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Cameroon sets presidential elections for October 7, amid worsening Anglophone crisis

africanews | Cameroon’s president Paul Biya issued a decree on Monday saying a presidential election will be held on October 7, amidst a worsening security situation in the Southwest and Northwest Anglophone regions.

As Biya’s decree was being read on public television, the inhabitants of Buea, the capital of the Southwest region were still confined to their homes for fear of going out after witnessing gunfire in the morning between soldiers and Anglophone separatists.

This is the first time that gunfire has been exchanged in neighbourhoods of this city of more than 100,000 inhabitants, that has had a large number of military personnel deployed since the beginning of the English-speaking crisis at the end of 2016.

Paul Biya is our candidate in the next presidential election, given his eloquent record, his national and international credibility, diplomatic, economic, social and cultural.

Hundreds stranded in Cameroon’s Anglophone region, as separatists block roads
President Paul Biya, 85, who has been in power for close to 36 years has not announced whether he will run for a seventh re-election, but in May his party sais he is their “natural” candidate.

“Paul Biya is our candidate in the next presidential election, given his eloquent record, his national and international credibility, diplomatic, economic, social and cultural”

, wrote leaders of the ruling party and traditional leaders from the South, where Biya comes from.

The same month, the US ambassador to Cameroon, Peter Henry Barlerin, said after a meeting with the president that Paul Biya “should reflect on his legacy and how he wants to be remembered in history books”, provoking strong criticism in the presidential camp.

Biya’s likely opponents
The opposition has described Biya’s state record as “chaotic”.

Among them, Joshua Osih, who was elected in February as candidate of the main opposition party, the Social Democratic Front (SDF, English-speaking).

This 49-year-old businessman contest for the Cameroonian presidency, after Ni John Fru Ndi, leader of the SDF and historical opponent to Biya decided to give way to the “young cadets” of the party.

Other prominent opposition candidates, according to analysts, include Transparency International lawyer and former vice president Akere Muna, as well as the president of the Mouvement pour la renaissance du Cameroun (MRC) party, Maurice Kamto.

On October 7, these candidates will seek the 7 year mandate to run the affairs of the troubled West African nation.

Security crisis

The voting will take place in a delicate context.

The jihadist group Boko Haram is still active in the far north of the country and the English-speaking regions of the North-West and South-West have been facing a serious socio-political crisis since late 2016.

The latter started as a modest industrial strike action by English-speaking lawyers and teachers in 2016, but has since developed into a full blown armed conflict.

Today, fighting between Cameroonian security forces and armed men claiming to be “restoration forces” of an English-speaking state that had briefly emerged between the two world wars, under British mandate, has disrupted business and livelihoods in the Anglophone regions.

According to the government, more than 80 members of the security forces were killed in the fighting.

The UN says up to 160,000 people have fled their homes as a result of the violence, while the Nigerian Emergency Management Agency says 34,000 have fled to Nigeria.

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  1. A meaningless exercise as usual.
    Amba for life

    • Suicide mission for Cameroon here. This is the evidence that Biya may perhaps be suffering from some form of Dementia. Cameroon is sure to go up in flames on the 7th of October 2018.

  2. Fake news.
    A well organized opposition can defeat BIYA.
    But you morons messed it up by bringing this sh$&?)t of anglos vs frogies.
    Now BIYA is seen as the known entity that can bring about peace.
    Shame on all of you ambazombians

    • Pest!!! Don’t drag Ambaland into your corrupt irresponsible malfunctioning government. This election is an LRC problem. Nothing will take place in Ambazonia. Haven’t you seen we have stopped begging and now acting? The arms have arrived that’s why we can fire from morning to Night and push Buea and Bamenda into lockdown. Go and tell Fame Ndongo and Amadou Ali what we can do. Hail, hail hail this land of glory, we the Ambazonians we pledge our loyalty….[Singing Amba Anthem].

      • When your daily intake is over, come back to me.

        • @ Ambazonians. Do you understand this statement? “An English-speaking state that had briefly emerged between the two world wars, under British mandate.”

