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Will Cameroon’s “National Dialogue” Ease The Tensions Of The Anglophone Crisis?

The Organization for World Peace | On September 10th, the president of Cameroon, Paul Biya, gave a speech that Cameroonians expected would finally address the Anglophone crisis occurring throughout the northwest and southwest regions of Cameroon. Given that public addresses by Biya are rare, the announcement was a surprising development and raised questions about whether the president’s speech would present a unifying message that acknowledged the plights of civilians living in Anglophone regions or downplay the crisis and eliminate any hope for true reconciliation. Biya’s message to the separatists was: surrender and be forgiven or be met with military force.

During his speech, Biya called for a “national dialogue” as a means of addressing the crises facing the country including the Anglophone crisis that has plagued the nation since 2016. The conflict erupted when teachers and lawyers in English-speaking regions spoke out against the marginalization they felt in Cameroon as the minority in a predominantly French-speaking country. The crisis was then exacerbated with the government declaring war on separatists. The BBC reports that the conflict has resulted in heavy militarization of these English-speaking regions and an ongoing education ban, intensified by the government increasing use of the French language in official capacities in 2016. Civilians have been caught in the crossfire and have been forced to escape to Nigeria as refugees.

However, many also hoped during the speech that the president would agree to release the separatist leader Maurice Julius Ayuk Tabe and other members of the movement that were recently sentenced to life in prison and be open to a cease-fire for the sake of restoring peace to these regions. Some made observations that he gave the entire speech in French, despite making claims that marginalization of Anglophone regions was nonexistent. As members of the separatist movement in the region consider Ambazonia went unmentioned explicitly, it is unclear whether or not Anglophone activists and members of the Ambazonia separatist movement would be included in these talks. Members of Cameroon’s opposition political party the United Socialist Democratic Party are calling for amnesty for the separatist movement leaders who have been jailed before this national dialogue can begin.

The government needs to take concrete steps to end this conflict, begin bringing the country together, and restore security in Anglophone regions. If the “national dialogue” is to be taken seriously, the government must acknowledge the crisis and the plight of civilians residing in these English-speaking regions who want peace and security. As Al Jazeera highlights in its reporting, it is unclear what this “national dialogue will look like and who will be included in the process. Although it is too early to tell if the discourse will be productive and lead to tangible solutions, acknowledging the refugee crisis, Anglophone marginalization, and the necessity in reach across the political spectrum to find solutions will be critical to calming tensions and restoring peace.

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  1. Have the leadership been released from prison or who will lead the discussion on behalf of anglophones?

  2. Everybody including the International community know that Biya’s speech cannot be viewed by any right thinking person as a conciliatory overture. He spent time insulting the intelligence of anglophones in French. The irony of the matter when 70% of anglophones want restoration of independence. We must brace ourselves for more violence which is the only language that the francophone majority understand

  3. Biya and his followers must stop this intellectual dishonesty. You are not God to be forgiving people as you overlook the refugees, murder and over 300 villages your genocidal army has burnt to the ground. Your form of dialogue doesn’t address the root cause of this problem and as such remains a CPDM gathering like those that came before and died a natural death. Ambazonians must unite like never before and crush this impending evil cloaked in global conspiracy else there’s a chance they as a people will be wiped out and replaced with genocide enablers.

  4. BIYALOGUE is a sheer waste of precious time, energy and scarce resources.
    BIYALOGUE is SURELY another ploy from him to please the international community in order to relieve himself from external pressure, something he has not been used to during his 37 years in power



    Simply put, the war will be intensified and even spread to towns east of the mungo.
    Government offices and bridges in LRC will be targeted with BOMBS.

    The UNGOVERNABILITY of SC will increase. LRC colonial proconsuls will consider SC as HELL ON EARTH.


      “The absence of the Swiss Ambassador to Cameroon from the list of consular missions the PM of Cameroon intends to consult with is a stark contradiction to the often presented notion that the government of Cameroon is committed to the Swiss initiative to mediate on the crisis in Cameroon. To date, President Biya has never declared his support or commitment to put his presidential capital behind the Swiss Process, so this oversight (intentional or deliberate) by the PM’s office is an indicator that the Swiss Process is politically dead”:

      Several Ambassadors were invited by the PM for consultation on the dialogue. However, the Swiss Ambassador was not invited because Dictator Biya was chased like a dog from the Intercontinental Hotel

  5. the crisis can be resolved through negotiation by a team of people with real intention to see the crisis end and restore peace in the country.if Mr Biya intention is to manipulate participants or better still buy them over with corrupt money then the negotiation will not produce positive results.

  6. the must painful part of it all is that the media is no longer for people who tell or say the truth , its rather for people who can afford to pay to communicate and cover up their hypocritical lies.Journalist are required to play an honest role in this peace negotiation.we wish plenty of luck to the success of this peace negotiation.

  7. During the lrc war against SC, many things happened:
    a. Afcon competition did not hold
    b. Many have been killed, jailed, exiled etc etc
    c. Whole villages, property etc touched
    d.So much of state money used etc etc
    Put together, these need to be addressed in detail. It can not be discussed with electricity
    shortages in Y`de, flooding in D`la, unemployment and bad roads in the country etc etc.
    We can therefore rightly say, that Biya should bring forth another dialogue so both, can
    rightly address the problems in the country.
    And Biya, should understand that the Ambazonian quest, will be a reality. None of his
    stupid games, will shelve it aside. While he has the power, we have the will.

  8. Its pathetic that cameroonisns can see the big picture or unite for a common goal. Every time an orpportuinity presents itself Cameroonian don’t hesitate to msnifest their ignorance and gross stupidity to put it simple.
    Why can’t you Cameroonians unite on a single demand…. “Biya we want you to leave within the mext 6months”.
    For 37yrs this guy has been there do you guys think releasing Kamto or Tabe and co. will resolve the present issues facing your country. When you all know a political change is long over due and greatly needed……..!!!

    • Camer believer (Colby)

      The national dialogue the government convened is for Cameroonians let us agree over that so any “noncameroonian” entity is not welcomed cause I don’t understand why we have to seat with foreigners to discuss our country matters the dialogue can appease the Cameroon madness if an only if attendants acknowledge that Cameroon is bigger than Anglophones/francophones,that they need to join hands to make it a real land of dreams for the upcoming generation.But if they stick on idiotic and primitive mindsets of being more Anglophones than the British or more francophones that the French then the whole thing will be useless cause nobody knows what is good for Cameroonians than themselves.

    • Colby or whatever, we lost 2,000 innocent souls and 200 villages when you people know there is no treaty binding anglophones to you.
      We dont need your dialogue, please have it among francophones.
      We need terms of restoration

  9. @ Chezval
    To see the big picture or to unite for a common goal is pathetic???????????

  10. When a country is ruled by occultic Messe Noire president and Minister’s, what do you expect from such government. A minister like Atanga Nji Paul will pee and dedicated on a young woman and give her a lot of money to diminished her morals. Messe Noire had poisoned the minds of Cameroonians living in Cameroon. Just google the word Messe Noire then you will really understand what am saying and how these fools operate. Cameroon is finished and covered by Messe Noire. S.C refused to be covered by Messe Noire.

  11. La Ripoublique Quit Ambazonia,

    La Ripoublique, allez ouste,

    La Ripoublique, dehors,

    La Ripoublique bye bye.

    Ambazonia shall be FREE against all ODDS.

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