New Species of Freshwater Crabs Discovered in Cameroon

In a recent study, four new species of freshwater crabs were discovered in Cameroon, Central Africa, belonging to the genus Sudanonautes. Researchers Pierre A. Mvogo Ndongo and his team identified these species in the rainforest habitats of southwestern Cameroon and near Ngaoundéré in the Guinea savanna zone.
The species, named Sudanonautes cameroonensis, S. eyimba, S. ngaoundere, and S. nkam, were distinguished by unique morphological features and genetic analyses. This discovery highlights the rich biodiversity of Cameroon and underscores the need for conservation efforts in these habitats.

Dorsal view of whole crab. (A) Sudanonautes cameroonensis sp. n., holotype, ? CW 47.00 mm, Eyimba, Mt. Nkonako Cameroon (ZMB Crust. 33351); (B) S. eyimba sp. n., holotype, ? CW 37.1 mm, from Eyimba, Mt. Nlonako, Cameroon (ZMB Crust. 33108); (C) S. ngaoundere sp. n., CW 53.4 mm, Lake Tison, Ngaoundéré (ZMB Crust. 33300); (D) S. nkam sp. n., holotype, ? CW 41.6 mm, Nkam River near Yabassi, Cameroon (ZMB Crust. 33110). Scale bar: A = 23 mm, B = 18 mm, C = 26 mm, D = 20 mm.

For more details, read the full study [here]

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