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Amnesty lance lundi un rapport sur la violence sécessionniste au Cameroun

APAnews | Amnesty International lance, lundi à partir de 15 heures à Dakar, son nouveau rapport sur l’escalade de la violence dans les régions anglophones du Cameroun, a appris APA vendredi auprès de ladite organisation.

Le rapport actuellement sous embargo sera rendu public par le Bureau régional pour l’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre d’Amnesty International au cours d’une conférence de presse.

« Ce rapport, intitulé +Une tournure tragique. Violence et atteintes aux droits humains dans les régions anglophones du Cameroun+, se fonde sur des entretiens poussés sur le terrain avec plus de 150 victimes et témoins, ainsi que sur des éléments de preuve matériels comme des images satellite », explique Amnesty dans un communiqué reçu à APA.

Le rapport met en lumière le fait que les simples citoyens paient le plus lourd tribut, tandis que la violence s’intensifie dans les régions du Nord-Ouest et du Sud-Ouest au Cameroun.

Parmi les intervenants à la publication du rapport, figure Ilaria ALLEGROZZI, chercheur sur le Lac Tchad qui a couvert extensivement le Cameroun et les régions du Lac Tchad, et a développé une expertise reconnue sur les évènements dans les régions anglophones.

Samira DAOUD, directrice régionale adjointe d’Amnesty International pour l’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre y est également attendue. Elle a effectué plusieurs missions sur le terrain, et a développé les stratégies de Campagne et de Plaidoyer dans la région.

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  1. This is just the beginning.when the whole truth finally comes out,we are giing to get biya and his apologists by the balls.

    People went into the streets with peace plants shouting no violence but were rained with live bullets.
    Since then thousands more have been killed,and whole communities displaced.

    Our blood will not be spilled for nothing.hope what amnesty has started goes through but if not,we the Ambazonians have decided to take our destiny into our hands,and will see to it that that lrc pays dearly for the killings of our loved ones.

    The future of our children is at stake here and we are not going to compromise it with anything less than total separation from lrc.we can’t continue to live with people who call us dogs and fools.long live Ambazonia.

  2. So many pictures of the gory events were taken but very few will be found useful for any litigation five years down the road. For indeed what use is a picture that fails to provide the very basics – who, what, where, when, how etc?

    • You are wrong! So wrong.Ambazonia was granted a seat on the UNPO bench based on those gory pictures and videos meeting all your stated criteria.

      • Of course with you as judge I have to be wrong. No evidence has ever been thrown out or rejected as being unhelpful or irrelevant to case. Never. As long as a photograph is presented, no matter its defects, it will be accepted and used in your court. Good luck in your court.

  3. Ils peuvent écrire ce qui leur chante tous les jours le Cameroun c’est le Cameroun…

  4. Goebbels Tchiroma will surely claim that the satellite photos were FAKE or that the so-called “secessionists” were responsible for the burning down of the 78 villages.

    Unfortunately for him, General Melingui Nouma had confessed before the world press that his soldiers torch down villages. This confession of war crimes and crimes against humanity have already been documented at the ICC as exhibits.

    “comme d’habitude” Goebbels Tchiroma will surely shout that “Amnesty International wants to destabilise “one and indivisible” LRC”.

  5. Don’t make quick conclusions yet. These could be satellite pictures locating the DO of Batibo or the Regional Delegate of Social Affairs.

    Ambazonians, be patient!
    Cameroonians, goose bumbs should retreat!

  6. why it’s in Dakar?; why not in Ghana, South Africa or another dominant English speaking in Africa. hahahahahhahahah

    • @bamendayBoy
      What does the location of that office have to do with the yet to be released report?

  7. We are waiting for their report over Israel killings of Palestinians on daily basis hahaha see the folks they love Cameroon more than Palestine what a joke!! so if they ask Amnesty to choose between Palestine and Cameroon they will choose Cameroon?

    • French slave, Israel trains the Bir that you trigger-happily ask to kill your own people everyday, now you want amnesty to rather talk about killings carried out by the same Israel elsewhere. That is selective memory and I’m afraid you can’t have your cake and eat it! You are a product of French education, so I don’t expect you to see this kind of logic!

      • Chinese donkey the product of the so called “English education” is Cameroon training Israel soldiers ? Is it EMIA?? This is the real Bamenda logic we must erase .

    • You do not help a situation by your deliberate distortions or juxtaposition of unrelated issues. There is a Palestinian problem with Israel. Why should that become the precondition for tackling a Cameroonian one? Does the Palestinian problem trump the Cameroonian one for you? Such useless nexuses only prolong the tackling of our own problem.

  8. Living in denial may be a chosen lifestyle but denying the truth does not make it a lie. Some truths are painful and so those who hate pains end up denying the truth.
    Freedom is great and we all love freedom. But freedom comes with a price! Professor Patrice Nganang, a Cameroonian-born US citizen has regained his freedom, thanks to spending three weeks of forced imprisonment in Cameroon.

    That is just a mere tip of the iceberg of someone who has earned the moniker of “Ambazonian” for daring to do what is virtually taboo in many quarters – speak out and bear witness to the Anglophone cause as a Francophone. Very few venture along that path in a country that has endorsed silence to cover up a catalogue of inconvenient truths, the most blatant being that those who fight for a cause

  9. What does the report say?