Cameroon Separatists Enforce Curfew After President Says Troops Crushing Rebellion

VOA | YAOUNDE, CAMEROON — Cameroon’s military says it deployed scores of troops to Oku, Kumbo and Kakiri districts Monday in the central African state’s English-speaking Northwest region.

The military says armed gangs over the weekend sealed markets, chased people and vehicles from the streets and abducted scores of civilians who did not comply with their orders.

Motorcycle taxi driver Lukong Genesis, 54, said armed men seized his motorcycle. He said the separatists, who call themselves Ambazonians or Amba, pointed guns at him and demanded he go home.

“The situation in Kumbo for the past two days has been very, very precarious,” he said. There has been serious gun firing between the Amba and the state forces and today being Monday, the ghost town has been reinforced and the streets are dry. No movement of vehicles and people. Everybody is indoors.”

Lukong said battles between troops and rebels intensified after President Paul Biya’s New Year’s Eve speech.

Biya said many rebel groups have been crushed and the threat from separatists has been significantly reduced.

He praised the central African state’s military for protecting civilians and property during the six-year conflict and said peace would pave the way for the region’s reconstruction.

The rebels say they want to carve out an English-speaking state they call Ambazonia from Cameroon and its French-speaking majority.

Capo Daniel is self-declared deputy defense chief of the Ambazonia Defense Forces, one of the rebel groups. He dismissed the allegation that their forces have been significantly reduced.

“That Paul Biya mentioned that peace is returning is laughable. Ambazonia-controlled areas have largely increased. Nineteen Cameroon military men were targeted in Bui and some of them were airlifted for treatment. There have been some arson attacks by the Cameroon military in Bui as well as in Oku. Ambazonia will not give up their fight until we have achieved our goal of independence,” said Daniel.

Civilian people

Cameroon’s military admits that troops have been in running bottles with rebels in several western towns and villages but says their forces did not suffer any casualties.

The military says it killed at least 11 separatists in battles in Kumbo and Oku, a claim which VOA could not independently confirm.

Bernard Okalia Bilai, the governor of the English-speaking Southwest region said civilians should denounce members of armed gangs and hoodlums causing havoc in the community to the military and government officials. Bilai said armed gangs are harassing people, stealing, and abducting civilians for ransom claiming it is a fight for freedom and liberation.

The separatists deny their fighters are abducting and harassing civilians.

Rebels on social media posts Monday said their fighters were enforcing the curfew to counter Biya’s claim that fighters were being defeated.

Separatists in English-speaking western Cameroon launched their rebellion in 2017 after what they said was years of discrimination by the country’s French-speaking majority.

Biya says Cameroon is indivisible and anyone attempting it will be crushed.

The U.N. says the conflict has killed more than 3,500 people and displaced more 750,000.

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  1. who remember when this problem started and i said they have not chance looking at the regions geograpgy?kikikikikiki

    humans only survive when they are guided by reason ,not emotions.

    • Stupid Bameta goat Wei na sheep.
      What’s the right time for a people to fight for their freedom?
      Go harvest more corn from your plantation in Njah-Etu,make and drink more Sha from it,so as to be more confused

      • Palapala I am not sure the lowlife human garbage you are replying to is from the NW . He kind of take enormous pleasure knowing that thousands of folks from the NW have been killed by the Kabal in Yaounde.

        • Sorry Cavani,at times one can’t hold it with the likes of Bah Achu.

        • Where is simple logic in your thinking? Did you take time to think through what younde’s reaction will be before taking up arms? If so why did you not anticipate the current situation?

  2. look at evidence ,see your lack of rationality and the consequences learn and change.
    if you live for a thousand have no chance to succeed.

    • @BAH ACHO-
      I used to think you were smart until this NOSO conflict started..
      I always thought you were smart until i realized the most important part of your body is your stomach…
      How on earth can you even dare to open your mouth and talk against a people who are tired to suppression, oppression and marginalization?
      Look how dirty the country is..
      Look at the president and the gang of ministers ..
      The country lives from one scandal to the next- CAN GATE, COVID GATE etc etc just to mention a few..
      A small class of people have hijacked the country and you spend time making noise on social media..
      Wake up and join the struggle to free cameroon..
      Life is not only about eating bread sardine and drinking alcohol..

      • @Biko please don’t waste your time responding to that human garbage who keeps fooling himself thinking that he is an analyst.

      • BIKO,,,,,, where is the result of your so called fight? How many ignorant people have you pushed to destruction? Did you think about what the reaction of younde would be before taking action? Where is logic in your reasoning?

  3. Thank ALLAH. Dictator Biya recently humiliated himself, his country and Africa in general when he went to the USA.
    The world now knows that LRC is ruled by a demented LIVING CORPSE. No person should therefore take his words seriously. He is living in a different planet.
    Only a demented living corpse can daydream about a victory in AMBAZONIA. The reality is that LRC terrorists can NEVER EVER defeat the invincible soldiers of AMBAZONIA. The war will therefore continue until the last LRC terrorist is sent back to their country .

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