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Cameroon’s Anglophone crisis threatens national unity. The time for change is now.

Theconversation.com | Phyllis Taoua, Professor of Francophone Studies (Africa, Caribbean), Faculty Affiliate with Africana Studies, World Literature Program and Human Rights Pracice, University of Arizona

Cameroon’s governance and security problems have historically attracted little outside attention. But this seems likely to change, for two reasons. The first is the growing political crisis in the Central African nation’s English-speaking region. The second is a presidential election scheduled for October 2018.

Roughly 20% of the country’s population of 24.6 million people are Anglophone. The majority are Francophone. The unfair domination of French-speaking politicians in government has long been the source of conflict.

Activists in the country’s Anglophone western regions are protesting their forced assimilation into the dominant Francophone society. They argue that this process violates their minority rights, which are protected under agreements that date back to the 1960s. Anglophone political representation and involvement at many levels of society has dwindled since the Federal Republic of Cameroon became the United Republic of Cameroon in 1972. There are growing calls for the Anglophone region to secede from Cameroon.

This festering conflict represents a major test as Cameroonians prepare for the October elections.

Three things are urgently needed now in Cameroon. The first is to understand the origins of the crisis. The second is to support an inclusive national dialogue. And the third is to ensure that the 2018 elections are free and fair for all.

Growing crisis

Before 1961, the Anglophone territories were part of Eastern Nigeria. They elected to join the Republic of Cameroon by plebiscite at the time of decolonisation.

A power-sharing agreement was reached: the executive branch of government was meant to be shared by Francophones and Anglophones. But that agreement has not been upheld and, over the years, Anglophone political representation has been steadily eroded.

The crisis came to a head in late 2016 when lawyers, joined by teachers and others with similar grievances, led protests in major western cities demanding that the integrity of their professional institutions be protected and their minority rights respected.

President Paul Biya responded by deploying troops to the region and blocking internet access. When peaceful demonstrations were met with violent repression it exacerbated tensions and escalated the conflict to a national political crisis.

On 12 June 12 2018, Amnesty International issued a report documenting human rights violations in Cameroon. The International Crisis Group says that at least 120 civilians and 43 members of security forces have been killed in the most recent waves of violence.

More than 20,000 people have fled to neighbouring Nigeria, and an estimated 160,000 are displaced within Cameroon.

Some human rights activists worry that Cameroon could be the site of Africa’s next civil war.

Agbor Nkongho, an Anglophone human rights lawyer and director of the Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, told the Washington Post:

We are gradually, gradually getting there (civil war). I’m not seeing the willingness of the government to try to find and address the issue in a way that we will not get there.

Another issue is that there are diverse views even within the Anglophone and Francophone communities about what would be best for Cameroon going forward.

Obstacles to national unity

In October 2017 the separatist leader Julius Ayuk Tabe declared the independence of the Republic of Ambazonia. His interim government laid claim to a territory whose borders are the same as the UN Trust Territory of Southern Cameroons under British rule (1922-1961).

The interim government’s spokesman, Nso Foncha Nkem, invited Francophones to leave the region and called on Anglophones in Biya’s “rubber-stamp” government to return to Ambazonia and support the movement. He also pleaded for unity, asking that Anglophones speak in one voice.

However, that call has not overcome the challenges posed by diverse viewpoints within the Anglophone population itself. Some favour secession. Others want to return to the 1961 federation and the power-sharing agreement. There are those who prefer decentralisation that would devolve power to regional leaders, and some who simply want an administrative solution that would leave the Republic of Cameroon as it stands.

And among the Francophone population, there is some support for the radical separatists, while some see the Anglophone situation as a general crisis of governance and others deny any problem exists.

Mongo Beti, a Francophone novelist and activist who spent 30 years in exile, observed after returning home in the 1990s that a general absence of identification with a viable, unified nation due to various divisions had frayed Cameroon’s social fabric and was a significant impediment to progress.

