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Cameroon: US Embassy condemns Kembong Gendarmes’ killings

Journal du Cameroun | The United State Embassy in Cameroon has issued a statement condemning the murders of four gendarmes during an attack on their facility in Kembong, Southwest Region on December 18.

While extending it’s deepest condolences to the families of the fallen gendarmes as well as to the people of Cameroon, the Embassy in the statement says, it hopes to see an immediate end to the violence and a commitment to dialogue on all sides.

Four security officers are said to have died from clashes with secessionists earlier on Monday in the town of Kembong. Their dead was confirmed by Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Cameroon’s government spokesman, to pressmen in Yaounde, Monday night. “The assailants, ensnared by the measures put in place by our defence and security forces, are now reduced to sporadic attacks carried out by hidden faces and using perfidy,” Tchiroma said.

Find the statement by the United States Embassy Yaoundé HERE

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  1. I told you repeatedly that you have lost the diplomatic fights having left radical and impulsive forces highjack a peaceful and effective movement. If this does not serve as a wakeup call, then I do not know what will. Good luck! 2018 will be no fun I promise you!

    • Remember, there’s a difference between the way people of English and French expression express themselves and understand issues. French slaves are used to making threats, like ;” Do something about it”, “ The war you were asking for has arrived”, “ I call on the government to declare martial law”, “ The army will take its responsibility” , “ 2018 will be fun” , blah blah, blah!



        wuna see wetti just pepper niamfuker

        amba will rise and failling big time

          THE GUORILA warfare will continue even in the next three thousand years . LRC the colonizer will have no sleep and no peace until they leave Ambazonia our homeland.


    • Did you also tell the Biya regime that they “have lost the diplomatic fights” following condemnation by the same body of unwarranted deaths of unarmed demonstrators at the hands of Biya’s forces?

      I am amazed by your decision to jump to conclusions based on this standard response(condemnation) from the American Embassy. Did you also notice that the statement hopes “to see an immediate end to the violence and a commitment to dialogue on all sides”?

      Confusion go kill you; please shut up and stop claiming credit where none is due. There’s nothing in the embassy response that remotely qualifies your confused position…”I told you repeatedly” your pima!

    • A diplomatic fight you never admitted in the first place. Always claiming to win everything with that your small head.

    • THE GUORILA warfare will continue even in the next three thousand years . LRC the colonizer will have no sleep and no peace until they leave Ambazonia our homeland.

  2. @Confucius We will kill more Gendarmes and nothing will change.We have declared our independence and we have the right to defend our territory from aggression.The manifestations on the 22nd of septemeber and the 1st of October is enough proof that Biya have lost authority in Ambasonia and has refused to call the legitimate leaders of Ambasonia for frank dialogue and is trying to force his way by using the military.We will kill more Gendarmes and we will not lost any diplomatic fight. Biya who is using the military to killi civilians, all in the guise of fighting terrorism will be the one to face ICC..Just watch what is going to happen.We have all the videos.

  3. Why does this even concern them? Many innocent people were brutalized and killed by the army last October, including children. Women were raped and got no justice. All they did was issue a safety and travel warning to their citizens, advising them not to travel to the NW or SW, or if already there, remain indoors and avoid gatherings. They should stick to that and clearly understand their purpose in Cameroon.

  4. May the Almighty God empower the US Embassy and the Trump Administration, the sole shining city on a hill”, to resolve this violence and instability. France and the UK are complicit in the ongoing recolonization troubles, per evidence. UK firms now building power stations, dams, natural gas and electricity monopolies for Mr Biya. No real interest to resolve a fundamental problem plaguing the people and to promote democracy.

  5. Because illiterates and historians like you asked them to raise a flag in a country that doesn’t exist yet. Bring this in my division we will hunt you alive. Nonsense

    • Which one be your division Amueh? Did you witness the gendarmes shooting in Tombel and Kumba? What about the SCNC flags that were raised in Bangem the heat of Kupe Mwanenguba? Ras Tuge look kot me eh!

