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The Bamenda Protest : Detainees released

Persons arrested in Bamenda during the protests have been released.

They were released in the early hours of Tuesday 10th January 2017 from the Yaounde central prison in kondengui

They were transported to Bamenda by a special bus. Upon arrival, the former detainees were received by the Governor of the North West Region, Adolphe Lele L’afrique in the presence of parents and family members.

Their release was one of the two main conditions presented by the disgruntled teachers at the end of the first session of the adhoc committee meeting chaired by Professor Ghogomu Paul Mingo.

Their representative, speaking to the media was very precise; meaningful dialogue can only possible if two conditions are met.

A) All detainees arrested during the protest in Bamenda are released unconditionally

B)The SW Region fully represented in the Adhoc committee put in place to find solutions to the concerns raised by teachers .

-Just last week, eight new members from the South West Region were admitted within the committee.

-This Tuesday 10th January 2017, the protesters have been released.

Pundits have lauded government’s show of good faith and hope meaningful dialogue will now begin and lasting solutions found to the concerns of Teachers of the English sub-system of education.


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  1. BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

    Who said that Biya does not bow to pressure????

    • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

      Southern Cameroonians should continue squeezing the balls of Biya until all our demands are met.

      Unstoppable Momentum. Nothing more, nothing less.
      “ALUTA Continua, Victoria Ascerta” (The Struggle Continues, Victory is Certain)

      • Hi Josephina, how do you do boo?
        I see to my satisfaction and enjoyment Ambazonia is still not free? Lol
        What is taking so long? Any meaningful progress I might have missed?

        PS: This is a new year and my first contribution of 2017 so you and I must start on the right foot, so you cannot ignore me or be rude to me, we have plenty of time left during the year…lol

      • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved


        1. SWELA Endorses Federalism
        2. MPs and Senators Join Fight For Anglophone Rights: Petition Biya To Halt The Dangerous Glide
        3. SW CHIEFS have petitioned Biya
        4. Anglophone Lawyers Ultimatum
        5. SCNC
        6. Maurice Kamto Criticizes Gov’t for Ignoring Anglophones
        7.BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) et al.as Internet warriors
        8. Teachers Trade Unions Want GCE Board Called Anglophone Exam Board
        9. The PONDI DOCTRINE
        10. “If I die championing the Anglophone cause so be it ” ( Hon. Awudu, 2015)
        11. the judgments of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Right and that of the UN
        12. plans are in an advanced stage for a third All Anglophone Conference, AACIII, to be held in Buea.
        13. “Give Anglophones Another Referendum, They Will Vote to Leave Cameroun ” (Cardinal Tumi, 2015)
        14. Mayhem in Bamenda and Buea
        15. indefinite teachers and lawyers strikes continue in Southern Cameroons
        16. Hon. Wirba opens another front in parliament .
        17. etc, etc., etc. 17. etc, etc., etc, etc, etc, etc., etc, etc, etc, etc., etc, etc, etc, etc., etc, etc,

        Unstoppable Momentum. Nothing more, nothing less.
        “ALUTA Continua, Victoria Ascerta” (The Struggle Continues, Victory is Certain)

        Are we really together???.
        Over to you Moral Ayatollah aka Mungo Akonolinga aka United States of Akonolinga(USA) aka DonaldTrumpFor Africa.

        • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved


          1. A Dictator who does not respect the constitution( case study Article 66) is considered as FOOLISH.
          2. A Dictator who singlehandedly changes the Name of his own Country is considered as FOOLISH
          3. A Dictator who waste taxpayers’ Money on phoney elections is considered as FOOLISH
          4. A Dictator who distorts and manipulates the history of his own Country in considered as FOOLISH.
          5. A Dictator who uses taxpayers’ Money to pay ransoms to Boko Haram is considered as FOOLISH
          6. A Dictator who masterminds, aids and abets corruption in his own country is considered as FOOLISH
          7. A Dictator who masterminds, aids and abets the systemic marginalisation of the Anglophones is considered as FOOLISH
          8. A Dictator who has hijacked the other branches of the state is considered as FOOLISH
          9. A Dictator who declares war in a foreign country against a faceless entity is considered as FOOLISH
          10. A Dictator who “constipates” the constitution in order to cling to power ad infinitum is considered as FOOLISH
          11. A Dictator who insinuates a French sponsored coup and at the same time borrows Money from the same France is considered as FOOLISH

          Are we really together???.
          Over to you Moral Ayatollah aka Mungo Akonolinga aka United States of Akonolinga(USA) aka DonaldTrumpForAfrica.

