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Egypt to replace Cameroon as host of 2019 Africa Cup of Nations

Aljazeera | Cameroon was stripped of hosting rights because of security concerns and the slow pace of preparations.

Egypt will host the 2019 African Cup of Nations finals, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) confirmed after a meeting of their executive committee in Dakar.

The North African country will stage the tournament for the fourth time after Cameroon was stripped of its hosting rights, CAF said on Tuesday.

Egypt, which last hosted the championships in 2006, has won the tournament a record seven-times.

Cameroon was stripped from hosting the expanded 24-team tournament between June 15 and July 13 tournament because of security concerns and the slow pace of preparations.

The decision on Tuesday means Egypt will have five months to prepare for the biennial event.

Egypt and South Africa met a mid-December deadline for new bids. CAF chose Egypt after a review of both bids by consultants Roland Berger.

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  1. Do we need to know, who is responsible for the failure to host the competition
    and what is to happen or has happened to that individual or group of persons?
    Just doing things in camera, is part of why failures are so rampant.

  2. When a government is incompetent in all aspects of governance why expect success only in football.
    Until the Chinese take over the entire project of organizing AFCON in Cameroon failure is bound to continue even in 2021 or 2023.
    A simple structural reform to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms in Anglophone Cameroon in a constitutionally bilingual country resulted in war and instability.
    Had the Chinese taken over they would have found a solution for the very lazy Low IQ incompetent leaders.
    A dynasty president in Gabon lives in Morocco for months now, a dynasty president in Cameroon spends months in Switzerland and we wonder why the Chinese have to come and build roads, airports, stadia, power plants in Equatorial Africa.
    Inertia is our way of governing!

  3. “A simple structural reform… resulted in war and instability”

    No. People with no connection to the educational or legal environment, hijacked a region and held it to ransom.

    “Inertia is our way of governing”
    What makes you think it will be any different, when you have a separate country of your own.

    • Limbe Bassa Pa

      200 villages burned, 500 torched inside their homes, 300 gassed with chemical weapons, 10,000 murdered from the barrel of the tribal military militia, 70,000 in the bushes and 300,000 internallly displaced as they run away from the military yet you open your big gutter hole called mouth with no teeth to talk nonsense. Listen monkey, if you think we are backing down anytime soon you are making a big mistake. That London you ate hinding in was reformed through the manga carta so that idiots like you who don’t care about their own kind stuck in the abyss of disgrace could come in, live and work free. Be prepared to support your tribal terrorist army till the reach the end of killing us all. Political disgraceful Idiots.

    • @Limbe kid
      Smart, very smart…
      Keep it up!
      I met some smart and wise people like you in Limbe last month, and that gave me hope for the future of our beloved Country.
      Thanks Haven there is a place like Limbe in that jungle!

      • What is so smart about such a dumb comment?does it take a rocket scientist to figure out that education is interwined into the very fabric of our society?most of those that got involved in the struggle had their kids in those schools being mismanaged by francofools who know nothing about the English sub educational system.
        Need i tell you who suffers when civil law is imposed on a PEOPLE with common law at the core of it’s judicial system?

        • Minalmi Palapala. Most of the people who started this Ambazonia nonsense have their kids studying here in Canada, the USA and Europe and the rich ones in Cameroon have all sent their kids to Douala and Yaounde. Please stop your lies. Ask Lum who is one of your staunch Ambazonia supporters if her kids were going to school in Cameroon.

    • When you miss diagnose a problem for 60yrs you prescribe wrong solutions or strategies.
      It is any surprise that you state most countries are not ready for the AFCON by hosting date reason why you are not ready and you are very comfortable with that reasoning.
      Point is a simple structural reform in a constitutionally bilingual country to use English in classrooms and Courtrooms in Anglophone Cameroon resulted in war Why.
      Denial, misdiagnosis, inertia, complacency etc
      60yrs post pseudo independence to train enough teachers and lawyers to man courts and schools and we failed badly!
      Did mighty Macron address the grievances of the yellow jackets or did he send the army to burn down towns and cities?
      To govern you first must be a patriot, self preservation is not patriotism….. Low IQ!

  4. FYI, there are very few countries that a ready for a big event like this without pre-existing infrastructure. Reports prior to the world cup in Brazil and South Africa also had doubts about the countries reediness. Coupled with major security concerns, Cameroons hosting of CAF 2019 was a fools errand.

  5. Cameroun the incompetent french farm can never organised AFCON. Let the lazy farmer in yde sign a dcree cancelling the AFCON from Egypt.

  6. Cameroon still has challenges ahead, past losing the hosting of the 2019 African football jamboree.

    If citizen contribution should continue along the same old retrograde practices of burying heads in the sand to play ostrich, well, so be it. Yes, let us curse Ahmad Ahmad for being jealous of our infallible Issa Hayatou. Let us curse the US Ambassador for trying to teach us lessons we do not need. Let us encourage our valiant forces to drag civilians from their homes and murder them on the streets, taking pictures so their bosses can use as basis for their promotion and bonus payments. We have no lessons to learn from anybody, not even those donors whose mosquito nets we use for fishing or volleyball court decoration.



    “As you are aware, our country was poised to host the great African football jamboree in 2019. Based on certain information, the African Football Confederation decided that the date should be shifted. We have taken note of the decision. (Biya P., 2018).

    **** MY TAKE ****

    1.Cameroon was stripped of hosting rights
    2. The phrase “…the African Football Confederation decided that the date should be shifted” is a distortion of the truth


      Ngoh Ngoh, Bidoung Mkpatt and Philemon Yang were referred to as the AXIS OF EVIL ( AXE DU MAL ) by Francophone media outlets. These were the Troika directly responsible for the international disgrace of the country. The Francophone media outlets were speculating of Kondengui for the above-mentioned troika.
      Unfortunately for the former, two of the trioka are relatives of the Etoudi Marie Antoinette.
      The Anglophone member of the trioka was punished for the failures of the group. The two relatives of the Etoudi Marie Antoinette were retained in the cabinet as if nothing happened.


  8. The president last time said it was a “glissement de date” … to be serious, over bureaucracy and corruption were the main reasons for this failure anyways its a lesson for the government as they were hanging in the AFCON 2019 to bypass serious challenges the country is facing right now.

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