It is unclear whether Biya, who is 85 and in power since 1980, will run for re-election. His 38 years in office as a corrupt, absent leader have left the nation in tatters. The vast majority of Cameroonians, whether Anglophone or Francophone, are hungry for change.

The way forward?

There is an urgent need for an inclusive national dialogue to harness this desire for change.

The government must recognise that it faces a substantive national crisis and take extraordinary steps. A general conversation about governance in all its regions is also necessary. Given the depth and severity of people’s grievances, a holistic approach is needed that would address issues of governance, security, and civic engagement to mend the bonds that have been broken.

This is necessary if the current crisis it to become an opportunity to develop a new road map for the future that could empower citizens.

Phyllis Taoua

Phyllis Taoua is the author of African Freedom: How Africa Responded to Independence (Cambridge University Press, 2018) and was a Tucson Public Voices Fellow with the Op-Ed Project.



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  1. In all its regions ? The general grivence is poverty ,basic cash products wholesale farmers prices have gone down in the past twenty years and the treasury is in French vaults this is the main holistic problem even if Obama was running the show he would struggle.

  2. All the law makers from Anglophone regiion have to take this forward wether CPDM or SDF .. is time for them to come together

  3. No national dialogue or whatever name. Ambazonians, dead and alive, stand for
    their fatherland – Ambaland. It is now or never. We shall overcome.
    Good news, HE Sissiku Ayuk Tabe and co, are alive and have been seen.
    I know, that some folks are so worried about this development, but more is ahead
    to come. The struggle, continues.

    • @joshua

      I will kill all the Igbo people in my country “SISIKU”


      • THIS article is sooooooooooooooooooo fake even the basic chronological history of cameroon its not mentioned here . hahahahahhahaahha

        For the record cameroon or southern cameroon had never been parted of nigeria , we have been separed when germany lost the war world two .


        • Bamendaboy,

          The partition of German Kamerun took place after the Germans were defeated in World War ONE and not in World War TWO.

          This partition was effected without the participation of the local people who were not given the chance to indicate any opposition to the scheme.

          Today, we finally have a chance to correct our story and construct an AFRICAN country on our own terms; and those that are willing to participate IN CONSTRUCTIVE BARGAINING will be invited around the AFRICAN FIREPLACE.

        • Yes war world one

        • Hey Cpdm intellectual !
          I’m afraid you are the right person to talk about huddling around an African fireplace! You puffed with glee when the Bir arrived the SW region , bringing with them death and desolation. It showed your primitive desire to hurt. Today, without an iota of shame, you want to be this apostle of peace, who loves bringing African children around a fireplace.

      • Pompidou Mensah

        biya bastard sgain

      • Unfortunately for you Sisiku is a hero and you are just a little nobody struggling to make your tiny voice heard in a local forum.Your hate messages only end here and those you support are already begging for peace.You are one of those useless Africans who is afraid of change due to your corrupt mind.

  4. Phyllis Taoua,

    Some corrections to your half-baked report:

    1. What exactly do you refer to as ‘before 1961’? You must familiarize yourself with the territory much further.

    2. ‘ANGLOPHONE TERRITORIES and the REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON: the ANGLOPHONE TERRITORIES did not constitute either a state or a country, as opposed to the current opportunistic secessionist orthodoxy. Some have falsely claimed that the reunification was about two states coming together, which is completely incorrect.

    3. The Anglophone territories voted to REUNITE with the Francophone territories of erstwhile Kamerun.

    4. The illegitimate secessionist leader(s) are self-proclaimed and they do not have the people’s mandate.

    5. Secessionists have already traded land!!!

    • Pompidou Mensah

      Ra’s idiot read Res 1608 if you can. They voted to form a union of 2 equal States, now they have the the full rights to form their nation after the agreement was VIOLATED Also watch BREXIT

      • Quite a simple interpretation for you: your statement simply indicates that the Anglophone territories actually became a state after they joined the Republic of Cameroon.

