Embezzlement Scandal at SOPECAM: 300 Million FCFA Missing

SOPECAM is in turmoil following a significant financial scandal. According to Cameroon Magazine, Marthe Ngo Bassomo, coordinator of the commercial and marketing department, is accused of embezzling over 300 million FCFA [$490,831.65 (USD)] to invest in LIYEPLIMAL, a platform created by fugitive Émile Parfait Simb. This incident exposes severe internal issues and possible complicity within the company.

Marie Claire Nnana (MCN), SOPECAM’s general director, has ordered a thorough audit of the department. The investigation revealed suspicious management practices and missing cash records. Ngo Bassomo’s vague explanations have only increased suspicions.

In response to growing internal pressure, MCN closed the secondary cash register of the department. However, this move is seen as a superficial attempt to manage the crisis without addressing deeper issues.

The situation is further complicated by the close personal relationship between MCN and Ngo Bassomo. Ngo Bassomo’s controversial appointment, replacing Dr. Ambassa Bikoun Pierre Claver for political reasons, has fostered an environment of favoritism and opaque management.

This scandal emerges as Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, the presidency’s secretary-general, seeks to undermine MCN, already under scrutiny in another case involving Samuel Eto’o. This latest scandal may prompt calls for more profound reforms at SOPECAM.

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