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Four soldiers killed in Cameroon’s Anglophone region

africanews | An overnight attack in Cameroon’s Southwest region has killed four soldiers. The attack took place specifically in the town of Mamfe.

“Four soldiers were killed around 02:00 in the Mamfe area,” a government source told the AFP news agency.

It brings to eight the number of deaths resulting from the activities of secessionists on the security forces. The government confirmed the death of four soldiers in a similar series of attacks earlier in November.

The Anglophone regions – the Southwest along with the Northwest regions are currently under curfew following the first series of attacks. People in the region have long decried marginalization by the French majority.

An attempt to declare independence under the Ambazonia republic on October 1, was met with security clampdown leading to deaths, injuries to others and mass arrests by security forces.

President Biya who has reiterated that the unity of Cameroon remains non-negotiable condemned the deadly clashes and called for dialogue, a move which was backed by the United Nations.

Lawmakers from the restive region recently disrupted the work of parliament demanding that the Anglophone crisis be tabled for debate. Meanwhile, the government has issued an international arrest warrant for leaders of the separatist group.

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  1. King pinguss once said let they do what they can, now you can see what they can do. The dogs have started barking, things will never be the same again.

    • Gari don pass ndiba. How is it possible that 8 trigger happy soldiers have lost their lives in combat with not one of their attackers killed in the process? I am perplexed to say the least and honestly think a n independent third party should verify and confirm that this is not a false flag attack by LRC intended to justify an all out invasion/ ethnic cleansing in Ambazonia. What are the names of the fallen soldiers? What is the nature of their injuries?

      Are we to believe that these peace loving Ambazonians are more skilled in warfare than Boko Haram thugs who have been unable to tally 8 soldiers in this time frame? The devil is in the details.

  2. This is getting serious! But where is the head of state? Should he not cut short the visit to Burkina Faso? Should those endorsing military intimidation not take one step back and reflect on the difficulty of sending young soldiers to go and brutalize their own people?

    I begin to see Professor Carlson Anyangwe’s wise saying come true: to die for a living idea or live for a dying idea, the former being freedom, the latter subjugation and humiliation.

    Where are Cameroon’s many well wishers – Pope Francis, UN SG, Commonwealth’s Emeka Anyaokwu, Kofi Anan, etc etc?

    • Was Biya in Burkina, Sah?

      Well, I am just going to let that one go due to good conduct and cautious choice of words these days…

  3. The Ambasonian Republican forces have strike again.They always strike when the rebels from LRC,least espect.Let Biya and @Ras Tuge come and carry them for burial.If they like,let them decorate them with all kinds of medal.Their families will not take it lightly.Biya is in Abidjan,enjoyinng with Chantal,while he sents poor soldiers to the war fronts to die for him.I hope @Ras Tuge will not be so bitter this time,since those soldiers killed are not bakossi but francophones…lol…

    • Be careful what you wish for!

    • Hmmm, Kongosa!

      Some of da soldiers dem no even know the history of CMR, talk less of Anglo palava.

      Cutting neck no go helep the struggle at all—you di mimba seh soldier man go so-so shidong then wait mek dem cam cut yi neck?

      Dis kana jubilation for cutting neck na real ndon…

  4. We all know from whom they get help.
    The delta of Niger fighters have an input in this.
    Time to ask Nigeria to look after its thugs.
    We have to close the. Order for good and have our bit patrolling our waters no stop.
    You will be defeated

    • @Mbappe,

      Why not just attack Nigeria since you have all these BIR whom bullets can not penetrate?

    • The Ambazonian cause is a nonviolence one. Any individual trying to pin this on us is wasting his or her time. Mayor ekema is a notorious gangster who continues to inflame things by verbally attacking our families and telling them to inform us to come back to cameroon and see if we will live another day! He goes around at night with his thugs and maime the people. We are aware of what his so called anti-gang movement goes about doing: looting, gang rape, murder, and committing crimes to attribute them against our cause. The peaceful people of Ambazonia have stayed clear and lay no claim on the blood of anyone, unlike the other side with its blood thirsty vampire army

      • With the AFCON approaching and CAF inspection ahead of it, there is logic in declaring a truce and keeping our backyards clean as if nothing is wrong. We so much wanted to host the competitions. We still do, n’est-ce pas? No use to place the lives of our visitors at risk, especially unsuspecting civilians not used to gendarmes shooting them in “legitimate self defence”.

