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Jacques Fame Ndongo

XAF3,500 bln needed for the reconstruction of Anglophone regions (RDPC)

Business in Cameroon | In Cameroon, more than XAF3,500 billion ($5.9 billion) will be needed to reconstruct the Anglophone regions, Jacques Fame Ndongo (photo), the ruling party (RDPC)’s secretary for communications, indicated last week.

According to the secretary, who is also the country’s minister of higher education, the amount will be needed for the implementation of the recommendations issued during the national dialogue, organized in early October to find solutions for the socio-political crisis in the Anglophone regions.

The major part of the fund will be used to revive state-owned agribusiness companies and relaunch projects stopped due to the crisis. “Plants and public infrastructures destroyed or rendered obsolete by lack of use due to the crisis” will also be renovated.

Let’s note that the government has already, a little over one year ago, an emergency humanitarian assistance plan for the Anglophone regions. The estimated budget for this plan is XAF12.7 billion ($21.7 million).

The Anglophone crisis started, in 2016, as corporatist demands. Gradually, it became a pro-independent movement aimed at creating an independent country gathering the Northwestern and Southwestern regions where most of the English-speaking community (little more than 20% of the population) resides.

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  1. Of course, the CPDM is already looking for money to borrow under the guise of reconstruction and later embezzle.

    The truth of the matter is that no person in his right mind can speak of reconstruction of a WARZONE when the war is OPEN-ENDED. The war might still last for years if not decades.

  2. Look at these ugly tif man – FEH MAN NDONGO..
    You people cannot build a small road from Mbouda to bamenda- A distance of 40 KM taking over 4 hours for many years now…And you are talking of rebuilding Southern cameroons..
    The govt of paul Biya have never completed a project..
    This govt have never delivered anything useful to the people apart from divide and rule ..

    These gorillas coming out with their ugly faces again looking for ways to steal money…

  3. Was this destruction necessary in the first place? dialogue was all the people asked for. The longer the conflict last the more money you will need. Cut your losses and leave us alone. We have the resources, ability and the will to rebuild our land. Everybody knows your trick to borrow for one reason and use it for another.

  4. Cameroonians, have just sold the beautiful and rich enterprise, to the bulus.

  5. We will never yield. Amba for ever

  6. Bulu people need money to buy more guns.3.5 billion francs is too small to build Ambazonia..When did you carry out feasibility studies of the damage you people have caused on our land?How can you rebuild a region when the war is still going on? We do not need your help.We can build our country.

  7. nothing last forever …. Bulu crooks ur days are numbered

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