        • Considering how long the “Unstoppable Momentum” have been going, dont you think at least one inch of Ambazonia should be “free” by now? just so we have something to show for ?

          Anyway, I was just checking on you and making it known I’m BACK!!!! lol

          I’m sure all those to whom my arrival noticed is addressed got it…talk to you soon ladies…lol

        • Re-federation is no good. La Republique du Cameroun is a neo-colony of France. Need complete separation for stability and growth. La Republique’s objectives are to integrate in Francophone CEMAC, have a FCFA currency minted by France and have France decide her political, social and economic priorities (1959 Co-operation Accords). Ambazonia is not obligated to anyone – truly independent.

          Let Southern Cameroons be an independent English speaking neighbor, waxed in Anglo Saxonia (no need to study French under compulsion). Viva Ambazonia, Viva La Republique du Cameroun. Good neigbors. Peace not war. Amen.

    • all we need is for us to v our independent biya pls go we don’t need u any more. ur government is autocratic n barbaric go .pls if there is a means for to eliminate u i will gladly do it

  2. one detail that retain my attention in the whole thing is when ndah ngreh wirba declared that after posing a question to fame ndongo his response was what will you do.?this is prove that my observation that we have assimilated the oppressive mentality of the conqueror and now reproducing it against ourselves is reality.this oppressive mentality is a characteristic found in all African graduates from aryan universities.if we hope on a system controlled by people with such an anti african.mental structure to transform our economy. Then our deception will be more than the word cruel.we need a new approach that will place us at the center of action.

    • That is the closest you’ve come to supporting this fight since it started. How great is it to not continue sitting on the fence or burying your head in the sand, in the name of political correctness. Keep trying, you will soon see the light, you know it’s not easy putting water in one’s on wine!

      • My comments are those of a simple observer.from a world Geo political and Geo strategic stand point.the idea of a so call southern cameroon along lines of division created by our enemies is not only ridiculous but suicidal. Only blind people will encourage division in a world made up of mass Geo strategic entities. Even cameroon like it is can not survive not to talk of another parcel called southern cameroon. Open your eyes and see how others are organised in massive groups to effectively defend collective interest. What can so call southern cameroon do in terms of power with economic demographic giants like nahesi.?India. Weak people seperate but the strong and powerful unite.

        • NDAAGRE:

          You seem to be mad that these guys ere released! Continue agonizing. One of these days, you will agonize to the point of seeing your menses.

          Is Eq. Guinea bigger than W. Cameroon? What is the point being in a suicidal relationship?

        • Chi,
          No mine yi! Is Singapore a giant? You drive across the city-state in 50 minutes, but see what they have accomplished. Are Taiwan and South Korea giants? How big is Japan? Establishment parrots with stale ideas struggling too hard to sound smart. No one living in France and parroting cheap talking points for his handlers is of any good!

    • LIKE ?

    • Bah, keep saying this please. It will help Africa and our brothers who do not see the whole picture of our colonized minds. We have to solve our problems with cautions.

  3. A good move. A very good move indeed and congratulations to those who made this possible. Such success ought to be followed at once by more gestures along the same line. Governor Okalia Bilai of the SWP is a clear obstacle to peaceful resolution of these and other crises. Obstacles are usually removed from stymying progress.

    • Scnc terrorists have been released to have a dialogue with the gov’t and transported in air conditioned buses to Bamenda, completely foreign to the rough terrain where they often carry out terrorist activities. A special plane should be sent to the north to bring those Boko Haram terrorists picked up on the battle field to come and have tea and discuss peace with Popol in Yaoundé too! When we are not taking bags of money to Boko Haram, we can transport Scnc terrorists by air conditioned buses! Who told you some terrorists are not better than others? Your answer is as good as mine!