    • You, pingusse,ras and co will pay for the blood of innocent civilians and soldiers killed in this avoidable conflict, greedy people.

    • @mbappe you and those supporting these criminals in government will pay for the lives of the soldiers losing their lives in this meaningless conflict. Greed will kill you and the rest.

  5. According to the author of this article, a dialogue was called for by Biya and supported by the UN. Has any dialogue occurred? If yes, with who?
    Biya is trying to play mind games and it is a pity that things will continue the way they are until such constructive dialogue occurs.

  6. I am still firmly of the opinion that,Ambazonians are not responsible for the killings of these occupational forces. That’s not to say we are cowards but we will result to arms as the last resort.
    What lrc is doing is to kill a few of its own and use it as a pretex to continue the occupation of our land.now we should all remember that this particular town is still highly militarized,with most of its inhabitants still in the bushes or across the boarders.so how come their elite forces are still falling when even our farm tolls have been taken away with only a few people left in the town?
    The UN can only call for dialogue but can not come to mediate one,while mostly avoiding questions on the Anglophone problem from the IC press.who is fooling who here?
    Ambazonia shall prevail

    • Typo,resolve

    • False my friend, Cho Ayaba took responsibility for the killings of some of the first soldiers and he is supposedly the military commander of Ambazonia. Let’s not b naive to think that everyone in Ambazonia is innocent. There are a few that are taking things to an unfortunate other level like the killings of these soldiers. Unfortunately Biya is not yet ready for any dialogue inertia which he cried al’ost 10 yrs ago is still holding a strong grip on government activities and implementation process of any idea. It’s a shame.

      • Sawapikin,Ayaba Cho is the self proclaimed commander of the ADF based in London but these killings are being reported in Mamfe with a strong military presence from lrc.
        You my friend and i are both witnesses to his utterances about ADF forces on the ground before october 1,but what became of that?such utterances from Ayaba,and his admission at every turn that the ADF is reponsible for the killings is the reason why lrc will continue to carry out such actions and later blame it on us while using it as a pretex to continue its occupation.
        If some at the very top in lrc are capable of killing their loved ones so as to stay in power,what about killing a few military men?
        Absolute power corrupts my friend,and am still of the opinion that Ambazonians did not do it thanks.

  7. Vaiocomputers

    when there is a drop of water in a huge basin..what happens? At first it may seem just like a drop..right but it creates waves..right.Cameroon is on the verge of going down.You may underestimated it,give it different interpretations and even throw punches and curses but the hand writing is on the wall.All what we are seeing are the hallmarks of a sit tight dictator.Whether u love or hate it…an explosive situation awaits Cameroon.Cameroon is not finanacially ok to combat any widespead disorder.What we have in the north is already draining human and financial resources.A similar one in the anglophone regions may just be unbearable.

    • I thought that is what you’re praying for? See your country being set ablaze cos of a group of individuals at Etoudi, who’re also ready to set CMR ablaze.

      Whenever I watch how Liberians were jubilating when Taylor was coming towards Monrovia with his arsenal of heart-eaters, I keep on wondering why some of those heart-eaters are now flocking to church every blessed Sunday. They must have thought war is just a matter of slaying the enemy and smoking Nku, and that is it.

      Wish some of you knew the horrors of war you’re praying for.

      Visionaries of this forum know every facet of it, just too well…

      • Épée Dipanda

        We all want peace. I agree that the death of the soldiers is suspect. Matter of fact I suspect la République because Ambazonians are peace loving people.
        However when you say people here are seeking war without taking into account its horrors.
        What could be worse than what we are subjected to day in day out in that Godforsaken country? Arbitrary arrests, rape, the on tien of clueless individuals, isn’t that war already?
        All we asked for was a reinstatement of our parliament in Buea and our own mobile wing force as it was before 1972.
        You leave us no chance but to fight for our heritage. This war is being forced upon us.
        Let us be clear, the soldiers did not die in Douala or Yaoundé.
        Nous sommes chez nous.

      • Vaiocomputers

        Pa Zam Zam,i am not a war monger nor advocating for one but a drop of water should not be blame for creating waves.It is just a natural occurrence.

      • ZZ
        Keep preaching!
        Some here don’t even know what they are wishing for.
        When this thing turnes really uggly, even the most high will look away…
        We will just have ourselves left to blame.
        Let them continue to invite the devil in our Land. Only time can be the jugde.
        For me, it is about time to join mr Leo in his prayers.

