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Crise anglophone, Yaoundé ouvre une enquête sur les allégations d’exactions dans l’armée

Koaci | Mercredi 16 Mai 2018- Le gouvernement camerounais, vient d’ouvrir une enquête, sur les allégations d’exactions de l’armée, après l’arrestation le 12 mai dernier, d’un homme, activement recherché et soupçonné de l’assassinat de plusieurs soldats.

Son interpellation après une résistance musclée de sa part, a été filmée et a donné lieu à une vidéo dans laquelle le mis en cause est « malmené » et « ligoté », par des hommes en tenue, manifestement sortis des normes techniques légales en pareille circonstance, une enquête a été ouverte, pour identifier et le cas échéant, sanctionner les auteurs de tels agissements, écrit Joseph Beti Assomo, le ministre délégué à la présidence charge de la Défense.

Le mis en cause, est présenté comme le chef d’une milice séparatiste en zone anglophone.

Dans une vidéo, diffusée il y a quelques jours sur internet et rapidement devenue virale, l’on peut voir des éléments de l’armée, frapper cet homme ligoté et couché à même le sol.

Les soldats sur la vidéo, reprochent à l’homme, d’avoir égorgé des gendarmes et militaires, et de planifier l’attaque de nouveaux postes militaires.

L’un des soldats, frappe l’homme, avec une machette.

Le présumé bourreau des gendarmes, est présenté comme le « général » des forces de l’Etat imaginaire de l’Ambazonie.

Le mis en cause, sera traduit devant les tribunaux, pour les faits qui lui sont reprochés, promet le ministre de la Défense.

C’est la première fois, que les pouvoirs publics camerounais, avouent des exactions dans le cadre de la crise anglophone, qui dure depuis bientôt deux ans.

Des ONG, ont souvent dénoncé, les violences, les « crimes de guerre » et l’usage disproportionné de la force par l’armée, dans le cadre de la crise anglophone.

Depuis novembre 2016, les régions du nord-ouest et du Sud-ouest, sont secouées par des revendications sociopolitiques aux relents identitaires.

Au départ, corporatistes, (initiées par des avocats et enseignants), les revendications qui ont eu des réponses du président Biya, ont rapidement pris la coloration sociopolitique.

Le pic des violences, a été enregistré au lendemain du 1er octobre 2017, jour de la proclamation symbolique d’indépendance, de la partie anglophone par les séparatistes.

Ces violences, ont débouché sur la mort d’une trentaine de soldats et fait plus de 20 mille réfugiés.

Armand Ougock, Yaoundé


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  1. Well Anglophones as you can in this video are war captives and one can imagine the pains this innocent unarmed ambazonian went through probably before dying.This is totally crimes against humanity and done with the intention of eliminating the anglophone race.I think the and believe the ICC is having a good case and we are gathering and keeping all these evidences for the above mentioned court. Biya will never hold these soldiers accountable because they are working with instructions from Etoudi or unity palace in LRC. iT SHOWS HOW DEVILISH THEIR COMMANDER IN CHIEF IS. French speaking cameroun shall pay for this.Our independence is garaunteed and these innocent citizens of ambazonia killed shall revenge even from their graves.

    • Hahaha hahaha #kill all terrorists in our country as well as their backers both home and abroad !

      • Colby, you really have a big problem. It’s difficult to understand what makes you celeberate such an action from people who are trained and paid to protect citizens. You may be thinking that your own day shall never come, but rest assured,you too are vulnerable in the face of evil. I’m sure you would do the same to another human being… I do not even expect a toddler to be amused by such cruelty. Work on yourself and be constructive in situations like this, make yourself useful

        • @Bobe I have been urging our fellow brothers and sisters of NW/SW to stop challenging the army since the beginning.And former colonists said dialogue must be open to sort this madness out but many stray thugs in the US, Europe and Asia have been calling people to take on the streets I am now without other option.

    • @siboni

      just closed your lame mouth ” his a terrorist ” if you re one of them no problem.

      go and protest


    • The genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity are overwhelming. It is credible and compelling Thank God this evidence has already been given to the ICC for Preliminary Investigation.

      Biya’s so-called forceful “Vivre-ensemble” will NEVER EVER materialise. The majority of Southern Cameroonians now consider LRC as an ISLAND OF EVIL.