          If Paul Biya has any love left for Cameroon, he should do the following things:
          -Release all political prisoners
          -Dissolve CPDM
          -Allow the formation of only 3 political parties
          -Ask for forgiveness and should be granted immunity to enable peaceful transition of power.
          – Conduct a free and fair election among the 3 political parties.
          -Work with the new gov’t to bring back the stolen resources.

        • Bob,

          forget about that one. Biya is a man who has got the biggest ego on earth. Once challenged in a foolish way, he’ll prefer to take us along with him to his grave.

          He has used his ruse to align Gaulists and Saxons behind him by surely promising them 10times the oil that Amba has put on the table. Once France is onboard, you can march to UN, US Congress, House of Commons, e.t.c., no way.

          Biya will dislocate some polling stations from SW/NW to Littoral and West, and win. I know them just too well, they have got zero love for CMR. All they LOVE is VICTORY, no different from IG tho.

          Only Chineke can solve this matter—I don’t see Biya giving up neither do I see Amba doing so…

  3. Left unanswered is the million dollar question which also measures transparency: Is he himself running as the “natural candidate” of the ruling party?
    Can elections really take place on a level playing field when one of the candidates wields so much clout over the rest?

  4. All was set to beat Biya in his own game this time around and clean some of the mess he and his predecessor have engendered, but some savvy people thought it otherwise.

    Biya would now win simply cos pple would prefer peace and hence Biya can rig as he wishes without a fight.

    Even the little Macron, who had somehow begun to distance himself from Etoudi, has now renewed French romance with Etoudi—they now call each other before bed time.

    Gaulists and Saxons know just too well that Amba has already sold oil to other Oyibos, hence there is no way they’ll allow Amba to pour sand in their garri.

    Once Biya is sworn in, it would be like the Boko case—defense groups would be created too—the Ekemas and the Njis would take of that—that is when the real fight would begin—no uniform…

    • Abeg Zammy lef man wiri daso njakri tok. All dat temp weh mpo biya di rig na daso now weh opposition for nag ndamba. Even small njaka fi wise se na mop u di daso run leke ngong dog

      • Abeg wuna gi Di man shack for ma bill!
        Ole boy you don tok.

        • Epée,

          tu as déjà vu koi?

          @kintan, for da arda elections dem eske Cabral Libii bin mobilize youths dem?

          Cabral mek’am all ba kan-kan mboko pericka dem get interest 4 register 4 vote again. Cabral witi Mme Walla dem plan bin be sey, we go vote then nang 4 inside ballot box until dem count the last vote. Biya 4 still rig, but plan B bin sey pericka dem go go the Burkina Faso way. Besides, SDF 4 sweep all MPs/counselors 4 NW/SW/W/D’la/parts of Ngola. Daso SDF yi one, without Maigari dem, for chakara wa parliament 4 the way wey no session no 4 ever hold until Anglo prob be the order of the day.

          But, eske some massa troki dem 4 Étas/EU/SA dem fit gree 4 be patient smol? Dem di mimba sey na daso dem sabi how 4 auction mbrazi?

          Anyway, kontri go chakara, na ALL man go losis…


    The outcome of the phoney election will be fabricated in Etoudi, transmitted through ELECAM to be validated by the Constitutional Council. That is the usual modus operandi.
    However, there will be an innovation this time around.

    Amba boys will make sure that Southern Cameroonians do not participate in this phoney election.

    They will achieve this goal by:

    1. arresting any ELECAM member they find in SC
    2. destroying all ELECAM infrastructure in SC
    3. disrupting any election campaign rally in SC
    4. torching any election materials they find in SC.
    5. arresting any CPDM member campaigning in SC

    LRC will promise to protect people willing to vote. However, historical data on casualties have proven that LRC cannot protect all the people all the time.


  6. Going on board an aircraft with zero maintenance sheet is bad enough. Doing so when there are doubts hanging over the pilot’s sanity is worse.
    Another dimension of the very dysfunctional nature of the Cameroonian polity during President Paul Biya’s watch. Given the amount of bloodletting associated with ordinary daily life, it is clear that a major event like a presidential election portends ominous consequences for a restive populace – a sure death sentence for many more victims! Is it rational to rely on the words of an inebriated pilot and go on board any way?

