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Cameroon’s NorthWest renews curfew, UNHCR says 20,291 refugees now in Nigeria

africanews | Governor of Cameroon’s North West region has in a press statement issued a renewal of the curfew imposed in the region.

The decision to impose a curfew months back was to contain guerilla style attacks by separatist elements on members of the security force.

A March 12 statement from the governor’s office said the regional order restricted movement of persons and property as from (Sunday) the 11th of March 2018 from 09 PM to 5 AM within the region.

The previous order a week long one was imposed between March 4 and March 11, 2018. The South West region have imposed much lengthier curfew duration – opting for a month.

The two regions are at the heart of the Anglophone crisis, where English-minority population are seeking to break off from the French-majority Cameroon. Separatists elements operating under the so-called Ambazonia defense force have killed over twenty-four soldiers.

They have kidnapped one soldier and another government official in a new leg of their operations. One of the kidnapped persons, a delegate for Social Affairs in the NorthWest appeared in a recent video begging the government to intervene in securing his release.

Meanwhile, the United Nation’s refugee agency, the UNHCR, reports that the number of Cameroonians fleeing the Anglophone crisis into Nigeria has crossed the 20,000 mark.

A UNHCR report dated March 8 said a total of 20,291 people had officially been registered and were now living in Nigeria’s Benue and Cross River States. They comprised people living in nine communities.

The UN body said it needed 18 million dollars to better cater for the refugees – a request it said was based on the contingency plan. As many as 6,800 plus refugees are in Obanliku, Boki (4,664), Kwande (3,501), Akampka (2,197), Etung (1,934) etc.

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  1. “The situation in the South-West and North-West Regions is stabilizing, and the Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism should thus be able to delve into the crux of the problem;” (Biya, 2018)

    Believe me or not, the FINAL SOLUTION to the Anglophone Question will be gotten this time around, come rain come shine.

    Nothing can stop the present momentum:

    1. Not the appointment of Ex-convict AtangaNA Nji
    2. Not the contracting mercenaries from Chad
    3. Not the creation the creation of the so-called Commission on bilingualism
    4. Not the translation of the OHADA text
    5. Not anything

    History is indeed in the making in Biya’s ISLAND OF EVIL. This can now only be denied by apologists and Spin doctors of the Junta, who resist the truth and deny reality.

    • Where are u commenting from? I suppose US or Europe. Why not go to Cameroon and fight with the so-called Ambazonian soldiers? You guys sit abroad making money, living in peace with no fear of getting killed, driving in luxurious cars, enjoying with your families while families in Cameroon are torn apart, How do you feel reading that Cameroonians have become refugees who could barely eat a complete meal a day?

      • Massa ohhh Tormentor ! I really don’t understand this guys. And I really don’t get why soldiers are burning everyones house when a uniform man is killed . All this is crazy , i never imagined i would see my people like this , transformed to refugees. People should wake up and understand that RDPC and Ambazombia are the same. They dont care about the people.

      • You are 100% right. All those abroad have big mouths while their family is killed.

        • Uhmm pays thank you. You are a true son of the soil and a wise man. I don’t believe the people committing these evil acts both from the Biya regime and the Ambazonia terrorists have the people’s best interest at heart.

      • If you understood the meaning of INFORMATION WARFARE you could have NOT asked me such foolish questions.

        Guess what ????

        Modern day warfare is not fought only with AK47.

        That is the reason your ISLAND OF EVIL is always blocking the internet, jamming the signals of SCBC and using Peter Essoka to control information.