  3. French Cameroon terrorist army and police are known for their barbarism,bribe taking,illiteracy, uncaring bunch of evil people in Satan uniform, the regime has failed to see all the brutality they are committing in Southern Cameroons on social media since 2016,their armies must be slaughtered in numbers, lrc can fake a inquiry to protect those animals called soldiers, lrc will pay a price for continues human rights abuse,SCs are only defending themselves recently because lrc army took advantage to their unarmed civilians,all the SCs defense forces will be armed in abundance now, to fight & kill lrc soldiers/ civilian agentsin SCs,this revolution will never end, it is coming to the mongo because innocent SCs are lamenting in jail for no criminal offense, no giving up till SCs freedom!!

  4. When we told people that this fight was not going to be easy,they thought we were joking.They are now learning the hard way.What fake commission of inquiry are they pretending to have opened against the military pepertraing that act,becos they suspect somebody of being an Ambasonian fighter? First,they did not catch him with any arm.Why then should they beat a suspect the way they did?

  5. The hate between both sides is just too much. For continuity and security reasons, it’s safer to pronounce that both sides must part ways in a peaceful manner. Such hate cannot be contained in a single nation lest one side must forever remain submissive to the other. Brotherly hate is truly a nigg*** curse.

  6. we are going to kill all the resistance like the USA did to native America and latino

    • The dullest in the house is often the loudest. There’s no more brain capacity for your brain to give in to reason. Lump of stinky turd.

  7. Fake investigation, why is LRC terrorist s in Ambaland in the first place? LRC beti led militia should go back home to LRC

  8. fake or not fake nothing will change lets fight

  9. “we are going to kill all the resistance like the USA did to native America and latino”

  10. “Hahaha hahaha #kill all terrorists in our country as well as their backers both home and abroad !”

  11. “f you are an ambasonia member I don’t care. go and protest, so the pope will coming”

  12. sigh ……… 🙁 so sad ……… cry our beloved country ….. another Rwanda, Liberia, Sierra Leone etc in the making well I guess we shall just pick up the pieces once this mess is over condolences to all those affected at home and abroad peace out

  13. “why is LRC terrorist s in Ambaland in the first place? LRC beti led militia should go back home to LRC”

    Its a bit more complicated than we may think my friend some of the “LRC terrorists ” are from “Ambazonia” as you may have noted in the video above …….. at the end of all this we shall need a Rwanda style reconciliation committee and a S–t load of psychiatrists , counsellors psychologists etc to deal with the fallout of this crisis ……sigh again

  14. @ojoro

    yes we need that in Cameroon, that will be part of our history, someone needs to be the boss or its the government or ambasonia period

  15. An embodiment, of the history of that country since independence.
    Therefore, the Anglophone or Ambazonia course is genuine.
    Peace can only come by way of separation, not through dialogue or
    the truth and reconciliation South African example or national conference.
    We can not continue to be treated like this or allowing our morals to be
    deminished because of words like `living together`. Time for it is now.

  16. Seemingly intractable and inexplicable at face value, the Anglophone problem is easily explained by referring to an oft forgotten lore:
    “La bouche qui est pleine ne parle pas”(a full mouth does not speak).
    All the main actors fit smoothly into this philosophical lore – UK, UN, US, France and of course the main local power brokers on the ground.

  17. A poor farmer who was coming back from his farm in Yoke was brutally killed by untrained fools and term him a terrorist.His blood will hunt them.

  18. Does the gov`t of Nigeria, care about her people in SC?

    If we were lucky enough to know their countributions to the building of Nigeria,
    one would have to be sick, knowing that Buhari just like Biya, doesn`t have them
    at heart.

    Cry oh Africa, Cry.

    • Well Joshua, I thought you already knew the answer to this question of yours. You are on your own in your clueless struggle. You and your insane gangs of armed robbers have just beheaded a local chief because he doesn’t share your delusional vision. You thought you had found sanctuary in Nigeria from where you would plan horrific attacks on the local population. Back in January 2017, you even came up with yet another insane appellation of your fictional nation: Indigenous People of Ambazonia (IPOA), or whatever. But you saw what happened!

      Sorry to break this news to you but Nigerian special forces are going to participate in the 20th May celebrations in Yaounde… at a time when you are busy beheading people in ‘Southern Cameroons’. I think this must remind you about where Nigeria stands.