    • NDAH Ngreh. …what is the essence of so call countries like equatorial Guinea Gabon cape vert Sao tome etc?all this territories combined do not produce even ten per cent of food consumed worldwide. Look at the commercial balance of this territories and you shall quickly understand that they were created for others to drain out money.do you know the difference between a champion people and normal people who just want to be free. America and Korea illustrate the difference between a champion nation and a normal nation.

      • You don’t measure the strength of a country by the food it’s citizens consume, its size. Japan is a parcel of land but consumption on especially high end goods is very high. Rambling about freedom and size of country is a pathetic linguistic gymnastic which betrays the inability to handle facts honestly. The bottom line is that Tawai, Japan,Korea, Singapore , are as small as Gabon, EQ Guinea, Congo, but are far up there because they have the political will to do things and the independence of mind to be successful. Try another spinning!

        • If you want to know the level of independence of a country look at what people eat.if it’s a country importing rice from Thailand. Tour feed the masses like Gabon equatorial Guinea cap vert Bangui then it is populated with dependent people. Gabon can not feed five million people and you call it a country?

      • @Bah Acho
        Next time give some respect to that name”Acho”by not using a small letter at the beginning.For your information, the is no small country and never you minimize a country and address it small.Gabon is harboring close to 15 million foreigners.

        • For your information there are only three independent countries on earth and so important. Russian federation America China. The rest are not countries.

    • This is not a “good move ” as far as I am concerned. I see this as a “political game ” from the gvt. Why release some and keep others locked up? A good move would be if ALL were released. How about the investigation of the brute police? There are so many unanswered questions still!

  4. Let meaningful dialogue begin. No lectures and dictation. But listening and responding. I mean a working session. No intimidation, briberyand hypocrisy. And by the way, wouldn’t it show prudence and heart warming if paul Biya himself sits on the table with the consortium

    • Rain onto others Belgium

      This dialogue will hold only in Bamenda or Buea and they will be NO SCHOOL till all our conditions are met. No promises and a referadum for us to determine our faith is the only solution

    • Attractive as it may seem, the dialogue will need helpful input from those whose interest is at stake.Teachers and lawyers Will be in the forefront but they need useful and meaningful backup, otherwise they end up with empty promises or the type of half-baked ideas Tole Tea retirees were fooled with four years ago to give up their fight. Should the present fight be carried forward to another time?

  5. l,enemi dans la Maison Germany

    This news is from CRTV, i hope it is true, because what the GOC and CRTV knows best is lies telling

  6. The situation in southern Cameroon now is not just about teachers and lawyers any longer. The whole political; system has to be put on the table and go back to two state Federation. At least the government has started in good faith. Thanks to the Consortium for the leadership.The progress has just begun.

  7. #Pinguesseknowsnothing

  8. Next time,the teachers should demand that Protsester should be driven from Kondengui in Biyas,Limousine to Bamenda and Chantal must cook Achu and red soup for the Protesters and drive with them till the Toll gate Point at Santa..Mendo ze will ask,why release Terrorist from Kondengui but he remains in kondengui.Man Pass man

  9. Does the name David Abouem a Choi ring a bell? Well here’s one Cameroonian who has lost some sleep over the Anglophone problem, dug below the surface and put for the whole world to read the genesis of the Anglophone problem. While persons of similar background dismiss the issue off hand, this former governor of the NWP and SWP has taken the wisdom and courage to lay bare what prevaricators strive on a daily basis to mystify.

    If Cameroon can seek out and negotiate with members of Boko Haram (for the release of abducted spouse of a vice prime minister!) what is so inherently wrong with meeting disaffected West Cameroonians for an amicable resolution of their grievance? Boko Haram has external support. Must West Cameroonians be pushed to seek their own external support to earn the attention of Yaounde?

    For those with a knowledge of French, please go to Cameroon.info.net and fill the gaps in your mastery of issues that concern you directly or obliquely. David Abouem a Choi’s pen is surely mightier than the sword or AK-47 wielded by the wrong hands. Happy reading

    • John Dinga. We can say no more. David Abouem has made a compelling justification why the married between la republic and West Cameroon should and must be dissolved immediately. We can only learn from history not away from History. Who can challenge the ex Governor, a noble man!

