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Cameroun : La communauté internationale rejette la sécession

Les Nations Unies, la Francophonie, le Commonwealth, l’Union Africaine, ainsi que d’autres organisations inter-étatiques et sous régionales ont unanimement condamné cette idée.

La communauté internationale a dit non à la sécession. Pour elle, l’idée d’une partition du Cameroun n’est même pas envisageable. Celle-ci s’est prononcée contre cette idée au lendemain du 1er octobre date, à laquelle les indépendantistes devaient déclarer l’indépendance de l’Ambazonie.

C’est l’ONU qui a ouvert le bal des condamnations de la partition du Cameroun. Antonio Guterres, par la voix de son porte-parole, a fait savoir que les Nations Unies encouragent les représentants de la communauté anglophone à saisir cette opportunité pour dialoguer et trouver des solutions aux griefs de la communauté, dans le cadre de la constitution camerounaise. Mais toute idée de partition du Cameroun n’est pas envisageable.

La Francophonie également, par la voix de son secrétaire général, a condamné les violences et le séparatisme. Après, ont suivi le Commonwealth et bien d’autres. Même la Reine d’Angleterre a rejetté cette idée après avoir été sollicitée en audience par Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, président autoproclamé de l’état fantôme d’Ambazonie.

Rappelons que depuis la tentative de déclaration de l’indépendance des régions anglophones du Cameroun, le pays tout entier est mobilisé contre le sécessionnisme. L’opposition a unanimement condamné l’idée de partition du Cameroun, le parti au pouvoir, le RDPC, sur toute l’étendue du territoire national, organise des manifestations anti-indépendantistes.


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  1. Ambazonia Amba

    Whether they agree or reject secession, Ambazonia is rising to fall no more.

    • Day dreamer. Your dreams and ambazonia whatsapp Administration will soon sublime. Wait and See. I give you till end of November.

      • Ambazonia Amba

        Only death people don’t dream. Martin Luther King did dream. Today you cannot accuse him of dreaming.
        I dream because I am alive.
        Ambazonia has risen to fall no more.

  2. This article is not correct. it’s propaganda. You can never mislead any Southern Cameroonian again.

    • What is not correct about the report? It’s over, my friend.

    • Wake up to reality and work for an achievable goal

    • Marxcell (Prof)

      Who the heck is “Mballa” the author of the article. The conclusion that he is a paid hack is obvious. Follow the Link and verify for yourself his contributions on Africtelegraph. Desperate figments will try almost anything when failure of imagination is clearly in lacking

  3. Despite these denunciations, rejection, and humiliation, the rasclaaat Ambazombi runaways and refugees; championed by treacherous conman Bobga Harmony have gone on their knees, and begging the US to intervene in Cameroon! This is about Great Power Politics for you… and the delusional termites of Ambazombi nation have absolutely no clue. Let Sessekoko Ayuk Tabe and his inexperienced bunch of vandals continue urging poor youngsters to go out on the streets and serve as cannon fodder!

    The government of Cameroon signed an extradition treaty with the US. Thus, they must now make a formal extradition request to the US for Sessekoko Ayuk Tabe. A similar request must be made to Nigeria for elements like Eyambe, Tassang Wilfred and others.

    • @Rat Tuge,

      You and this your threatening empty loud mouth! You couldn’t get Nigeria to extradite AyukTabe from where is gainfully employed nor get the SA government to pull down SCBC yet you want to whip up another empty threats the US government has complied to extradite AyukTabe? What is wrong with this your paranoid delusions monkey? Have you already forgotten how LaPiro got to the US from that lawless junta already? This your conspiracy madness need serious redressing.

      Another duplicity I have noticed from you is your newly found leadership from yet another Muna Akere you never stop chastising. Are you looking for the opportunity to blame him tomorrow when he fails as his effort is clearly design to hit a brick wall? We of Ambazonia does not recognize him or any dealings with LRC.


    • So why do you think Akere MUNA of all people announced his intention to run for office all of a sudden? Coincidence? You think Muna is simply being bold and brave? You termites are about to be frozen out completely! You are dabbling in something whose immensity you can’t even touch. Read the underlying clues, my friend.

