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Cameroon minister ambushed in restive region, ‘assailants killed’

Devdiscourse | A convoy transporting Cameroon’s Defence Minister Joseph Beti Assomo was ambushed in the country’s restive anglophone region, leaving several attackers dead, state radio said today.

Four soldiers and a journalist were also injured in yesterday’s attack, other sources said.

News of the ambush came as the country’s 85-year-old president Paul Biya — who has ordered a crackdown in the troubled region — declared he would bid for a seventh consecutive term in office.

“The minister’s convoy was attacked in the Kumba area,” the security source said.

The ambush occurred in the heartland of an armed campaign to gain independence for the Northwest and Southwest Regions, a predominantly English-speaking part of the French-speaking West African state.

Years of resentment at perceived discrimination at the hands of the francophone majority fuelled demands in 2016 for a return to the country’s federal structure.

Biya took a hard line, ruling out any concessions.

As the situation polarised, anglophone militants last October 1 made a symbolic declaration of independence.

They named Buea, the main town of Southwest Region which lies close to Kumba, as the capital of their purported state, Ambazonia, which has no international recognition.

A government crackdown then followed, plunging the two regions into almost daily acts of violence and retribution that have claimed scores of lives and forced tens of thousands from their homes.

The crisis has cast a dark shadow over a presidential election scheduled for October 7 — a fact that Biya, who has been head of state for 35 years, appeared to acknowledge in his announcement on Twitter.

“I will be your candidate in the next presidential election,” he said, adding that he was “aware of the challenges that we must face together for a Cameroon that is even more united, stable and prosperous”.

According to a government report last month, separatists have killed 74 soldiers and seven police since late 2017 while more than 100 civilians had died “over the past 12 months.”

The presence of a large English-speaking minority in Cameroon dates back to the colonial period.

The former German colony was divided between Britain and France after World War I.

The French colony gained independence in 1960, becoming Cameroon. The following year, the British-ruled Southern Cameroons were amalgamated into it, giving rise to the Northwest and Southwest regions.

The fighting has had a dramatic impact on civilian life.

UN says 160,000 people have been internally displaced and 20,000 have sought refuge in neighbouring Nigeria.

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  1. Maybe his convoy was attacked the same way Bilais convoy was attacked in Lebialem.by the way,lrcs defense minister has no business in another state.
    Ambazonians never invited him,and his visit as the chief of lrcs armed forces is seen as an act of provocation,and we are working to see to it that it does not happen again.

    Biya putting his name on the balot is a nonevent to us.etoudi should use the money they are gathering in the name of aiding refugees to buy pa more diapers and ECG monitors,while they wait for 2035.

  2. Lebialem are the dullest people of the South West

    • Tchotcho Cyriaque Bityala

      @ Bamendaboy – My name is Tchotcho Cyriaque Bityala, Corporal Chef in Cameroon’s military. I enjoy killing babies and unarmed women. I am very proud of my work and recently posted a video on YouTube to demonstrate the good work I do for my country.

      • stop spreading false info about the Military if u are one … I will see that you get court-martial

  3. Well done our boys. Shake them very well. I know they will always make the news to favour LRP terrorists. They would not tell us how many LRP terrorists lost their lives during this attack. But this writer has not told us if our boys succeeded to ambush the minister.

  4. Ambazonia Amba

    I like the way they put assailants killed in quotes meaning cameroun propaganda has failed. What is certain is that ambazonia has won the media war and its only a matter of time before they win the actual war. As it is being reported, now as the Cameroun army sents in reinforcement, this soldiers have started singing, “they go kill we tire”.
    The defence minister ended up in a hotel in douala looking shaken after loosing a lot of men.
    Oh fear has changed side.

  5. Can Paul Biya go Campaign in kumba, Buea, Bamenda, Banso, Bello , Nkambew etc .I want to see him travelling across AmbaLand Campaigning if he really believe Cameroon is one and Indivisible!

  6. Freedom Fighter

    Cameroon will always twist the story to favor then. I don`t know who amongst them was scaling away from bullets and counting corpses. If they own Ambazonia and control that land, why did they request for a helicopter flight back to D`la. They should have use the same road to go back Nyamfuka. The moment they come out with the real story then we will talk. Its always fake news to Tchiroma and BajecK what ever his name is. The foolish LRC soldiers are dying every day but still will not learn a lesson. The only lesson they have learnt is getting soft targets of women and children and armless civilians. Its a shame that the army of LRC execute todlers and unborn kids. Shameless army.

  7. Biya have shown that he does not depend on the votes of anglophones to win elections in Cameroon.First of all,anglophones are minority.The majority of francophones are there to support him,despite his rigging machinery that he has already put in place.Of course,he can’t step foot to campaign in NW and SW for obvious reasons.They are the minority,and he does not depend on their votes to win elections.

  8. How did you count the 10 secessionists that were neutralized per your shameless report?. Did you mentioned that your Terrorist LRC soldiers were even wounded??? Your next destination was Bamenda. Did you even attempt again to go to B’da???