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WTO suspends Cameroon membership for unpaid dues

APAnews | The World Trade Organization (WTO) has imposed its category III administrative sanctions on Cameroon, suspending the country from all technical assistance activities and denying it access to training thanks to the non-payment of its dues to the organization.

The suspension was communicated in a letter to Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute by Trade minister, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana.

Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana

The arrears estimated north of CFAF180 million, covers the years 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018, but also the year 2019 for which a payment of CFAF42 million is expected.

Mr. Mbarga Atangana states that “only the payment of these arrears would allow Cameroon to regain its rightful place within the organization”.

Cameroon has been a member of the WTO since 13 December 1995.

With regards to the settlement of disputes, Cameroon, like ten Latin American countries, was cited as a third party to the WTO by the European Union (EU), concerning the import and sale of bananas.

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  1. Suspending a country for failing to pay $180 million? That is just the amount for one week stay at Hotel Inter-Continental or La Baule or Trudeau Hall. What a joke! Alain Edgar Mebe Ngoh could take care of that! Or Mama Fouda
    A mere phone call instead of letter writing. What are friends for?

  2. Strategically, we have not positioned ourselves well to exploit alien markets. The reason is because we lack industrial champions with a global strategic view. With our potential, an export oriented system of industrialization seems to be the shortest way to catch up and surpass others. By investing intelligently targeting the Chinese Market. We ca accumulate huge capital for industrial transformation in a short time. Here is a list of crops with sur markets in China and Russia. Passion fruit, haas avocado, cherries, short bananas called Bush banana, soya beans, barely, golden variety of apples, shrimp for African Market. With this crops capital will be accumulated with hard work. Then we can import machines for industrial transformation adding value. Government has nothing to do here kiki


    The so-called “one and indivisible” LRC has become the laughing stock of the world

    1. ZERO AFCON19
    2. ZERO WTO
    5. etc

    BTW, 3 billion FCFA of taxpayer money and 50 limousines were discovered in the house of Mebe Ngoo. Part of the money should be used to settle the bills.
    Of course, it is common knowledge that the kangaroo PM can never be proactive. He will only act “«Sur très hautes instructions de Monsieur le président de la République, chef de l’Etat et chef des Armées”.

  4. @Bah recently got 10 hectares of Land, been wondering what crops to plant but from your write up could I say soybeans is the way to go? I think the preservation isn’t that complex compared to perishables like Bananas, amples etc. Looking forward to your perspective as usual

  5. When an old man with analog brain tries to be incharge of everything!
    When incompetence is rewarded because of tribal affiliations, these are the results. A minister in possession of $6M pocket change, an entire nation owes $500,000… Who is fooling who?
    242M CFA or close to $500,000 of non payment for 4yrs.
    No ambition, no vision, no work ethic, no accountability, no sense of patriotism etc
    When the IQ is very low?

    You can grow all the crops you want in the planet, without basic farm to market roads, without reliable trade partners, without honoring your basic agreements with other nations how do you intend to market your crops.
    There is a role a competent government must play for any society to be industrialized, can crops alone move themselves from Cameroon to China?

  6. @kintan,

    who dash monkey banana?…

  7. Mebe Ngo or Ngog is wicked very wicked.How can a man keep such money in his house when a commoner cannot afford three square a day.God will punish him.

  8. KINTAN,,,,,you must start by digging a wel to pump water for irrigation.this will enable you make four harvest a year,not depending on rain.if you are not in cameroon.i will advice you to go for irish potatoes farming with good seedlings.one hectate gives at least ten tonnes.if you are in europe,you can buy the carolus,cara,sarpo mira and orla vareity of potatoes seeds.they are more resistant to deasease.

  9. Topped the list of the most corrupt nation on Earth twice and keeping an amazing high corruption index profile for decades, rights to host the 2019 nations cup shamefully retracted, wanton genocide in the NW and SW, shabby airports, CAMAIR Co and the like disgracing the country on the international rostrum, lrc is at it again, having achieved another milestone in their long ledger of shameless breakthroughs in incompetence. One political blunder after the other in an atmosphere of sickening repression, genocide, corruption with impunity and complete disregard for the people’s rights. And in the midst of this atrocities, many brainwashed francophone Cameroonians on this forum continue to dream about how beautiful their country is! Good luck with it and long live your country and president!

  10. Zammy had nothing to do with a genocide enabler and pretender. Stay off my tail. Bami hypocrite

  11. @Bah Acho, thanks for your input. However, water isn’t an issue as the land is situated beside a major river and getting a generator and to pump out water won’t be a main issue. However, will check out the seedlings you suggested. Got some few seeds sometime ago and my brother tried it but it didn’t do as we expected but however the harvest was not bad for a first a try out. Apart from the potatoes that you suggested, what other crops would you suggest ?

  12. @Zammy I,ve got nothing…

  13. KINTAN….if you already have water then you have an upper hand in terms of competitiveness.
    concerning your question.you have short season (3 months)high value crops with the possibility to creat added value like,sunflower.but you must be ready to import small machines,and also thing about energy to get them running.for example one hectare of sunflower gives five tonnes with good care.one tonne of sunflower when pressed give 320 litters of oil.multiply by 5 and you have a rought estimate per hectare.the waste matter from sunflower is also money.it can be sold to people doing fish or animal farming,why not use it to feed your animals?income is not really found in agriculture itself.real income is in the process of industry,transforming sunflower to oil or glycerine.

  14. @Bah Acho, thanks for your perspective. I think with regards to machines to press I,ve seen some machines fabricated by our people doing a similar thing for groundnut. Will explore all avenues before getting into it proper.

  15. KINTAN,,,,,do not forget the aspect of being competitive.

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