      • To those that don’t know the Biya regime copied on the western colonial strategy read this: ” When you make your noises..the strategy is to let them come out and identify them well….then go after them”. This is the book the aryans used to our ancestors and this is the only book Biya and all the colonial puppet know…so I can asure you that all or most of the troubles makers have being identify and now the hunting has started….so you typing nonsense here online watch out when you go to our country cameroon!!..think twice before you travel to our home..just letting you know.

        • Amba General


          You don’t have to switch your Bamileke name to an Ambazonia name you know. It is simply for recognition? Your bad English will always reveal the pig behind that moniker. Forage back to your pigsty.

      • The October 1st genocide was the final nail in the coffin of the informal union . SC has separated from LRC for good. The BIR can never stop the momentum. It is over. Akere Muna is puppet of LRC like his father.

  5. Only dumb ass people will believe Cameroon can be divided. i keep wondering how supposedly educated people can have such belief. I understand the uneducated masses can be mislead but selling that dream to them at the cost of their lives is just pathetic and devilish.

    • Ambazonia Amba

      I completely agree with you that Cameroon is one and indivisible, however so to is Ambazonia.
      Ambazonia rising rising
      Ambazonia rising to fall no more

      • reason why you still orbit around Cameroonian website lol. delusional people.

        • Ambazonia Amba

          Why are you crying. Ambazonia is rising and will fall no more. You can cry as much as you can. You can kill as many as you can. You rape as many women as you can. You can molest as many grannies as you can.
          But remember Ambazonia has risen and will never fall. We will build a wall at mungo bridge and la republic will pay for it.
          Ambazonia rising rising rising
          Ambazonia rising to fall no more.

        • Me too, sometimes when a dream is too beautiful, i refuse to wake up, but somehow reality always eventually set up. So enjoy your dream while it last.

        • Ambazonia Amba

          Have you ever asked yourself why this people both administered from Nigeria walked out of the enugu house but their compatriots from the north did not work out of the kaduna house. When you reflect on that then you will know why Ambazonia is rising to fall no more.
          Ambazonia rising rising rising
          Ambazonia rising to fall no more.

        • Well said Andre.

  6. @Ras Tuge…Can u tell me what happened to the extradition request that CMR gov’t asked the US gov’t to execute on Ebenezer Akwanga?What happened to it?why has the US gov’t not extradite Ebenezer Akwanga? why do u think an extradition request for HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe is going to work? What about u throwing some lights concerning the money that Ebenezer Akwanga claim CMR gov’t at the UN human rights courts of civil and political rights?The country u were counting on,France, has left u in your sinking ship and u are counting on the ”international community”.Your gov’t has now embarked on campaign,condemning RFI for taking side with Ambasonians and rubbishing Biya,and u are here talking about international community.Do u really know this World u are living in?

    • If you were as active and brave on the streets of Bamenda as you pretend to be here then we could have heard about your brutal demise by now. Clearly, you are not among the youngsters that risk their lives in vain. What a sleek and uncanny vandal that hides indoors whilst others are proving their ‘boldness’ on the streets!

      • He is asking you a legit question @Ras Tuge! For in quit being a thug and provide relevant answers instead of plagiarizing political write ups and pasting them here. Stop this your political diversion. It’s social cheating!

  7. @Ras Tuge After Biya has finished sponsoring Marine Le Pen’s presidential campaign,he is now seeking validation from his grand son,Emmanuel Macron..ha ha ha ha…Just know that u guys are on your own.France will not come to your aid,as French medias has already been taking side with Ambasonia,until RFI granted HE Sesekou Ayuk Tabe an interview yesterday. France has refused to be part of Biya’s sinking ship.As their friend and student of yesterday has failed them to keep SC within their sphere of influence.And u are here talking abaou ”La communauté internationale rejette la sécession” ….ha ha ha..keep dreaming.Just know that u are on your own.And i bet u, Biya will join Gbagbo at the hague. For crime against humanity.Becos,its obvious France has abandoned him in his sinking ship.

    • ‘La Francophonie également, par la voix de son secrétaire général, a condamné les violences et le séparatisme’.

  8. We don’t need their opinions…the more we give them attentions and comment this so called community international the more we are playing their game….white man always come to you first to say he agree with you ..then later change their mind ..that is the difference between white man and any others peoples….once you know this they will not get you…once we validate their opinion then tomorrow be assure they will change their mind …this their game is very old but the old peoples in power in Africa with their brain cleansed by the education of fools they got don’t get this because they are propositioned to think like this

    • When idiocy becomes endemic the whip remains the only serum.