        Thus, contrary to the popular misconception that is promoted by your fraudulent secessionist orthodoxy, the Anglophone territories were never a state by themselves.

        Technically speaking, the territories achieved independence by REUNIFYING with the REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON in an arrangement which legitimated their status as polity. The evolution of that polity in a larger political unit is what is debatable.

        • Ras Tuge, What can you not spin you this miserable pigheaded cracker? We know Just like your uncle Ngole Ngole, “from a political standpoint, the president has manifested his republican goodwill and republican conscience through his republicanism..” whatever that means Hahahaha. Big grammar blabbers with nothing to show for it as they move from one transmission of the transmitter to another transmission Hahahaha. Ras Tuge shut up and get out.

        • L’enemie,

          Unless you can dispute what I stated you will just keep on making a fool of yourself.

          These things are not easy for you to understand, as I can see.

        • Your rants don’t need disputing as from your Ngole Ngole uncle’s prolifical standpoint you are manifesting your republican good conscience and goodwill republicanism.

          But hey, Southern Cameroon was the first statehood to witness a free and fair African democratic election as power changed hands in 1954. That was in a category A state which dismissed al you apocryphal conjectures. Get out and shut up.

      • Nice one bro! Its time for AMBAEXIT!

    • According to International law the Unification was the coming together of two states.Your facts are myopic try to research further before writing.

      • Well, you mentioned International law…. so let us examine the issue a little bit.

        There were just two questions that were posed by the UN:

        1. Do you wish to achieve independence by joining the REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON?

        2. Do you wish to achieve independence by joining the FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA?

        So you can see!

        The ANGLOPHONE TERRITORIES VOTED to join the REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON! Thus, those regions REUNITED with the FRANCOPHONE territories together with which they consituted an internationally recognized political unit called KAMERUN whose dismembering was not based on international law.

        At the UN on the 17th of December 1972, UM NYOBE made a serious case for the IMMEDIATE REUNIFICATION of Cameroon.

        • @RAS: i dont know if this history is what we need now..I think we have to really wake up, feel as a nation and really start cleaning our country..At one time we really need to stop this madness and dialogue..The country is in full mess..We cant really claim or pretend we never saw this coming..If we dont stop playing politics, we will not be able to clean our country..
          RAS:- people like Atanga Nji and some strange politicians honestly dont have a place in a united cameroon..If you come up as a politician and try to divide people to gat a position, then you deserve nothing but jail.People are dying, soldiers are dying, young men are fighting..This is because the state failed not because the young men are being fooled.They dont have a future and feel betrayed by the state. Lets talk, talk .

        • Biko,

          Unless you are able to understand the underlying dynamics of the issue which is deeply rooted in our absurd history, you will definitely achieve nothing with any type of diplomacy. We need to embrace and acknowledge that history for it will nurture our efforts at building a better nation.

          About Atanga Nji, well… like I have mentioned before, everybody that acknowledges the Motherland in all Her imperfections will be invited to rehabilitate and reorient the nation. The state may have failed as you say but the young men are also being seriously misled by dogmatic secessionist impostors.

        • Oh, big mistake on UM NYOBE’S REUNIFICATION CASE AT THE UN!!!

          It was on the 17th of December 1952, and not 1972, as I wrongly typed.

        • Ambazonia in my Blood

          Southern Cameroon’s had internationally recognized boundaries before unifying with east Cameroon.When east Cameroon achieved her independence Southern or West Cameroon was not there.Keep quiet when scholars are debating.

        • So tell us, Mr. Ambazonia scholar, when did Southern Cameroons achieved its independence?

          Southern Cameroons had internationally recognized borders, you chant! With no flag, no anthem, no emblems… today, you are advertising a piece of rag called flag which has absolutely no historical significance… and an anthem that sounds more like your kondry choir! No, Mr. scholar, you haven’t done your homework.

        • ‘Achieve its independence’

    • Ras, great comments there. Permit me to add that:

      1. Toua writes: “Before 1961, the Anglophone territories were part of Eastern Nigeria. They elected to join the Republic of Cameroon by plebiscite at the time of decolonisation.” I don’t find any misnomer unless you have some particular clarification you might want to point out.

