Aviation Group extends training in Cameroon

Times Aerospace | Aviation Group has been developing a pilot aeronautical mechanics training programme in Cameroon for AOD Aviation Academy based at Yaounde?-Nsimalen.

AOD Aviation Academy is part of the AOD (Aviation On Demand) regional office in Cameroon.

Founded in 2019, AOD is headquartered in Dubai, UAE. It has regional offices in Africa and the United States and strategic agreements in Europe and Asia. In 2021, the Cameroon Civil Aviation Authority (CCAA) and AOD signed an agreement for the establishment of operational aircraft maintenance and parking facilities at the Bafoussam-Bamoumgoum and Foumban-Koutaba airports and an Aviation Academy in Yaounde? and Douala.

Aviation Group is providing theoretical-practical aircraft maintenance training for AOD Aviation Academy, from Spain, in English and streaming.

Francisco Castan?o, manager of Aviation Group said: “It is very exciting what we are doing to raise the level of aeronautical technical training in Cameroon. The objective of this program is for students to obtain, in the shortest possible time, the Aeronautical Maintenance License from EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).”

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