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Airliners frown at dilapidated state of Douala Airport

Journal du Cameroun | Despite several renovation and rehabilitation works carried out on the Douala international airport to give it a facelift, the facility is still in a shambles, leaving several users fuming as they touch down in Douala.

The plights and complaints of passengers, more often than not overlooked, has now equally being felt and echoed by fifteen airliners who use the airport regularly.

The heads of 15 airliners, under the banner of the Airline Operators Committee (AOC) sent a strong worded letter to the General Manager as well as Chairman of the board of directors of the Douala airport expressing their frustration at the dilapidated nature of the facility.

In a leaked letter dated February 5, the members of the Airline Operators Committee (AOC) of Douala, expressed their bitterness at the sub standard nature of the airport and called for the urgent measures to be taken to enable them work at the airport in proper conditions.

The 15 signatories, namely Air France, Brussels Airlines, Turkish Airlines, RAM, Ethiopian Airlines, Asky, Karinou Airlines, Kenya Airways, South African Airways, Trans Air Congo, Rwandair, Air Côte d’Ivoire, Cronos, Ceiba and even the Cameroonian company Camair-Co, were very worried about the logistics notably the poor maintenance of computer equipment and track equipment (trolleys, container ships, etc.).

“Excluding parts of the passenger paths, the building is a repulsively dirty: old paintings, cracked walls, substandard toilets, dirty or no ceilings at all, abandoned rehabilitation works, tired frames, poor and inconsistent electrical connections…, ” the airliners said in the letter.

“A misunderstanding,” said the general manager of the airport Thomas Owona Assoumou , who has announced the imminent start of renovations.

According to the General Manager, there are works to be done but frowned at the criticisms from the airliners which he described as « harsh and excessive ».

“Following the inspection visit we made (February 22), the general operating condition of the Douala airport is not alarming. The problems posed by the airlines are operational problems, generally resolved at the operational level, through consultation meetings with our employees,” the General Manager said.

Crisis meeting

On Thursday, February 22, a « crisis meeting » was held between leaders of the airliners’ association and the General Manager Thomas Owona Assoumou as well as the Chairman of the Board of Directors Joseph Pokossy Doumbe.

« Some parts of the airport need to be renovated and rehabilitated, » the General Manager admitted to the airliners while assuring them the effective start of work in the nearest future thanks to funding from the French Development Agency.

In 2016, the French Development Agency granted a 46-million Euros loan to the Cameroon Airports Authority for the renovation of the facility.

The runway was renovated in March last year as part of the first phase of the renovation project but the renovation of the various terminals is still lagging behind. This is as a result of the slow process of the call to tender, according to sources at the airport. However, the works are expected to start at the latest in September and will run for two years, authorities at the port have reassured.

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  1. For ever young

    Arrived in Senegal two months ago with some American friends could not be proud how far they’re improving on infrastructure development especially the new international airport blaise Diagne also the roads two & fro the airport the city center, then compared too Douala what a disgrace for an international airport , for the millions of dollars those clowns have collected to passengers can build a brand new airport, talk less to keep present one about standard ,not to mention the millions borrowed for repairs, what a curse dis regime in Cameroon

    • Said this before, Senegal is an example to follow. Some time ago Cameroon talked with Senegal to see what they could learn from Senegal. Many people wrote here “we have NOTHING to learn from Senegal”. Well Cameroon has a lot to learn from Senegal.

  2. What you see or how you see it, is the way the people like it or want it to be.
    No blames or comparisms fit.

  3. For ever young

    Airport taxes levied to all international flights passengers cfa 10000 × millions of folks depart /Arrivedthrough that airport either too the country or central African regions as a whole

    • I renamed my toilet ‘Douala international airport’. Airport tax is 25.000 per passenger, paid directly to the airline. From 10.000 to 25.000 yet no change. We need to borrow millions of Euro to renovate. What a pity

    • Only place in the world where I’ve paid this

  4. that airport and its dilapidated state is a true reflection of the Cameroonian state.its almost becoming a culture for us to live in deplorable and undignified conditions like this.

  5. Biya’s so-called One and indivisible” LRC is a very rich country. The country has Ndian oil and other natural natural resources.

    Cameroonians were therefore supposed to live in affluence.
    Unfortunately for them, Dictator Biya has run their economy aground.
    It’s funny that this Dictator spends all his time gallivanting in the most beautiful cities on the globe yet his own country leaves much to be deserved: uncontrolled borrowing, epileptic power outages, Child malnutrition, insecurity, poor infrastructure, scarcity of potable water, poorly furnished hospitals, refuse-infested beaches, etc.

    It is self-evident that this Dictator is completely out of touch with his own people.
    This President has a callous indifference to the suffering of his people

    • Proofs of hiscallous indifference

      1. wasting scarce resources on AFCON 19
      2. wasting scarce resources on an UNWINNABLE civil war
      3. indebting future generations with his uncontrolled borrowing
      4. masterminding, aiding and abetting the embezzlement of public funds by refusing to implement Article 66 of the Constitution
      5. squandering taxpayers money on frequent “private” visits with a bloated suite
      6. creating worthless COST CENTERS, such as the Commission on bilingualism,
      7. wasting scarce resources on Phony elections
      8. etc, etc.


        No wonder, The so-called “INTERNATIONAL” Airport in Douala is a disgrace to the country.

        • The truth is that the mess of the Douala International Airport is just the tip of a monstrous iceberg, hidden from the view of the casual observer.