      2. It is true the ‘joining’ was about LRC and Southern Cameroons. But, I still wonder what gave the Southern Cameroons grounds to ‘join’ LRC. Could they join without having attained independence? I strongly believe from the wordings of the UNGA Resolution 1608 (XV) that the ‘joining’ was a consequence of independence. If this argument does not stand any grounds then, Southern Cameroons has never attained independence and is therefore a colony today.


      • 3. The people of Southern Cameroons ‘joined’ LRC. The only term defined by the UNGA resolution 168 (XV) which endorses the results of the plebiscite of Feb 11, 1961 use the term ‘achieve independence by joining.’ The term ‘reunite’ is a political cannot be referenced to any UN document.

        4. I agree with you the leaders are self-proclaimed and do not have the peoples’ mandate. Likewise, I won’t vouch any leader has the peoples’ mandate. Even the Germans who colonized Cameroon, did not have the peoples’ mandate but still exercised leadership. The legitimacy of present day leaders is a big call for concern considering the electoral system.

        5. We need proof the land has been sold.

      • Mr Ambazonia,

        You don’t find any misnomer, as you say. Well, let’s see… ‘Before 1961, the Anglophone territories were part of Eastern Nigeria’, as stated by the author.

        So what period are we referring to exactly? There is an implicit presupposition that the Anglophone territories were originally part of Eastern Nigeria.


        Thus, I would speak of a fundamental misrepresentation and not a misnomer.

        We have to be careful with these things especially when it comes from people with unfamiliarity in the territory. We may even need to question the motives of such people.

        • Further, you say the term ‘reunite’ is political and cannot be referenced in any UN document. This sounds quite odd but let’s see..

          Well, ‘reunite’ is a verb and the noun is ‘reunification’. These terms are found in UN documents on Cameroon, Germany, Vietnam…

          What gave the Southern Cameroons grounds to join LRC, you wonder.
          Answer: the UN ORGANIZED PLEBISCITE.

          Could they join without having attained independence?

          Answer: Yes. The UNITED KINGDOM, that had custodial rights over the Anglophone territories supported the REUNIFICATION of Cameroon, and they had no special plans for the Anglophone territories.

          Thus, independence was the consequence of joining the Republic of Cameroon, and not the other way round as you suggest.

    • Distortions of the truth lead to war! A waste of resources. Staff at LRC Embassy in Rome now without wages for months. Shame to jungle mentality. Czechoslovakia today Czeck and Slovakia republics following incompartible experiment at living together. Both are members of the European Union.

      Today, LRC locked down by France. Southern Cameroons is truly independent but seemingly recolonized. Unfair. Speak the truth. No treaty on earth makes LRC the successor nation to German Kamerun. All parts or peoples of the former protectirate have right to self determination and separate self-development.

  5. @ Ras tuge

    I am agree with you one hundred percent “ the history had been writing white and black “

    The only way to change the history of Cameroon will be another war “ WAR WORLD 3” that time will speak Chinese language kikikkkiki ki “ kongosa “

  6. All what is written in the article above does it matter anymore at this point in time?every people have a right to self determination.we had asked for a referendum,non was given,we asked for a dialogue to determine our terms of separation and again lrc turned a deaf ear and decided to play dirty by killing our people.the only way out is the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.
    We know the history and origin of the problems but are no longer interested in it.

    • one of the tragic stratergic mistakes made in 1960 by our ignorant,naive politicians was not fusing north west with western province and changing the name for example to OKU,from mount OKU at the same time replacing english and french with an african language to erase the mental devision created by aryan occupation.the same thing should have been done by fusing south west with douala and calling it FAKO from mount FAKO.with a language and the cult of ancestors decleared as official national spirituality.we should have been far ahead of three hundred billion economies like vietnam.
      today linguistically the solution lies in making swahili collective language,but that of fusing will need advance strategic thinking because of extreme brainwash.