        • Here comes her majesty that knows all problems but not how to solve one of them. How about you tell your brothers to stop brutalizing, maiming and raping us in our land and we tell our people to observe order like they’ve always done? Do you understand children are missing or dead, fathers are confused and mothers are weeping unendingly from only one side of the country? Is that the kind of country you are praying for? When you pray remember God is a just God. I advise you to be careful in inviting a curse on your generation by bringing God’s name into this your injustice. Self determination is a human right you all must grasp the concepts and leave us alone. Stop killing your soldiers just to lay claim on what has never been yours.

        • @ aGee
          I have and will allways be and fight side by side with the oppressed ones. But that fight must be genuin and handled wisely.
          The so called “Anglophone issue/ problem is a real one and me and many others gets it.
          The thing is, when some power hungry invisible individuals highjak such a legitime fight for their own benefit and ego, jeopardysing the futur of our children, our Country, we have no choice, but to stop them.
          Fighting a brutal regime with more brutality will never work. Things can just go from bad to worse.
          The State of Cameroon will never back off, because brutality is the only thing they know.
          The crazy Clown Sisiku is
          Just an other angel from hell whos mission is to help Biya distroy our motherland.
          So, let me join my freind in prayers…

      • what will you say to a douche bag like Mbappe

    • In times of difficulty leadership needs to expand, not contract, its base of support. Enablers of dictatorial rule eventually hurt the whole nation. Mugabe, with the support of such enablers, took Zimbabwe from the status of bread basket to one of the most pathetic basket cases in the Black Continent, murdering along the way thousands in Matabele land. Now that is plenty of bad luck to carry around and compound with a shrewd attempt at “sexually-transmitted” leadership concocted from well know trysts during a period of philandering!

      These killings in Anglophone Cameroon are hurtful and unnecessary. All it requires is realism and the acceptance of the humanism of fellow citizens. There is no point waiting till much harm has been done before doing the right thing. Honest gendarmes have not

      • hesitated to express their disgust at being obliged to go against their professional calling to defend the people, especially their own relatives they are truck loaded to go and murder!
        PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) often accompanies the end of such careers. No badges of honor can cure PTSD!

      • Vaiocomputers

        I love the one particular word u used “ENABLERS”

      • Thank you very much sister Bikutsi. We need more sensible Cameroonians like you in this forum and not useless separatists and useless Biya supporters who are out to destroy our beloved Cameroon.

  8. The October 1st genocide in SC was the game changer in this struggle. Biya’s 1984 so-called “one and indivisible” LRC was also buried in the mass grave in mile 16 Bolifamba on that same day. The window of opportunity for a peaceful resolution of the Anglophone Question is closing fast, very very fast.

    FYI, no country on planet earth has ever succeeded to use the military to force a “people” to remain in a country against their will. The USSR, Indonesia, Yugoslavia, Ethiopia, Sudan, etc tried that and failed woefully. Biya’s genocidal “Island of Peace” will also fail.


  9. Épée- Dipanda

    Dali if I could see those lips I would anoint them with palm wine.
    We cannot auction the future of our children.
    We must reclaim our country, our heritage.
    We will fight if we must.
    We prefer to negotiate but let it be know that even our shadows and our spirits will see this struggle through.
    We shall never yield.
    Our children and grandchildren are ready to carry on this struggle just as the mantle was handed to us by our fathers.

    • Biya is playing with fire.

      Sooner than later, Scarce resources will no longer be used to buy AK47 because the BIR of LRC are masters in the use of AK47. Improvised explosive devices (IED), suicide vests and roadside bombs, drones to deliver the bombs should be the weapons of choice of Southern Cameroonians and NOT AK47 (ASYMMETRICAL warfare ).
      Amba engineers have been trained on the techniques of manufacturing bombs and remote controlled drones. The drones will be used to deliver the bombs in Etoudi Palace and military bases by remote control.

      LRC will alone bear the responsibility for such a worse-case-scenario.
      The window for a peaceful resolution is closing very fast. However, the FINAL SOLUTION to the Anglophone Question MUST be found this time around come rain come shine.

      • @DALI DaLI

        just shut up ambasonia its a terrorist organization nobody have your back .

        we call that civil desobeidience.

