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FECAFOOT gets new electoral set of rules

APAnews | The renewal of the governing bodies of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) will follow a new method of appointment through a single-member ballot, instead of a list vote, indicates the Normalization Committee set up in August 2017 by the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) to rewrite the rules of the federation.

From now on, the single-member ballot is mandatory for all the positions of the Executive Committee in departmental and regional leagues as well as at the federal level.

“We came to this decision after long discussions we had with the main actors in football in Cameroon. The list poll was the source of cronyism,” the chairman of the Committee of Normalization of FECAFOOT Dieudonne Happi said.

The members of the Normalization Committee appointed in September 2017 by FIFA for a period of six months, have reassured to have taken “all the provisions” to meet the deadline of their term of office on February 28, 2018.

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