  7. @ Rast Tuge and Bamenday
    This woman has spoken the truth of what is going on in Cameroon since you guys are doom and deff you can’t accept it believe me or not Biya and his gang are confuse as Ambazonia has gone wooooooooooow God punish the devil he tot Anglophones are joking let see what will happen before the year end.

  8. One and indivisible LRC is a child play ahahahaha Ambazonia is free

  9. @Ras Tuge ”ANGLOPHONE TERRITORIES and the REPUBLIC OF CAMEROON: the ANGLOPHONE TERRITORIES did not constitute either a state or a country, as opposed to the current opportunistic secessionist orthodoxy” Even under Nigeria,which was also an ANGLOPHONE TERRITORY like SC,SC still had her autonomy from January 1954 under a drafted constitution by the British colonial administration called the Lyttleton’s constitution.SC re-unified with LRC with that autonomy intact,as stated by the 1961 constitution.If LRC violates the constitution,SC has the right to quit and create Ambasonia

  10. 3. The people of Southern Cameroons ‘joined’ LRC. The only term defined by the UNGA resolution 168 (XV) which endorses the results of the plebiscite of Feb 11, 1961 use the term ‘achieve independence by joining.’ The term ‘reunite’ is a political cannot be referenced to any UN document.

    4. I agree with you the leaders are self-proclaimed and do not have the peoples’ mandate. Likewise, I won’t vouch any leader has the peoples’ mandate. Even the Germans who colonized Cameroon, did not have the peoples’ mandate but still exercised leadership. The legitimacy of present day leaders is a big call for concern considering the electoral system.

    5. We need proof the land has been sold.

  11. Apologists of the rogue regime, didn`t get a good night`s sleep, when it was
    said HE Sissiku et al, are alive and have been seen.
    @ JD, i beg, blow dem de grammer for wetin wey e don happen.
    We shall overcome some day.

    • That simply means your tribesman, Atanga Nji was right when he told you that your self-proclaimed impostor leaders had gained weight! You should be thanking Atanga Nji for his honesty, Joshua, as you celebrate the victory he gave you. Don’t be an ingrate… give thanks and praise!

      • tchiroma said HE Sissiko et al, are well and in good condition, not your
        other idol.
        Ambazonia becaming a reality by the tick of the Amba time.

        • …and your tribesman Atanga Nji said they had gained weight! I thought you followed the news, Joshua.

      • Ras Tuge what you guys always fail to understand is that history means nothing when a people are marginalised. Even if 100% of anglophones had voted yrs back to join the LRC, as long as there is a natural, cultural or language barrier and then marginalization they can always fight for seccession.

        Even the Hausas in the north or the Bamileke or pygmies can always fight for indipendence like the Ibo? There are no laws to fight for freedom.

        That’s why there must be involvement in nation building.

        • History is perhaps the most edifying subject through which mankind has been so exceedingly instructed. Science is deeply rooted in history. Do not underestimate history!

          When you want to split Cameroon on the basis of an imperialistic boundary, as well as an imposed cultural heritage, you will find serious obstacles in your way.

          There are no laws to fight for freedom, as you say but there are principles that govern the system through which freedom is manifested. The Biafra people would educate you on that before you make a regrettable mistake!

    • It is exhausting dwelling on the same issue day in, day out. An intelligent person would hardly need so much prompting. It is so convenient to pick out Julius Ayuk Tabe and stigmatize with the fantastic word “self-proclaimed” as if the Ahidjos, Biyas and even the colonialists before them were not self-proclaimed.
      The nation has pushed aside notions like merit, competition and others as it struggles to mass produce sycophants like Messanga Nyamdig to do their dirty job of telling Anglophones that they are not just good enough for admission into ENAM, EMIA and many others who produce the wonderful persons calling the shots today.
      Is it rocket science to know that today’s Melody of “Bilingual Commission” presupposes past monolingualism?
      Anyone who opts to join the bandwagon,….

