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African Dev’t Bank to assist Cameroon build Bamenda ring road

Journal du Cameroun | The African Development Bank, has promised to assist Cameroon construct the Bamenda ring road.

Emmanuel Nganou Djoumessi
The revelation was made yesterday during a meeting chaired by Cameroon’s Minister of Public works, Emmanuel Nganou Njoumessi.

According the Bank’s Director General for Central Africa, Dr. Ousmane Dore, the bank pledge of 190 Euros, for the road is aimed at mobilising other financial partners to join the project which to him is important for the continent.

Hear him; “The hope is to mobilise other financial partners. This is key project as it is important for Cameroon. It is important for the region and it is important for Africa integration.

It should be recalled that Bamenda inhabitants have decried the dilapidated roads in and around the city for years now. Most of them opine that a distance that could be covered in half an hour is now covered in almost an hour.

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  1. 190 Euros? I can give that from my Lunch money.

    • i am sure the writer meant 190,000 000 euros unless the LRC wants to steal 189, 999,810 euros of it before it is disbursed. The ADB has wanted to tar this road long ago and why now.

  2. ???190E+ years of promise+patience= Ring Road achieved. Back to business.

  3. After 57yrs we are still taking about basic roads and how it will be good for Cameroon.
    If the people of Switzerland spent all their time talking about how to build roads, and choosing to build roads for political reasons instead of economic reasons, then the black Africans who have spent 65million dollars they gathered from poor citizens in the Equatorial forest would not have gone to Switzerland for vacation.
    The whiteman from Australia to North America build roads to improve their nations and citizens.
    In Cameroon roads are decided by the politics of Francophone or Anglophone, tribe or ethnic predominance.
    Quintana Roo state in Mexico has better roads than all of West Cameroon combined.
    Question is how did they do it? Hyper- Centralization in Cameroon is a total failure

    • You have serious problems.

    • Lum @ if you look at old maps in europe you can see where water encatchment areas where dug on surrounding higher ground in times before machines and they were dug by the community to stop ruining the dirt roads of travel .That still has to happen to stop flooding and ruining tar roads .Drones would make the choice of where to place them even easier nowadays .
      Still today in italy if the size of the original dig was bigger than a football pitch it is the states duty otherwise up to the locals and the councils to organise ,not the owner of the land ,but the water is for his/her use ( usually they were smaller).In the second world war alot were abandond and when theres heavy rains theres serious ruining of the tar roads and flooding.
      So with local elections coming up …….

  4. We can tar our own roads in Ambazonia.
    We gave you the opportunity to tar this road ages ago, you messed up.
    We shall tar the roads ourselves. Thanks for attempting though.
    Ambazonia must be free

  5. We will use revenue from our abundant natural resources to tar the Ring road, construct the Victoria NATURAL Seaport, construct international Airports,harness the hydroelectric potentials of the Menchum falls, etc.

    For now the priority is to kick LRC out of our motherland


    • “….project which to him is important for the continent”

      A foreigner reminded Biya that the Ring Road is important to the CONTINENT.

  6. Not convincing enough for Ambazonians worth the taste, to welcome.
    It will all be rough work, to ask for votes. Sorry, we know it all.
    Biya is dead and who exactly, is fooling himself here?

  7. Who cabres about you $&@?) ambazombians.
    This is Camerooon and we will tar that road.
    Keep living in your Martian land.

    • The country is ours, the villages too.
      We don’t want your tar. Go to Ebolowa which you and Bikutsi claimed here was more underdeveloped than Ambazonia.
      Go and tar Ebolowa and Sangmelima. We will build our own roads when we get to Buea.
      Ambazonia, Land of the free, Home of the brave, dwelling of the nation builders.

  8. It’s 2018 and campaign time. Time for fake promises. Caterpillars will be on the ground and will disappear after elections. You can fool people sometimes but not all the time

  9. “ Promised to assist Cameroon construct” is completely different from “ I will personally oversee the construction of the ring road “ . Now that he has personally overseen the institution of a fifth military region for the NW, everyone understands what he meant!

    • You’re wild mouth can only spread idiocies for the past 03 decades you have been in China how many partners did you contracted to help build that road ?don’t you know that you can better use your stupid mouth to convince Chinese investors? Sans caleçon !!

      • You are obsessed with Chinese, why not graduate in the desert and come over and live like a human being rather than a camel? Who built the conference centre, the sport complex at Wada, the kribi seaport? Was it not China? Name one Arab country that has done same! Why didn’t you bring them over, sand sand head!

  10. another waste of money for government ministers, top government civil servants to embezzle, cosmetic ring road which will never be maintained or constructed efficiently, another fake solution by the outdated regime to the English struggle, which will never change the causes of the revolution,what a shame that this regime cannot train their own talented able locals working age/ youths in construction and different enterprises or award contracts to local business companies to develop their own country, what a shame in this century,biya’s colonial mentality of French Cameroon looks up to foreigners to develop every little project within the country in every sector,why are there educational institutions with students if they cannot develop their country? old slave regime mentality of lrc

  11. hey people be real..Is there anybody in this forum still believing in this fake messages..
    Have a look at the messages of all the presidents when they came to Bamenda- They promised the RING ROAD..Ahidjo did, Biya did many times and 40 years later they are still fooling you with same lies while some of you are celebrating what does not exist..
    Lets be honest. Cameroon in its diversity cant progress as a unitry, centralized state..While some of our brothers believe in drinking red wine, dancing Bikutsi,others believe in their dignity, developing of their community and infrastructure..Introduce federalism , more than 80% of cameroonians will want to live in the NWP and SWP, because these people are very clean and know how to develop their communities..Not arrogant, just a simple truth..

  12. A mafia government that spend all the time talking but nothing is done..
    The only president who wins elections without campaigning..
    Cameroon is a failed country..The Mafia and fake government never succeeded in uniting the country..Fake unqualified yes Sirs from the NWP and SWP hold responsible positions, smart thinkers and people ready to make things happen are either in jail or out of the country..Poor unqualified staff are fooling and brain washing young students at the university..Degrees are being sold and bought with sex..The upper class is stealing and hiding in the west..When brave people protest, they are called terrorist..Thats the one and indivisble cameroon..SHAME