  10. protesters

  11. I heard a woman crying that his own son was not among the released.

  12. man no no man

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha………………. kikikikikikikikiki…. “he who laugh last laugh best”. i said Biya is a coward people never believed me, now you can all see….. ? only coward do shout the loudest when a real fight is yet to begin. where are his supporters on this forum ? i thought they said anglophones are cowards?. can you all now agree with me that the reverse is true ? .. Biya have reduced you all in to beley politics and all everyone cry in the francophone regions is what to eat and where to sleep…… what about your children and grand children ? when this started we called terrorists, extremists and just to name a few. now if we were truely what you said, then why listen and accept our conditions !!!!
    You can all see with me that an anglophone man is a peace loving man but TAKE HIS SILENCE FOR COWADICE ?????

  13. I am that i am Canada

    Where are the Pinguis who think army is the solution. it not with arms the freedom will come but by the example of Mahamat Gandhi of India we shall prevail

  14. If you have not read the article by David Abouèm à Tchoyi, Ancien gouverneur du Sud-Ouest, puis du Nord-Ouest, please do. He is fit to serve as President of Cameroon

    • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

      He was part of the System and he did nothing to help the Anglophones.
      Now that he was sent away by Biya is speaking.
      Simply put, he is an Opportunist.

      • Well said bro. An opportunist just like Kamto. It’s frightening how we can be easily deceived to choose a president missing resolute and incorruptible gentlemen like Tassang and Agbor Bala.

        • BIYA MUST GO ( BMG) Reserved

          AG, The only Francophone who had the balls to speak the truth about the Anglophone Question was Prof. Pondi. He lost his Position as Head of IRIC because of that.
          Prof. Kamto, Hamidu Yaya, etc are all opportunists.

          *******THE PONDI DOCTRINE*******

          Admit Anglophone Problem, Prof. Pondi Tells Gov’
          Prof. Jean Emmanuel Pondi, Head of the Department of International Politics at the International Relations Institute of Cameroon (IRIC), University of Yaounde, has said categorically that the Government of Cameroon should look into the Anglophone Problem that has persisted for decades and is still ongoing.
          “Anglophones cannot be so resolute in their demands for over 50 years if there was no problem, and even if Government is convinced that there is no Anglophone problem, the fact that the Anglophones perceive a problem, makes their cause a problem,” Prof. Pondi said. The professor of Political Science and International Relations made the statement, February 17, in reaction to several presentations during a colloquium organised on the 50th anniversary of Cameroon’s reunification at the University of Buea.
          To Pondi, 50 years after reunification provides the best opportunity for the Government and representatives of the Southern Cameroons National Council, SCNC, to sit down, dialogue and chart the way forward. According to him, there can be no sustainable integration in Cameroon if one part of the country is constantly complaining of marginalisation.
          He said Government should come clean and admit that there exists an Anglophone Problem which needs proper examination and possible ‘cures’ prescribed”

      • Nobody has called him an angel. Please read his write-up first and then pass your judgement later.

        In a war all battle fronts count. Obviously the facts he documents in that write-up can beef up the bargaining position of those who go in on behalf of the aggrieved Anglophone populace.

        • It is an all EXCLUSIVE war, no help from outsiders—according to SCNC covert leaders though.

          Some of you guys would soon be understanding where I come from.

          Another name for Chineke is TIME…

  15. A knew Biya will obey…he is a small boy who want to prove to be stubborn,but we have humbled him…..Good move anyway,by releasing those children.But all of the children are not there.Some are still missing,and there is rumours circulating that the others may have been executed.If thats the case,the consortium are asking to see their dead bodies….if not,there will still be no dialogue……..
    Recent development is that Biya is warming up to go to Bamenda for dialogue….
    But if we don’t see the dead bodies of the others that were arrested,there woun’t be any dialogue..
    Cameroon is a state of law,u have no right to arrest somebody in Bamenda,who committed an alledge crime in Bamendaand,and u go and execute him in Yaounde,without even judging him.