  2. We are now in a situation where cameroonians are killing cameroonians and some are running to a foreign country..But we open our dirty mouths and talk of one and indivisible country..We raoe our women, kill our children and mothers but still talk of one and indivisible country..
    We do all we cann to divide our people..Do all we can to humiliate people, And yet we claim we are one and indivisible.??..
    We should end this dirty war, dialogue with all cameroonians and look for a long and lasting peace..
    We should not be afraid of words like federalism or what ever…

  3. colonial french Cameroon will never be the same after it war declaration, regressive colonial dictator biya has destroyed the entire country he never built in 57 years as a politician, anything that looks a bit nice was left from colonisation like the botanical garden in Victoria everything else in 57 years is fake cosmetic from the outside, all the regions have slum quarters exposing sewage, muddy,pothole, dusty death trap roads, bad government hospitals,rotten, dirty shackle junior schools buildings with outdated school failing curriculum from colonisation, lrc is a shameful,disgraceful dirty beggar corrupt country, infested with deadly manifested bugs due to poor sanitation yet they have arrogant, unpatriotic, thieving ministers/ civil servants for embezzlement and corrupt leaderships

    • @ndolloz

      that its all you have in your mind ” colonial french ” you re so blind, if that was the case Nigeria should be a better place in Africa to live

  4. Nonsense at all , enemies of progress.

    Your guys have nothing important to saying , “ mr 1961”

    Does it the government send you to kidnap people now ?

  5. Paul Biya is too careless! Call for dialogue and resolve this issue as quickly as possible but he doesn’t care about the livelihood of Cameroonians whp are suffering. Troops getting killed and civilians becoming homeless. What a heartless human called President!

    • @Korak

      no dialogue at all, no with ambasonia hell no ” a terrorist organization “.

      headquarters ” south-west “.

      the world has been turned his back on you.

  6. Anglofools..terrorists who cares…you want to kill your own brotheres and cousins so you go looking for evils aryans! you must all Die if you don’t get back your senses and come asking for forgiveness!

  7. For most of us schizophrenia belongs to the hospital, especially the far back wards of the healing institution. Yet one does not need rocket science or a shrink to point out the schizophrenic tendencies in all of us. I am positively schizophrenic when it comes to the highway. As a pedestrian I frown at drivers who refuse me the right of way; as a driver I blast my horn at pedestrians obstructing my free passage. And so it is with many other things in life.

    It was OK when the head of state negotiated the release of foreigners abducted by Boko Haram in the northern part of Cameroon. No questions were asked about what the abductees did before falling into Boko Haram hands. No questions were asked why tax payers’ money was used in the deal. Now that Aaron Animbon of Social Affaris and before

    • him Julius Ayuk Tabe are victims of abductions, an encyclopedic list of questions are being asked to justify one thing or another. That is not all. To beat John Fru Ndi at all cost in the 1992 contest, the incumbent head of state hired lobbyists and image makers of all colors in the US to sell his case and project him as presidential material. No questions were asked about the cost of such an operation, including shaking Bill Clinton’s hands.
      Let us focus on the present tragedy. Independently of Cameroonians in the Diaspora, the present series of actions were initiated. One thing led to the next and larger circles of family and friends got involved. If those in the Diaspora sat quiet, they would be blamed for indifference. Now that they too are expressing their frustrations, …..

  8. Ah,evil thy name is diaspora! The evil diaspora is for the same people who bend over to channel remittances into an economy that has been in an incessant economic crisis, and the good diaspora is for the loafers who need to be sustained with financial assistance from weary tax payers back home. Keep in mind that the bad diaspora does not on prop up a crumbling economy, 90% of them are out of the country as a result of the same policies that led to the present crisis. But they have never forgotten their people back home. The bad diaspora did not whisked whisked people protesting the use of French in courts and schools to Kondengui. The bad diaspora did not cut off the internet in the N and SW regions. The bad diaspora did not send soldiers into residential areas. Where therefore is the

    • relationship between the children of diasporans living fine lives , while those back home are suffering. Did any member of the bad diaspora drag students in mud of rape anyone? For the past 3 decades have the children of the president not started and completed their studies abroad, while the poor children in the country did not eat bellyful because of the devastating effects of the economic crisis. Did their parents not suffer salary cuts while the good diaspora stuffed foreign bank accounts with taxpayers hard earned income? Weapons from Russia sent in by the bad diaspora to kill the children of the good diaspora were recently seized in Tunisia. De qui se moque t-on? Victim blaming by apologists of the statusquo has backfired spectacularly. Weapons, loans from abroad, yet you blackmail