        UN ,USA,EU ,Africa nation even Nigeria kept tell you to stop but amba want to be amba

        • Today, the 30.11.2017, @ Otu Village Four Police Officers and One Gendarme of La Republique du CameroUn have also been killed.
          Dictator Biya is playing with fire because the window of opportunity for a peaceful resolution of the Anglophone Question is closing very fast.
          One thing is 100% certain:

          The FINAL SOLUTION to the Anglophone Question will be found this time around come rain come shine.
          There is nothing France, LRC or Biya can do to prevent the final resolution of the Anglophone Question. The Commission on Bilingualism, translating the OHADA text, sending Anglophone CPDM sycophants to “dialogue” with Anglophone CPDM sycophants, militarising of SC, etc will NEVER EVER prevent the final resolution of the Anglophone palaver.

        • BTW, the so-called warrant of arrest of LRC against the leadership of Southern Cameroons is not worth the paper it is written on. LRC was simply playing to the gallery. President Ayuk Tabe and his team have visited Nigeria, Britain, the US, South Africa, etc and nothing has happened. Nigeria even assigned special forces to protect them from killers of LRC.
          LRC has become a laughing stock in the world because of Paul Adolf Hitler Biya.

    • Epée,
      which CMR is still having doubts that the stalemate we’re experiencing is the direct result of the intransigence of a system that is ready to take us all along with them into their graves? Are we not all wise enough to grasp the intricacies of the booby traps our system is setting for us to kill each other, and when we must have killed each other their super grand masters in their Masons club would finally step in as fire brigade and syphon us to our marrows?
      Now, we keep on thinking that these killings are being orchestrated by the system simply cos we seem to be ignorant of the fact that when you nourish an average-thinking folk with genocidal kinda preachings, you can no longer sit back and order him 2 stop. No way, he takes things in his hands and surprises you with his choler…

    • @ Epée Dipanda
      You keep talking about “our heritage ” what is that “heritage ” if I may ask?

      • Certainly not your’s Ngondere Bikutsi. So what?

        • What is “yours ‘ then? Explain!
          Do you even know what “your heritage is? Who are you? Are you British?

        • What ever your people are trying to destroy/erase and avoid taking about is our heritage.

        • My heritage is same as the heritage of the mercenary from Nigeria who is not afraid to die like Cameroonians in general. Based on you own qualification of Cameroonians as people who are too afraid to die, Southern Cameroonians really have nothing in common with you LRC chickens. Do you think that our struggle today and the people demonstrating in West Cameroon is synonymous with people who are afraid to die? We know LRC’s army will shoot to kill yet we carry on. If that does not highlight our differences as a people then I don’t know what will. You stay inside and hide from death, by the time you come out Ambazonian’s will have earned their independence. COWARD!

      • with the exception of I think two African countries , Liberia and Ethiopia, someone could correct me if I am wrong else the heritage of all African countries, or at least part of it is a derivative of the the European country that colonized them; Nigeria from Britain, Ghana from Britain, Ivory Coast from France, Angola from Portugal, Mozambique from Portugal, French Cameroon from France and Southern Cameroon from Britain, just to name a few. When A southern Cameroonian talk of his heritage, it is that which was got from Britain. That is not a claim to be a British, it is just a fact about that identity, you have the right to your own opinion but not to your own facts.
        At school I learnt in English because my country was colonized by the British, I did not learn in French or Portuguese

        • Wow! The year is 2017,soon 2018!
          A grown up African, with a skin dark like the “bois d’ébene ” with all the caracteristics of a negro, hated all over the world, deshumanise everywhere, today that African, living overseas and experiences racism every day, today that African is proud to annonce to the world that is “heritage ” is British! Wow..
          Before the Brits came and violate your existens, who were YOU? You didn’t exist? What an insult to the African soul.
          The Brits left long time ago, but their chains remains. I’m giving you the keys to unchain yourself and be a proud African but you wan’t take them. What a shame!
          Young proud Africans in Burkina Faso are renaming the streets of their Country, and you are missing the Brits!

        • Then destroy all African borders after all they were created by the European. You should not write in French or English but in the language you had before the European arrived, take away Christianity, a religion brought by the colonizer after all, the Chinese are already introducing Buddhism in some parts of the continent.
          I can make a clear distinction between what I wish for and what the facts are. Rewrite your own book and declare there that the trans Atlantic slave trade never took place.
          Paraphrasing those standard platitudes does not mean you have done what Napoleon left undone or you have discovered the holy grail, however there are those who will always be at that level and probably you are one of them

        • @ Rob. A colonial master cannot determine my heritage. Foolish Africans. We are in the 21st century.