      • Un vieux con. On m’a toujours apris à respecter les ainés, mais là je suis obligée!
        Le mec est completement débile.
        A affirmer sans aucune gêne que Ahidjo et Biya étaient ‘auto-proclamés ‘!!

        • Miss Bikutsi,
          I began by helping rectify your multiple English flaws with the mistaken assumption that you were one rare Francophone, able and willing to rise up and be counted. I even berated some individuals on this forum who used bad language on you.
          You have proved me grossly mistaken in my placement of you. Of course it is not quite an easy task to shed the primitive tribal trait. If Professor Messanga Nyamdig can lump all Anglophones into the category of a “tribe” of ungrateful persons whose entry to your schools is through presidential largesse, should it surprise anyone that you so seamlessly address me “con”?

      • La connerie a la peau dure, il me semble que tu lui plait bien.
        Je l’affirme avec big Johnny, nous en Ambazonie on n’a jamais voté pour Ahidjo, encore moins pour Biya.
        Mais voilà on a été obligé de vivre avec comme chefs d’état Et ça va bientôt faire 60 and que ça dure. Mrd!

        • Et c’est le reste du Cmr qui a “voté ” Biya ou Ahidjo?
          Tu comprends pourquoi je vous traite de con?
          Et c’est où l’Ambazonie déja?
          Je ne suis pas là pour plaire à qui que ce soit, et j’ai pas peur des mots mon frere..
          Faut limiter cette contagion de stupidité qui envahi notre pays.

        • @Bikutsi,
          Unless you no longer want to communicate in French, you got to stand up for your own statements. Seriously integrity clearly means nothing to some of you frogs….now let me quote you per your 25/6/18 submission at 18:49 Amba time:

          “Un vieux con. On m’a toujours apris à respecter les ainés, mais là je suis obligée!
          Le mec est completement débile.
          A affirmer sans aucune gêne que Ahidjo et Biya étaient ‘auto-proclamés ‘!!

          Now unless you no longer understand French or the fear of losing your free Ambazonian lunch is so great that you are quite simply losing it you said yourself that we were fools for suggesting that Your dictators were not elected. Can’t change now baby!
          Integrity in rather short supply in Larepublique, as usual!

  12. Lazy African leaders can’t build national unity.
    60yrs to build a nation but nothing came out just an ensuing civil war.
    Curse of the Blackman in the Equatorial forest, the Germans colonizers and the English colonizers did better.
    Truth is but for Government employed embezzlers any other Cameroon be it west or East Cameroon who is given a chance to migrate to Germany or England would prefer that migration over staying in the land of their birth.
    You can’t build a nation by marginalizing 25% of the population, forced francophonization, apartheid policies?
    Who is fooling who?
    Partition of Africa is a European construct, current day Cameroon is a European construct, if Africa could be partitioned why not Cameroon again.
    This union experiment has failed woefully. Time to go!

    • My sister as for Ras Tuge, Cameroon began in 1900.
      I have said that before German Kamerun we had nothing to do with Ewondos.
      We also had nothing to do with Fulbés in the north. This story of one and indivisible Cameroon is a joke.
      We tried a “United” Cameroon it did not work. Get used to it.
      We must move forward.
      Ambazonia must be free

      • What did the Bakossis in the SW have to do with the Bamendas in the NW ? @ Epée Dipanda? These are 2 different group of people! You don’t even have the same ancenstry if we must follow your line of though!
        By your logic, your common ancestry was British!
        Can you please stop playing dum, cos I can’t beleive that people can be that stupid.

      • Stupidity comes in many forms.
        Why must it be acceptable to submit myself to a German construct but not a British one? Particularly when the French under the guise of the German construct are taking me for a ride?
        There is nothing like Bamendas, for you education, there are different parts of the NW. Without this Ambazonia struggle most of you larepublicans would know nothing of NW and SW even though you shout unity in roof tops.
        Let me educate you, free as usual.
        Batibo people have more in common with Bayangi or Manyu people than hey do with Weh or Wum people or Nso people. Go listen to the language. Lebialem also have more in common with Manyu than bafoussam even though they may be said to be Dschang people.
        The linkages are nuanced.
        Regardless Wata na Wata

        • Thanks for educating that female sheep bros Epie.