  7. @bobjazz I think all your lessons should be directed to Biya,not us,Ambasonians. If Biya love CMR,he would have called all Cameroonians on the table to discuss the way forward,but he has not done that for over two years now.He believes he knows what is good for Cameroon,and so he want to impose his system on us.We,Ambasonians want to remind him that in 1961,when we decided to come back to CMR,we did so on our free will,it was not East Cameroonians that voted for the SC territory to come to Cameroon.So,if we cannot talk to each other about Cameroon,then there is no need staying in Cameroon.After all,it was the Europeans that created German Cameroon,and it was still the Europeans that created French and British Cameroon…Buea is our destination..Sorry,its too late to safe CMR

    • @ Kongosa. I am not referring to your terrorist organization. I am referring to Cameroonians. Your terrorist organization doesn’t represent us anglophones and the world doesn’t recognize your terrorist organization.

    • Kongosa,

      na true sey Gen. Ivo dong meng? Field marshal go soon crossover to Awala—poor youths.

      Anyway, field marshal don tell wuna movement finish sey wuna no go ever chop money for their backs—only hope sey wuna bin succeed for at least decode dat part for yi pidgin…

      • You this big fool! If he dies 10,000 others are ready to replace him. From the arrest of Balla up to the abduction of Seseku, you idiots haven’t learned anything. Maybe you think our brothers and fathers are dying everyday for us to give up. General Ivo who is still live and well, controlling Ekondo Titi he recently freed from the occupiers is just 1 out of 8 Million revolutionary Amba soldiers. 21 gun salute Useless fool.

  8. The reason, why the frogs want biya to continue as president, is that he has a stone
    heart and that is what is required to deal with those `dogs`. It is not because, he rules
    the country that well.
    The `dogs`, have enough time still, to fight back. But there is still much fear in the minds
    of many, eventhough, we have suffered enough to not let any distractions hold us back.
    Election day, should be the waterloo day the world should record in the guinness book of
    records. The sacrifice, is worth it.

  9. @bobjazz ”I am not referring to your terrorist organization. I am referring to Cameroonians.”..ha ha ha ha… Are u talking about the CPDM members from NW and SW that have lost their legitimacy? Of course,those CPDM members are Cameroonians.I am not referring to them,i am referring but to Ambasonians,themajority of Anglophones,who do not recognise Biya as their president.The LRC gov’t,run by Biya are impostors forcing legitimacy,over the people he do not speak the same language with.Neither a local language or a colonial language.Biya is an impostor.

    • Minalmi @ Kongosa. The reason your terrorist organization is hiding in the bushes unlike ISIS or Boko Haram is because they have no support from the majority of anglophones they claim to be fighting for. Un point un trait.

  10. @bobjazz The reason your terrorist military are being slaughetred like chicken by ADF, in NW and SW is becos,your terrorist military do not have the support of the majority of anglophones they are claiming to want to protect.Impostors can never succeed in a foreign land.US tried it in Vietnam,and they failed.Cameroon will also fail in Ambasonia…..

    • @ Kongosa man. The globally recognized Cameroon military can move freely in the anglophone cities while your Ambazonia thugs can’t. The reason they are hiding in bushes and attacking only in small villages. Cowards. You tried that your bullsh’t in my village Santa and my people dealt with your thugs. You can only try that your nonsense in small villages near Nigeria in the SW.

  11. @bobjazz Oh yes u are right.The US army moved freely in vietnam,while the Vietnamese army stayed in the forest and still inflict too much casualties on the US army,becos the Vietnamese armies had the support of the local population.Are we experiencing same scenario here?

    • @ Kongosa. No, we are not experiencing same because more of your thugs are being killed unlike the Vietnamese and the Biya gov’t hasn’t even started yet. The Americans couldn’t venture in Vietnam cities. They tried to get into the cities through the villages and couldn’t just like your thugs. Wait and see after the elections then you will see dans quel bois Biya se chauffe. Mbut people. Don’t forget the Biya army also has anglophone people from those village bushes your thugs are hiding in.