  6. What a timely coincidence,it could never have happened at a better time,other than when the shameless commonwealth SG is in Yaounde,winning and dinning with the dictator.

    It is also no surprise that MC Tchiroma had to rush to the press to punch us under the belly while the useless dame is receiving her fuel money and statues from etoudi.

    Lets not even read between the lines,and take what the US embassy has just said at face value,will that deter Ambalanders from fighting for our total liberation?i think your answer is as good as mine.

    When the US embassy will condemn the biya regime on the killings of thousands of innocent anglophones,only then can we have the feeling that a remote statement was read somewhere concerning the killigs of four occupational forces in Ambaland.

    • Sorry-inbetween the lines.

      • We will never surrender;we win,or we die,and don’t think it stops there,we will have the next generation to fight,and after the next,the next.
        Lrcs trigger-happy boys will get what they deserve in my land in Manyu.

  7. Were was the US Embasssy in Cmaeroon when forces of La Republique slaughtered armless civilians? You can only issue these statements after receiving your checks from Mr. Biya.

    • Try “where”was…….and try “unarmed” civilians.

      Clearly armless (without hands) and unarmed (without weapons) are not synonymous.

  8. Ambablood. Start asking yourself why are we here today. Don’t raise a flag in a foreign coounty you don’t have rights to. You are putting more people at risk. Yes People died in Tombel but the question is why? You deceived them to go on the streets to protest with the flag. This is not acceptable in any country because you will be killed. We are smarter and we will not kill ourselves for you. Rule from Facebook and leave the people alone to carry their activities. Historians are the one who failed us and sold the country, same are in power and same want war. Cameroon will never separate. 7000 Rhindinga muslims have been killed in 2 months no UN. Stop false propaganda because soon the blood you spilled will hunt you. There are better ways of conflict than war.

    • look at yourself before you open your mouth,no body forced anyone to go out,they went out becos they feel bad about the system.come rain come sun the end matters,we can and will never be together.

  9. @ bakossi. Are you sure you are really a bakossi man? If yes, I am sorry for you because a vast majority of your countrymen want seperation . They don’t have a choice. Kupe mwanenguba has no inch of tarred road apart from Nguti only because it falls along the Kumba-mamfe highway. A very enclave division , yet you are here talking rubbish, how Cameroon will never separate . You don’t have a choice , it will be an order for the USE OF FORCE from HE sesekou Ayuk Tabe to lunch strikes towards LRC thugs in Ambazonia by our brave ADF and kupe nwanenguba will not be an exception , when the day comes

    • Why are you weeping about a flag and country that do not exist? Why don’t you weep about the fact that you are in a Republic that should not exist? In 1984 , your master unilaterally change a united republic into his centralized system. Drunks and intellectual Lilliputians like you naturally would be oblivious to such facts. Next time take a hard look in the mirror before throwing rocks! Since you led the way by raising a republic, what lessons do you have to give?

    • THE GUORILA warfare will continue even in the next three thousand years . LRC the colonizer will have no sleep and no peace until they leave Ambazonia our homeland.

  10. Peace and Merry Christmas to all of you.

    I sincerely hope that 2018 brings new hope, new dynamism, new understanding and a change of heart for those suppressing the natural instinct to face reality.

  11. Nonsense. Come and we will crucify you. Our blood is is not your fountain. Who is Ayuk?

  12. US embassy should just keep quite. Where were they when on 22 sept and 1st October our brothers and sisters were murdered by biya criminal regime for protesting with peace plants for constitutional changes? Like in other entities that have parted their ways they don’t have a choice but later their will recognize the federal Republic of Ambazonia

  13. Rethink it seems you don’t even understand how the world works.Why did you deceive people to carry the Uruguay flag to declare independence for a country that doesn’t exit yet. Name one country that wouldn’t. Even in the US people are still dying because of the confederate flag. Anyone who has contributed to blood spilling from either side awaits judgement. Arrest Ayuk and cohorts. Balla is the only true leader. Keep up with killing, the killing will keep up with you.