  16. Adolphe Lele L’afrique and the SDO are the Biya regime, they should be removed from Bamenda as governor and SDO as they answes to the bad regime, they bring no progress to the entire region, they allowed the francophone armies to torture a peaceful un- armed youths demonstration, especially dragging young women in mud and beating them , the old shameful governor is not fit to rule the Bamenda people, he should be ousted by the people, he has sat in that position, watched all the potholes in the roads, shortage of water, power cuts, youth unemployment and marginalisation in the Bamenda university yet did nothing,parents should not be fooled, Adolphe Lele L’afrique did not release their children, thanks to the pressure from their brothers and sisters; the teachers and the Lawyers,all the Buea detainees should be released too before any celebration

  17. nothing good ever comes from Yaounde Sweden

    Pinguiss is an animal. Biya must listen to West Cameroon. If he comes to bamenda or buea he should be treated like an atanga nji . The consortium should double their strategy

  18. We,the SCNC are respectable terrorists..We go to courts and we hold our political openents accountable in the court of law for the dead and impronment of any of our militant.No dialogue till we see the dead bodies of the other SCNC militants that were arrested……..For now,the consortium remain in charge of south west and north west till further notice. The DO’s,SDO’s and the Governors of both south west and north west remain illegitimate till we decide otherwise @Pinguiss…what do u think?

  19. There are videos of wailing women who could not find their children going viral. It’s sadly presumed some of these kids died (were killed) in detention. The condition was all kids be released or be accounted for. This is deceit and therefore no grounds for dialogue. It’s more troubling that mercenaries should come from France and tell Biya how to resolve internal differences. This country is truly a French plantation. Time to part ways.

    • @AG just watched the Video with much agony.
      It is a shame that for something as ordinary being in your hometown you get arrested and most likely tortured to death.
      I home the Mafor will summon the ”takabeng”(Solidarity march of all women) to the governors office to demand an account of what happened to those kids.
      We are on our way, we must continue this journey, we are surrounded by inertia, arrogance, indifference, stagnation, deceitful, narcissistic leaders etc
      South Africans fought apartheid for over 40yrs, Americans elected a black president over 40yrs after Martin Luther King “I have a dream” speech.
      We will live in the land of our ancestors in peace or we can all live in pieces.
      Call us terrorist, call us Boko haram, call us Biafrans, call us SCNC, call us whatever!!
      When the Bassas and Bamilekes ran from genocide to west Cameroon we welcomed them, we lived with them, we called them brothers. Today we are deemed stupid, we must learn, speak and act French, if we dare call this unfair and unjust we are beaten, raped, maimed and our children are killed just to prove a point.
      Since when choosing to join and live with a brother became so detrimental to your own survival

      • @ AG & Lum, that video of those wailing mothers is heart breaking to say the least. Anybody who as never had a child would not really understand. I fully agree with Lum on that Takembeng match to the colonial governor’s office. They must account for those missing children or no dialogue. Conditions for dialogue were uncondotional release of all the children, including corpses of dead ones as AG rightly pointed out. Complete and unconditional Indepedence is what we are asking for and no more any Federation. I do’t just understand how one can share the same space or country with such barbarians of no leanage.

        • My brother the worst of it all is that the governor and his CPDM crime syndicate seemed not concerned at all as they hardly even batted an eye. Truly heartless and mean.

  20. One step in the right direction.

    Negotiations for a federal or discentralized system, where regions would manage their own affairs, should go ahead in an honest and brotherhood manner.

    The fight for a better CMR for all continues…

    • we don’t need anything in the name of federation, talk less of decentralization. we are for the restoration of the independence of Southern Cameroons, however method may appropriate.

      • Restoration overnight, abi?…

        • it may even be faster than u expect our case is not comparable to any in the world so far be it South Sudan or the disintegration of USSR. You can get that straight. We had a functional system way back we can always grow from where we mixed things up. So we alreaDY HAVE A SKELETON OR STRATUM FROM WHERE TO PROCEED

        • I thought it will happen tomorrow though !

          Even assuming that CMR is going to be divided it will not happen the way you think—take a simple court divorce case where kids are involved as your case study. Lest you would want to repeat the word “I divorce you” three times from your basement and/or on-line and consider it mission accomplished…