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CAN 2019 : démission du chef de projet italien du stade d’Olembé

APAnews | Le groupe italien Piccini, en charge de la construction du stade d’Olembé, situé dans la capitale camerounaise en qui doit accueillir l’ouverture et la finale de la Coupe d’Afrique des nations (CAN) de football hommes 2019 a confirmé, samedi soir par voie de communiqué, la démission de l’ingénieur et chef dudit projet, Marc Debandt.

L’information y relative circulait déjà sur les réseaux sociaux quelques heures plus tôt, faisant état de «pressions» subies par l’intéressé de la part des autorités locales sur fond d’exigences de rétro-commissions.

Mais Piccini bat en brèche ces «allégations», expliquant qu’elles le sont d’autant moins que Marc Debandt «n’est responsable ni de la gestion financière, ni des achats, ni des contrats de l’entreprise», son travail étant essentiellement technique et consistant à gérer les personnels techniques et les matériaux mis à sa disposition par la direction générale.

Dans le cadre des prescriptions de l’État du Cameroun et de la Confédération africaine de football (CAF) en vue d’accélérer les travaux de l’infrastructure, le constructeur explique avoir procédé à un réajustement de son organigramme afin de multiplier les équipes de travail, dans le but de réaliser simultanément plusieurs œuvres.

C’est cette nouvelle orientation du service, explique Piccini pour justifier son départ volontaire, qui n’a pas semblé plaire à Marc Debandt «dont les qualités professionnelles d’ingénieur n’ont jamais été mises en doute».

Appelé à accueillir 60.000 places pour un coût total de total 163 milliards FCFA, le stade d’Olembé est, compte tenu des délais de livraisons rapprochés, actuellement construit en matériaux préfabriqués en provenance d’Italie.

Il devrait également comporter deux stades d’entraînement, des galeries commerciales et des structures d’hébergement.

Read more at https://apanews.net/fr/pays/cameroun/news/can-2019-demission-du-chef-de-projet-italien-du-stade-dolembe#mp4syXKVLUEiULwb.99

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  1. You are just joking. Your resignation is rejecting. That Stadium must be ready before you resign. And also the Douala Yaounde express(?) Road must be completed. Do you know this Nations Cup will help Biya and gang to embezzle funds, look their long fingers. Haha. We go see oo

  2. From Frypan to fire. Man wey chop with thifeMan , be ready to be Robbed when the chief thiefman is hungry!

  3. Trust issues. Credibility issues. Honor issues.
    If we must be part and parcel of this same world, we ought to try to play by the same rules that others use to get good results. Our business partners will respect and stick with us.

    But if we insist on violating the rules of fair play – putting the cart before the horse – there is a price to pay!

  4. The project manager is an employee of the contracting company and not that of any Cameroon’s counterpart. I am not sure why anyone is enven interested in this article.

  5. Technically, Marc Debandt, coming from Silvio Berlusconi’s Italy, should be quite inured to perfidy and arm-twisting to achieve aims. But of course not everyone in Italy endorses Berlusconi’s inordinate ambition(four times as prime minister in spite of his corrupt practices) or the means to achieving them.

    AFCON will surely leave lots of casualties if indeed it ever comes to pass.

    • [email protected] the established world renowned 30 year old companys built 2 olympic stadiums ,the juventus stadium and succsessfully bids for projects worldwide ,the fact its an Italian company is a plus not a minus for quality ,design and innovation ,Mr Debandt seems to be belgian not that it makes any difference with such large team orientated projects ,nor does Berlosconi factor much in this apart from his great affection for football like minded with many Cameroon and Italian citizens !

  6. It is the strongest wish of many that this AFCON should hold in Cameroon, but then Biya and his Praise Singers hould learn to accept the truth. People talk because there are issues calling for a redress, but they are treated like being unpatriotic. See where Cameroon is today, nothing to show to the world. Where is the development plan for the Country’s infrastructures, why not think we’ll and plan before time instead of being in a mad rush. What is the priority in and of our actions? What are Cameroonians going through today? Mao TSE Tung adopted the Great Leap Forward, the Speak Bitterness Campaign, and the Cultural Revolution, that called for discipline, contribution of ideas and the development of China. See where China is today. Biya and his gang and very unpatriotic Citizens ooo

    • Correct yourself not everyone wants the nations cup to happen in a war torn country such as Cameroon.
      I am smiling as we speak for the sand castle has begun to crumble.

  7. l am not interesting about this article.

  8. Believe me or not, ISLAND OF EVIL is NOT ripe to host the AFCON. The earlier Dictator Biya accepts this statement of fact the better for him and his so-called “one and indivisible” LRC.

    It’s funny that this Dictator is still vowing that his LRC will be ready yet his country leaves much to be deserved: Child malnutrition, insecurity, frequent power outages, low standard hotels, poor infrastructure, scarcity of potable water, poorly furnished hospitals, refuse-infested beaches, etc.

    The resignation of the Project manager speaks volumes about the unpreparedness, failure, confusion and desperation of LRC

    It is self-evident that this Dictator is completely out of touch with his own people.
    This President has a callous indifference to the suffering of his people.