Indomitable Lions: FIFA puts an end to the appointment of Marc Brys as Cameroon coach

Afrique Sports | The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) has already ratified the appointment of Belgian Marc Brys as the head coach of the Cameroon national football team, the Indomitable Lions.

On the FIFA website, alongside the names of the president of the Cameroon Football Federation and its secretary-general, one can now find the name of the head of the technical staff of the Indomitable Lions appointed by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi.

The 61-year-old Belgian coach, Marc Brys, the new head coach of the Cameroon national team, is indeed prominently featured on the FIFA website. It is worth noting that Marc Brys signed his contract as the head coach of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon approximately two weeks ago following a specific choice made by the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education, with authorization from the Presidency.

This choice was initially deemed non-consensual by the Cameroon Football Federation and its president, Samuel Eto’o Fils, who threatened to appoint another coach to lead the Indomitable Lions.

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  1. This is a misleading headline.

    • They titled the headline based on the context of his appointment which was having a controversy and now Fifa has put the controversy to an end going by the reported details.

    • Why did the government step in to appoint the new coach? Is it because of seeming weakness in fecafoot?

    • Emmanuel N. Akaba

      Funny, isn’t it?

  2. Am confuse do you mean fifa rejected the head coach

  3. If it was a black coach FIFA could have sided with Eto. If government in Cameron will try to fire this coach, Fifa will say no govt. interference. They are playing double standards.

    • I totally agree with you. It’s always been the case with people like them: if we do something wrong that benefits them, they agree with us. But if we do something right that doesn’t benefit them, they stick to the rules.

  4. Brys is the right man too lead The indomitable lions to the next level . The ‘minister of sport s and the president made the right decision let’s stand behind them to see our lions Raow again ‘.? ? ‘.

    • Na waah fo yu ooh ?,
      After all, we are in a country that anybody does how they wish with the law and no one deer’s to question him for that,
      For me,
      They should do whatever they like with the country including football but one thing if at all I have a voice to speak to them I will say is that,
      They should know that cameroonians are a football loving people, and that they kill them with their results in the field,
      They should consider our emotions and limits their pockets interest,. Weather it’s bri or bra or gro, all we need at the end is good results from the
      Lions, who have become Hines or domitable Léopards

  5. If one can change the constitution, one can violate any local law 😉

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