burden you
    know and no way, for you or whoever, to blame Trump. Did Merkel, not surrender
    when the Greeks came running like wild cows, when she tried to play goody goody?
    Have you taken time off from your busy schedule, to try to think for yourself, if the
    burden, falls only on Trump?
    Trump is helping you to have something for your sweat and rainny day, rather than
    caring for someone, who will not even be helpful to you when time comes. Think about it.

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