  10. the state has the means. long live kamerun.

  11. Les assaillants “seraient venus du Nigeria voisin” et ont “traversé la frontière du Cameroun pour le Nigeria”, a ajouté la même source administrative.
    This is all we have to know

    • Je pense que appart l’armée Camerounaise qui brutalise et assasine les populations, la plupart des assayants sont des mercenaires qui viennent effectivement du Nigeria voisin. Ils sont surement commendités et payés par des bourreaux tels Sisiku. Les Camerounais en général ne sont pas violents et ont trop peur de la mort. Meme les “Anglo”, des vrais peurreux C’est que le boucan…. Mais ne soyons pas naifs ni dupes, les choses et les humains peuvent bien changer lordqu’on ne leur laisse pas le choix.

      • You are one funny wolowos. If your heritage is same as mine and we are scared of death, what is the heritage of “des assayants qui viennent effectivement du Nigeria voisin”?

        A beg ohh, my heritage is same as that of the mercenary from Nigeria, not your’s Bikutsi.

        • “Heritage ” and “learned behavior ” are two different things.
          Heritage and DNA are also two different things.

        • So you have the same heritage with the mercenary from Nigeria too; is what I am getting from your rant above. Anyway, Ambazonians are not afraid to die so you obviously are not including us in your generalization of Cameroonians which is the point of our resistance – we don’t belong in your LRC of COWARDS. If we did, we would have been hiding indoors like you instead of demonstrating in the face of Biya’s army.

        • Your level of comprehesion is just too low for me to carry on this interaction with you. I usualy do not interact with people with people like you who can’t write a paragraf without insults.
          I made an exeption because I was curious to know more about what you refer to as “your heritage ” I’m desapointed with your narrativ, so good luck with whatever you are fighting for.

        • Funny Wolowos, referring to people who are afraid to die for their rights as COWARDS is by no means an insult. I was curious to know what you refer to as your heritage too but alas you run away to hide like a coward – Not at all surprising given you’ve said as much about yourself and Cameroonians in general.

          What is there to comprehend that I have failed to? Don’t worry, just hide and all will be fine. We Ambazonians have another date starring death in the eyes and will continue to do so until we are free from LRC.

          Please don’t hate us for our bravery nor insist we belong with you COWARDS. Thank God your comprehension is so high you cower in face of oppression rather than stand up for your rights for fear of death. That is so Cameroonian and UnAmbazonian. You get it?

        • @ Boko, Then go and join your brothers in Nigeria. What are you doing in Cameroon? Biafra wants to separate from Nigeria. You are free to join them and form your Ambazonia Biafra republic there. Cameroon can never be divided. We Anglophone Cameroonians have nothing to do with Nigerians. Speaking the English man’s language does not link us to Nigeria. There are a lot of Africans who speak English and are not Nigerians. Maybe some Mamfe people close to Nigeria like Sisiku have Biafra blood in them. Tell your brother Sisiku Ayuk to join his Biafra brothers and form his Ambazonia Biafra republic there. He is not a Cameroonian.

      • @bobjazz, According to you “We Anglophone Cameroonians have nothing to do with Nigerians”. Assuming you are correct, I really would like to know what it is that links us to the East(Cameroun) and yet is absent from the West(Nigeria). Is that something you can shed light on?

        Stupid boy, what you can see standing on the mountain top falls short of what I can see lying on my stomach at the foot of same mountain. That not withstanding, there is a place for you and your type in Ambazonia – the pots and pans will have to be attended to by someone.

        • @ Boko, Go and join your Biafra brothers in Nigeria if that’s where your ancestry is. I am not from Nigeria. I speak English because of our colonial masters and this has nothing to do with Nigeria. Where I come from is not even close to Nigeria. I am a free born Cameroonian and we will never separate. AS much as I hate the Biya regime, I won’t mind supporting them to wipe you guys out. We Cameroonians are peaceful people we don’t need you guys with your Biafra blood. Go and join your Ojukwu people. They also want to separate from Nigeria.

        • @ bobjazz – Stupid man, can you show me where I said anything about English in any of my statements above? What makes you assume that I am concerned about English? I am no mental slave like you.

