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Cameroon population fastest growing in US

US visa issuance to Africans rising – despite Trump Workpermit.com | In 2012 the Obama and Biden administration deported 419,384 people out of the United States. Neither Trump or anyone else has broken this record. Trump has tweeted that he would remove “millions” of illegal immigrants if elected for a …

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Cameroon national held for duping man of Rs 10L

Noida, October 8 –  The Tribune | A Cameroon national was arrested here on Tuesday for allegedly duping people in the name of converting their Indian currency notes into American dollars through a “magic”, police said. The accused, Kamleu-Nya Alain, was arrested from Sector 121 here, the police said. He …

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Cameroon can’t afford to continue ignoring crime in fisheries sector

The Conversation Africa | Cameroon’s maritime fisheries, both artisanal and industrial, are largely dominated by foreign fishers. Industrial fishing is carried out entirely by foreign trawlers predominantly, from China and Nigeria, in partnership with Cameroon fish entrepreneurs. They are licensed to commercially exploit fish stocks beyond 3 nautical miles of …

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