      • @Ashu

        I agree with you 200%


        Keep asking yourself why you are where you are for all theses years while theses peoples are enjoying

  9. These fake organizations have condemned violence, but the violence is still gong on perpetrated by LRC. So too they condemn separation but the separation will still go on. No one listens to them.

  10. @Ras Tuge If u were as active and brave as u pretend to be here, like the military that u send to kill unarmed civilians on the streets,then we would have put your name on the list of people to face charges on crime against humanity.But no,what u are good at is to encourage Biya to kill unarmed civilians while u take your caves in a hamlet in Sweden. Will u be in hague with Biya? Remember,those people who encouraged Gbagbo to kill Ivorians during the 2010 conflict against Quatarra,are having good time with their families while Gbagbo languishes in jail.A word for the wise is sufficient.

  11. @Ras Tuge France don’t want to be an acomplice of re-colonisation of SC.They have already started showing that they have never been part of an illegal union between LRC and SC.Continue to encourage Biya to pay the ultimate price, while u take cover in your cave in Sweden.U seem not to know this World u are living in.

  12. Maybe we start chasing and talking about ideas and concepts for a better country will yield positive result rather than chasing and talking about people. Of what use is it to gun down some one fighting to propagate his ideas? Does that kill the ideas? The irony is that even the vibrant author of such acts may shiver in a lonely bed tomorrow dieing like a frightened chicken stroke by rain storm. No need for examples . I can see three big parties in Cameroon now. Centralist..(indivisibles) Federalist (divisibles) and separatist. If the Federalist are in power tomorow only God may save us from what they may envisage for the centralist. We start by learning how to tollerate and accomodate these views without necesarily bradishing them as enemies worth eleminating. ideas never die

    • Illusory ideas die a natural death. That’s why your nominal Ambazombi termite nation will remain a fictional story with fictional characters.

      • Chase the ideas and not individuals. The ideologies of the communist party in China are in tact while leaders come and go. The ideologies of the Republican party in the USA remains while leaders come and go.Do you think that the ideologies of the CPDM would change when the leader go?etc Do you think that of the federalist will change when the present leaders leave the scene. Do you thik the separatis will change when the present leaders leave?
        Every pravctical thing that exist all started as an illusion , fig imagination . Even your life was at one point a an illusion. Remember all groups think they got the best ideas to forge a better society. They all think that their ideas can make life better for you and me. Thats what they think no matter the amount verbal and physical abuse.

  13. The hand writings is clear on the wall.France have began washing her hands like Pontius Pilate.Those who have ears should listen.

  14. For the idiots celebrating here that it’s over. I pity you, southern Cameroon restoration just started and the next wave will consume all the black legs. Watch out!

  15. This is a good news, Please my Brothers. let’s talk the issue that will prosper us. that idea of division is destroying our brothers back home. most of you supporting the secession are living outside the country and because of poverty are paying those one in the country to do duty work for you.
    Please you most learn to go back home and start develop your region. i know many of you that are living a good life outside but their parent house back home are still in Karabot . the government is not doing much for most of us. if you travel around Cameroon you will realized that what ‘”you are fighting for all of us are looking for it.” THERE IS NO REGION IN CAMEROON THAT ARE RECEIVING ATTENTION THAN CENTRE AND SOUTH PROVINCE IN CAMEROON. THAT MEAN OTHER 8 PROVINCES ARE NOT DEVELOP.

  16. That’s why we are fighting for because it’s never given.

  17. Some kana man

    If all the regions are suffering, why then can’t they also rise up and fight for a better cameroon? The folks instead jubilate over massacre going on in the NW/SW by a very unprofessional army. This was the best time for all cameroonians to rise up and chase the thieves in power but it’s so unfortunate to bear what’s unfolding in that triangle.

  18. AU,UN or whatever are not the one to decide the future of Southern Cameroons everyone is entitle to their opinion very soon they will be be the first to congratulate the president of Southern Cameroon/Ambazonia

    @ headgoat Ras Tuge,Andre i pity guys because i n the news few years to come LRC will be worst that Chad however Ambazonia will still help u with food we are a blessed people and have a good heart so stop carying we have gone for good.

    • The good thing about dreams is that they help escape from the sad realities. So i understand you.