          Why are you explaining to me the reason you speak English when I did not ask? My simple question to you remains unanswered so here’s another chance for you to respond:

          According to you “We Anglophone Cameroonians have nothing to do with Nigerians”. Assuming you are correct, I really would like to know what it is that links us to the East(Cameroun) and yet is absent from the West(Nigeria). Is that something you can shed light on?

  12. these CAPITAL fools they dey light fire wey go pass them for loss’am.

  13. we re not negotiate with terrorist long live kamerun

  14. Trivializing the current tragedy on the ground is most pathetic ! Spreading ignorance in cyberspace is equally pathetic.

    It has become fashionable to use geographical names like “Graffi”, “Biafrae” to stigmatize/slur noble citizens. All it takes is a simple walk down memory lane to find out that in 1960 Alhaji Ahmadou Ahidjo did not send his gendarmes in “Biafrae” to take over from the owners of the land. To concoct that and parade it around today makes a mockery of its propagators as quintessential merchants of falsehood. The same is true of calling Julius Ayuk Tabe names.

    Cameroonians ought to be proud of their intellect, not their stupidity/

    • Cameroonians don’t behead people. It’s Biafra people who do that. The truth is bitter but must be said.

  15. Eggs has badly exploded in the faces of Mbappe, Ras Metuge, Agbor Pinguiss, Mbamois and Soyakutsi of the world. They use to brandish the night of the police and Bir, but today they are struggling too had to convince who ever wants to listen that mercenaries came from Nigeria to inflict pain on the Bir inside Cameroon. Isn’t it funny, that after mocking the Nigerian army for standing down against Boko Haram the whole of last year, they are now making excuses why the Bir stood down against thugs coming in from Nigeria. Did the Bir have selective knowledge of fighting Boko Haram which came from Nigeria and are now unable to dictate the arrival of mercenaries from the same country? The blood of the murdered gendarmes is your hands for urging them on against unarmed people.

  16. IbeNkongsamba Pikin

    How many Anglophones has the government of Paul Biya Bi Mvondo murdered?How many Southern Cameroonians have disappeared ie been secretly killed and buried in mass graves?How many Anglophones are in jail?How many have fled to Nigeria.Four Cameroon soldiers are ambushed and you make so much noise.Those people who were assassinated in the North West and Southwest regions are not human beings?’No one is afraid of Mr Biya anymore and that is why some fellows have decided to revenge the deaths of their loved ones killed by Mr Biya’S militia.If Mr Biya feels that the blood of francophones is better than those of Anglophones then he should rethink his strategy.The worst thing that he ever did was to kill our brothers and he Paul has not acknowledged the killings nor apologized.

  17. Not one word of honor to the more than 200 southerns Cameroonians killed by the LR army and yet in their defense, there is lost of lives of a few soldiers and LR country wants to honor them as heros! LR has very limited time b4 things get out of hand, i swear!

    • Today, the 30.11.2017, @ Otu Village Four Police Officers and One Gendarme of La Republique du CameroUn have also been killed.

      This is proof that LRC does not have the monopoly to kill.

  18. Owona nguini

    It is known that most of the soldiers are murdered by their colleagues. Some numbers are faked by the state but the consequence can be bad for the state of CameroUn.

  19. When forces of LRC killed our arm less pple who cares? Killing them is obvious .To me it is time for them to pay the price for their .How civilians where as compared the number of LRC forces killed. The future is blink and if Pa BIYA can not learn a lesson now, then his down fall is at the corner.He should have by today take a closed look of events on folding around him and to which directions are things heading to now.Power don’t have a place a place in modern day life.
    It will be better he take out his forces from our land before it becomes too late.
    Please, tell biya that today is not yesterday where monarchs used to have too much power .
    We do not need french rule any more in our land.”forward ever and backward never.”

  20. give me gun with just 2 bullets. Indubitably, the first bullet goes to ayuk seseko( coward, opportunist and egoistic) or who ever leads this secession illusion and the second bullet goes to Biya( el diablo himself). I can’t believe the former with no plan whatsoever would send people out on the streets on October 1 to get killed while the latter would inhumanely command his bulldogs to shoot them innocent people. Only God knows what’s best and from a neutral perspective, difference no dey between people wey them di fight fo power. reference- Southern Sudan.

    • If You think killing Ayuk will stop the Ambatrain then think again? Kill him and see how thousand more rises before your eyes. Btw he is under special force protection atm and security is maximum. DARE at your peril!