    Most of the leaders of the Separatist movement live in the US.
    LRC has already issued warrants of arrest for those “secessionists and terrorists”
    If the US is really serious with her condemnation, she should simply arrest Dr. Akwanga et al. and repatriate them to Biya’s Island of Peace.

    As a reminder, when the US was searching for Theresia Mubang, with a warrant of arrest, Biya invited US Special Agents to come to Bamenda and arrest her. They obliged, came to Bamenda and took her to the US.
    LRC BIR could also go to the US and arrest the “secessionists and terrorists”.
    That would surely be an example of Quid pro quo diplomacy.


  16. Relax Anglophones. puppet paul biya will be put to shame. Hell is waiting for him. There is no presidency in hell. All french colonies and their puppet presidents are slaves. The destiny of their children does not bother them. France is their home. Shame on you Francophones. You sell Africa and God given land for naught. Stupid and foolish. Uneducated and certificate buyers. Dull with non human mentality. Unteachable specie. Easily identifiable in the streets of Yaounde. Alcohol with dirty environments. Insanitary conditions called capital. Thieves, proud of being thieves. SHAME ON YOU AND SHAME TO CITIZENS OF YAOOUNDE. PRODUCING PAUL BIYA IS A DISGRACE IN HISTORY. YOU CAN FLEX YOUR MUSCLES FOR STEALING. 99 DAYS FOR THE THIEF BUT ONE DAY FOR THE OWNER.

    • @ Mvog Meka. I think you should study the Cameroon history and geography before making false statements. For your information the Yaounde (Ewondo) people have nothing to do with Biya as he is not one of them. PAUL BIYA IS NOT FROM YAOUNDE OR AN EWONDO. HE IS A BULU FROM THE SOUTHERN PROVINCE FAR FROM YAOUNDE. Stop accusing the Ewondo people for a crime committed by a Bulu man from the south.

      • Ewondos, Etons and Bulus are all “birds of a feather flock together”


        1. They are all BETIS
        2. They all come from the epicenter of the embezzlement of public funds
        3. They are, jointly and separately, responsible for the marginalisation of the peaceful people of Southern Cameroons
        4. They all come from the epicenter of the concentration of major projects
        5. They all find it difficult to accept that Southern Cameroonians are endangered species in Biya’s so-called “one and indivisible” LRC

        • Similar to Bamenda(s) right???

        • If this is your reasoning then you are saying that it is justified for the Francophones to call the Anglophones Biafra as some of the Anglophone boarder tribes like Ijhagam have connections with the Biafra people in Nigeria.

  17. Vaiocomputers

    The US may have condenm the assasinations but may still be pulling the invisible hand

  18. The USA should stay quiet, it that all they can do? We will fight for our freedom even if our English speaking countries Apart from Nigeria can not help us.Nigeria alone know the history of our country and a former guidance will help us. For I hope it is time they withdraw the weapons given by them for LRC to kill us with.
    We promise to deal with LRC.

  19. why is it difference from killing a terrorist wicked lrc gendarme? the forces recruit illiterate uncaring men and women dressed in evil uniforms,who never protect the citizens, they have never had the respect for the ordinary people, they are rude thieves, promote bribery, liars, absent fathers with many bastard children, Law breakers who often take the Law into their hands, they beat anyone especially women, vulnerable people, children and the disable, insult citizens, shot to kill, arrest innocent people to be released by paying bribes, ramsack homes without warrants,the entire lrc arm forces including the police are made up of slave depressed,voiceless gangs who are no role models, have no positive impact within any community,their job is mainly for their bread and butter

  20. Some, are thinking that because the US embassy has said it, it is final.
    The US, should be considered as the CONFUSSIONIST of the world and
    that they are only siding with Biya because he allowed them have a drone
    The UN, has disgraced them on Jerusalem being the capital of Isreal. Many
    Arab countries have condemned their move and all that is left, is for Trump
    to babble with words. We don`t want them in Ambaland. Let them go home,
    and take care of the many homeless peoples in their country and their
    marginalization of the blacks and native Americans. A country that is no
    different from Sodom and Gomorah { homosexuals, lbgp, humans marrying dogs etc}