        • Isn’t it that mixed spot that makes us Cameroonians? In Cameroon you find all type of African people and cultures! Did the Betis choose to share the same Country with the Hausa or the Duru or Baya etc…no, but we are all Cameroonians.
          This your “war ” is the stupist war of the century. We can’t even explain to outsiders what it is about because of shame.
          Don’t you feel stupid when someone ask you to explain why this is going on in your Country?
          Or are you proudly answering that you are fighting for the restauration of an English speaking state in Africa because you were colonize by Britain and have a ” British ” culture? Hihihi.. isn’t it the paroxym of stupidity?

        • Wolowos Bikutsi, I beg go wash ya touma with that stupidity. Just because wanna no choose for do something no mean say we Ambazonia people no get choice. Feel free to choose who you associate with and hopefully they consent to associating with you too. As for Ambaland, we no want anything for do with your failed republic. Wetti you di cry now wolowos?

        • Alamimbu please do not let us descend to the gutter with Bikutsi, she wants us to “insult” rather than educate, in this way she will constantly shift the goal post until neither you nor the uninformed reader can keep track of the substantive matter.
          I know that strategy, we will not let her or Larepublique win.
          We will educate her on the Anglophone problem, by fire by force.
          The attempt to suggest that Ambazonians are fighting to be “recognized” as British is infantile and will not wash. Each time you try it, we will expose your historical atrocities in Ambazonia until the whole world knows about your human and economic crimes in our homeland.
          I have culled some here from a write up which is making the rounds:

        • Below are “some” of the reasons for the Anglophone problem and why it will never go away until it’s solved, Finally:

          POWERCAM: It was a hydro electricity dam located in Yoke Muyuka that was supplying electricity to the entire British Southern Cameroons. This dam was closed down deliberately by the Francophone led government after reunification.

          CAMEROON BANK: This was our Anglophone bank created by the government in Buea and was the biggest bank in the two Cameroons and operated under the Barclays Bank UK standards in West Africa. It was completely destroyed by both Ahidjo and Biya’s men in La Eepublique du Cameroun.

        • National Produce MARKETING BOARD: It was the cocoa and coffee authority of British Southern Cameroons headquartered in Victoria (Not Limbe as the Biya comedian Inoni Ephraim wants us to call it}. It provided Anglophone farmers with details of all what was happening in the world market. It invested in reserves in the Cameroon Bank and kept the our young men off the streets by running football clubs. This was completely shattered by La Republique.

          Cooperative Societies: This was a Dutch culture implanted in Anglophone Cameroon. Farmers had to work in cooperative groups. Those who were sailing from a Port in Douala via Malabo in Equatorial Guinea to France to be assimilated came and destroyed it.

        • Mobile Wing Police: It was a well trained British police force that we Anglophones inherited and was noted for its discipline. Ahidjo replaced them with a ruthless force known as the French Gendarmerie
          Compare the police force in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa to the no-sense called gendarmerie in Larepublique. Even when the former take tips or bribes as do the latter, they do no kill frivolously, a trait which is the stock in trade of Larepublique forces.

  13. The change can only come if all cameroonians join hands together far away from the stupid mindset of Anglophones/Francophones rather as “camroonophones” for those who are still fooling themselves that this country will be partitioned they waste their time it will never happen there are complaints over the entire country and only those who have visited the ten regions can better understand.if you only know Molyko,Nkwen,Dla,yde you can’t understand what I am talking about unfortunately this is the case of many ignorant here taking their short sight for wisdom.