          The nation is in love with acquiring all sorts of novelties but lacks a culture of maintenance to keep them going! Visit the hospitals and see the state of equipment that were once ultramodern. Look at the number of abandoned luxury cars, the badly maintained stadiums, roads, buildings and more. Accompanying this state of affairs and sustaining it is the placing of square pegs in round holes, a summary of employing ill-suited persons to do jobs for which they all not qualified.

      • **** BREAKING NEWS ****


        Minister of Territorial Administration Atanga Nji
        Minister of Secondary Education Nalova Lyonga

        • My take:

          Too little too late

          Atanga Ndi is an ex-convict and is on record that there is no Anglophone Problem
          Lyonga iwas the person who invited Gendarmes to rape UB students

          Appointing the above-mentioned person is a NON-EVENT. The momentum is now UNSTOPPABLE.

          Biya is yet to understand the determination of the Anglophones


        • If the president really needed persons to examine the present crisis and provide a way out, should he not consider the credibility of his appointees? Nalova/UB is still so fresh, so raw and Atanga Nji as an ex-convict-turned- is such a baggage!

  6. What a shameful country called LRC. Imagine West Cameroon Airport Tiko in those days. An admiration by the East Cameroon government under Ahidjou. Then they invaded West Cameroon 961 and spoiled everything! Ask Mr. Fon Mukete if you doubt this short version of the story. Very dirty people-LRC

  7. We will build the airport in Tiko with the prototype of DOHA INTERNATIONAL in AMBALAND! Lrc can keep swimming in their shilthole in the Douala Swamps ! Airport for swampy area na airport that sep ?

  8. I borrow from my west cameroon friend, where he says “nothing good ever comes from Yaounde” I will add, Nothing good ever comes from la republic. They arrogantly talk of republican institutions. Douala airport is a disaster and a disgrace like many other infrastructures in the country called the cameroons. The clueless and brutal dictator knows only onething staying in power

  9. Mbappe, you see what your uncles and aunties have done to Cameroon?

    Enjoy while you can, your Nnom Ngui will not survive this year in Etoudi..we will reclaim that country.


      How exactly do you plan to do that Brothajoe, it seems this day old age might be catching up with you as you always seem to undermine the ambazonia fighters struggling. Now you talking about reclaiming Cameroon ? How the hell do u plan to do that ? Using twitter fingers ?

      • There is God Ohhhhhh!!

        I plan to vote him out of office.

        How do your Amba brothers plan to march to Buea? By terrorizing the same anglophones they want to liberate?

        Abeg wuna choose me

        • Voting him out using Elecam tools?? You must be really delusional!!

        • .
          I am no less delusional than gofundme reliant online warriors brainwashing frustrated youth to terrorize Cameroonians of English expression.

          Call me from Buea when you get there.

          Please spare me the hypocrisy.

  10. The State of most things in Cameroon just makes me ashamed of being Cameroonian. Senegal does not have a fraction of our natural resources but go to Dakar and see how much they are improving the city. We do not have a single four lane toll road with fees collection exactly like we have in developed countries like the US and France. Senegal does.

    Last year I went to a part of Douala and was stunned by the level of backwardness. I also Went to claim my car
    at the port sometime ago. Found it buried in a sea of mud. Not a single tarred portion of the port to park cars neatly despite all the income that is received by the government. Cameroon is the quintessential example of disastrous (mis)mismanagement. Something needs to be done to rescue Cameroon that is retrogressing fatally.

  11. About 10 years ago, I took a flight to Corning, a small town in upstate New York (USA). It was astonishing how a small town would have an airport far better than an international airport in Cameroon. Disgraceful. Cameroon deserve the title “shithole of shotholes”.

  12. Cameroon is not working. Cameroon will self-implode economically if the country does not redefine itself and embark on a new strategy for development. The current leadership, including all the ministers, must retire and hand over to a new breed of technical and competent people.

    Why am I saying so? People should refer to an IMF assessment and report on Cameroon in late 2017. If you read through the technical jargon, Cameroon burrowed money not for investment but to pay workers. Yes, borrowed money to pay for running its administration. Also, the depth for Cameroon is now just over 40% of its GDP. Yes, more than 40%. Now, if a country starts borrowing money to pay for administration, then what has it got to pay even the interest on its debt?

    Cameroon is a walking disaster!

    • [email protected] so how much money is in the french treasury since it stands at 50% taken for over at least 30 years .Must have a great credit rating .If these monies arnt in the IMF assessment as a credit,to Cameroon, to be refunded at some point with interest …… what are they ? I dont see any expenditure anywhere near the amount going in since Cameroon is an oil producing country .

  13. Biya is the worst… Not only him, there was an article recently in here, claiming that students are rooting for Biya to run again. I couldn’t wonder but asked myself why would any true Patriot wanna see Biya in power past 2018? Biya and his gang have got to go and leave Cameroon achieve its true potential. Then again, I kinda worry than those young University students rooting for Biya might turn out to be worst than Biya’s generation.
    God help us… We desperately need your intervention on this one.

  14. This same airport was shut down for almost a month exactly 2 years ago. The Francofools will never get it straight even if redo it a hundred times. Those in charge atangana, owona, Essomba, mvondo, mve, Ndongo, hahaha. Grand ambition et emergence 2035

  15. The honest question we have to ask here is:
    is there anything in cameroon that is not in a dilapidated state?

    We should have a look at other african countries, see how they are growing and just shut up..
    Either we decide to join hands in the task of nation building or we continue to do our thing here the cameroon way..
    Making noise, talking, insulting people and getting old soon with not a bit of change..
    We are the highest noise makers on earth…