    • If you people are poor and you don’t complain in la Republique, that’s your problem.
      We had a national parliament in Buea the other 8 regions did not.
      You people must learn to work among yourselves as francophones.
      We don deny the Njunba after 57 years of manipulation.
      There is nothing you people can do about it.
      Our children are looking forward to a free Ambazonia….
      Their anger will be more potent than that of the current fighters.
      Ambazonia must be free

      • Their ‘anger’ will soon be manisfasted against you in the diasporan who have send their loved ones in their early grave!
        Very soon, even those missleaded youngers in the forest will realise what you are up to and will start hunting you and your families.
        Your so called social media ‘leaders ‘ allready know it. That’s why they are continue doing what they are doing. They have no choice, cos they know they are banned from Cameroon for life.

        • You often play God here Bikutsi.
          Banned from Cameroon for “Life” you make me laugh.
          It is your Paul Biya who is banned from Ambazonia. Not our people.
          Your skull appears to be very thick, you haven’t learnt that your lies may work for Larepublique but they will never, ever (read my lips) Eeeh-va work for Ambazonians.
          Simple example…your lie of 20h May, who believes any longer? Only larepublicans. We in Ambazonia do not Recognise it. 11th February? Trash no different.
          Now you think our youngsters will blame their loss and the destruction of their loved ones and hallowed shrines on diasporas when they he selves were eye witnesses of the unspeakable horrors visited upon them by beastly Defence forces of Larepublique?
          Only a mimbo eye larepublicans chap like you can believe that stuff.

    • # Bantouphone!

  14. @ Ras Tuge. Was It Constitutional For UNO To Organize A Referendum In A MANDATE Like They Did In 1961? What Were Their Aims For Not Reuniting Kamerun B4 Independence As Claimed By Um Nyobe? Why Didn’t They Organize A Referendum In Germany Also Before Breaking The Berlin Wall? We Know That Ambazombians Have A Deal With ” Kilimanjaro Venture” In Canada Over Bakassi Oil. As The French Did While Sponsoring Biafra Over Crude Oil & Not The People.

    • Mbamois,

      I believe you already have the answers to the issues you are raising but let me state that the 1961 UN Plebiscite is questionable both in essence and substance.

      You cannot possible address an issue that was not based on international law through what could be described as constitutional means. The could explain the willingness of the UK to reunite Cameroon.

      I think we can only speculate about the intentions of those devils as to what their aims for not granting UM NYOBE’S wish of reuniting Kamerun before independence. However, it is important to note that the reunification of Kamerun is inextricably interwoven with UM NYOBE’S advocacy.

      For the British, the plebiscite was about atonement to give a semblance of legality and legitimacy

  15. @ RAS:- i like the way u put your Arguments when it comes to history of cameroon…Thanks..
    But I still believe that no cameroonian should be surpeise where weare today..I am sure almost every one saw it coming but may be not in this brutal manner..
    We can talk all sorts of politics here but at the end of the day, we still realize cameroonians leading the country are not honest and really took the majority for fools..
    If we all dont stand up and stop this mess, we will damage our country to the extend that we might need over 2 genarations to repair the damages..In 1994 we were crying Rwanda, but close to 20 years after, this country can even grant us help..we need to think, rethink, accept mistakes and look for ways to make sure they dont repeat again..

  16. MY country people :- when we discuss here, talk and insult others- Lets not forget what MALCOLM X said about the media:

    “The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.”

  17. The ONLY Change we need now is to negotiate total separation. Nothing more nothing less.

  18. the french Cameroon government cannot dialogue because they are arrogant liars, afraid of the truth,guilty of subjugation and mass murder, how can anyone lecture the people of Ambazonia to seek dialogue with biya’s who is English handicapped? it continues with brutality, brutal militarisatio, killings, burning of villages, inhumane treatment towards the English speaking population?the only discussing will be separation of the two countries now, the English will look after their own country and people, biya’s election will have no significant impact in the English region because we shall never allow any french Cameroon government to rule over Ambazonia again, if this is forced,Cameroon will have no peace until separation + no francophone will be allow to govern peacefully in Ambazonia