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German envoy at State House

CRTV Cameroon’s Chief Executive, His Excellency Paul Biya has granted audience to the German Chancellor’s Personal Representative for Africa in the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Günter Nooke.

During the close to one-hour audience that took place at the Unity Palace on 15th February 2018 cooperation ties between both countries were reviewed.

Angela Merkel’s special envoy told reporters after the audience that discussion with Cameroon’s Head of State also sought to review recommendations taken during last year’s African Union – European Union Summit in Abidjan.

They also talk on the socio-political challenges in the North West and South West regions. On this subject, Mr. Günter Nooke stressed that the Federal Republic of Germany is solidly in favour of measures linked to the effective implementation of decentralisation in Cameroon.

The German Chancellor’s Personal Representative for Africa in the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Günter Nooke was accompanied by Germany’s Ambassador to Cameroon, H.E. Hans-Dieter Stell.

The audience was marked by exchanged of gifts symbolic of Cameroon’s legendary hospitality.

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  1. FAKE NEWS..
    Not true..

  2. Gunter,you can go scrap federation from your constitution and implement decentralization,that has got nothing to do with Ambazonians.we Ambazonians have taken our destiny into our hands and nothing anyone says is going to deter us from achieving our goal of self determination.

    We have suffered enough under colonial lrc.our union with lrc was a mistake which we will pay any price now to gain our freedom.
    Lrc has never valued us as a people,all what they care about are the natural resources found on our land,that is why they are murdering our people en masse so as to maintain total control over our natural resources.
    If they had valued human resource over natural resources,then we wouldn’t have been where we are today.our separatoon from lrc is final,go tell Angela that.

    • Of course, the Germans NEVER mentioned DECENTRALISATION as the solution to the Anglophone Question. That is fake news from CrTv.

      The official German position was, is and remains: INCLUSIVE and GENUINE dialogue. That is the same position of almost all countries on planet earth including France.

      However, Dictator Biya prefers to resolve the Anglophone Question by war.

      Southern Cameroonians will now use this golden opportunity to free themselves from slavery.
      There is no turning back.

      All wars always end with dialogue. Biya’s war will also end with dialogue. The dialogue will be about the terms of separation. Nothing more nothing less

      • **** FOOD FOR THOUGHT ****

        1. Biya’s war is a blessing to the environment and by extension the climate.
        This is so because Timber vehicles from LRC no longer come to SC to harvest timber.
        2. Biya’s war is a curse to the slogan “LRC is one and indivisible”.
        This is so because the war is UNWINNABLE. The war will end with an IMPOSED dialogue. The scenario will be similar to the wars South Sudan versus Sudan, Eritrea versus Ethiopia, Kosovo versus Serbia, East Timor versus Indonesia, etc. Simply put, Biya’s war will resolve the Anglophone Question once and for all. My motion of thanks and gratitude to Biya for declaring an UNWINNABLE war on the peace-loving people of SC

        • Mvomeka, when have u ever said something on this forum that ended up happening??. U have absolutely no shame left. Starting from Sickseku will never be deported to Cameroon, to Biya is dead. You have been wrong.
          No dialogue with terrorist, No Two state federation.

  3. CrTv and FAKE NEWS are “one and indivisible”

  4. @ MVOMEKA , Biko , Palapala

    ahhahahahahahaha it is just a matter of time, I thought Biya has died, does he still alive? hahahahahahhahah.

    For those who had betray Cameroonian people is not turning back ” we all know them USA and UK”, we

    will catch you even with your American citizen or UK citizen nyamfuka.

    the usa president dont like black people.

  5. Herr Gunther Nooke, wellkommen in Kamerun.Wie gets Sir Ihnen? Und Frau Angela Merkel? Sprechen Sie mit Praesident Paul Biya in Deutsch oder Franziosisch? Gibt es auch die Problemen in Bundesrepublik Deutschland? In Kamerun Man habt kein Arbeit, kein Geld!

    Bitte, wo sind Herrn Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe, Nde, Ojong, Frau Bih, usv?
    Danke schon und auf wiedersehen.

    • @ John Dinga
      please dont kill us with germany language , therfore if germany didnt losed war world 1 and 2 we will be more peacefull

    • Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe hast noch viel zu erzählen, bevor er einen Anwalt sehen kann. Bis dahin, er muss noch ein bisschen Geduld haben.

      Von mir aus, alle die andere Inhaftierten können zurück nach NGR. Solange die ein Schweigepflicht unterschreiben werden.

      Aber Ayuk geht nirgendwohin…

  6. The blood of those killed, is causing biya nightmares.

    • Lol. You are so funny, if you think Biya can loose sleep because of some amateur like you. In Fact No one cares about you people, as long as you keep that fight west of mungo.

      Biya has the world behind him. Now please tell me why in the bell he would have nightmare??

      • Because his free Pamplemousse – Ambazonia is about to be lost for ever….even the devil would have nightmares if his free chop were leaving him.
        We are marching to Buea.

        • Keep marching, it is good for your health. We will kill you all before you get to buea.

        • @Epee Dipanda

          I sincerely hope you’ve got clearance from Peter Mafany Musonge about entry into Buea? The way the man is protective of his home town….chairing meetings to sensitize and warn about problem persons from the NW….you may run into a hurdle where least expected!

  7. The complacency of other european parteners in accepting Franch overbearing restraining economic influence in the CAF region ( and hopping on that bandwagon in many sectors ) ,especially with the accords signed concerning Cameroon ,before the euro, and not admitting its continuing negative influences for the population is beyond understanding .The 50% Fench treasury haul is not in the euro central banks radar ( but contributes anyway) ,not on their books, un reported ,so its unrelenting in keeping poverty alive and kicking until its sorted out .Cameroon is happy to have visitors but it needs a real treasury not half of one that is in exchange for a high currency working against its natural, dollar valued resources .

  8. I may be wrong, but the metal being processed for his countries market is using an enormous amount of Cameroons energy at rediculously low locked in prices so, whenever theres a power cut, we can thank Germany for that .

  9. MR DINGA.Thanks for your great contributions on this site,permit me correct your German sir.Herr Gunther,willkommen in Kamerun.wie geht’s es ihnen und frau Merkel.Sprechen sie mit Biya in deutsche oder Franzosiche.gibt es auch diese Problemen in Deutschland.In Kamerun habt man kein arbeit,kein Geld.Mit freunlichen Grussen.mfg.nice weekend

    • ….in Deutsch oder Franzosisch


      ….in deutscher oder französischer Sprache

      • @ Mboma, Mvomeka
        Thank you for your patience and understanding. As you may already know, like muscle, language left unused is bound to suffer some degree of atrophy. I sincerely hope you got my message all the same. Thanks again.

        • The German errant boy would have met with JD, instead of biya
          who is only French and English bilingual. He always, addresses the nation in both languages. Na so nor?

  10. There is no international news reporting this news, even in Germany this news is false. This pictures and visit date back to 2015 not 2018. This means Paul Biya is dead.

    • @ police

      no whahala a south-west man cant never be an interim president from ambasonia hahahha

      • @BamendaBoy,

        Every time I read a comment from you on this forum, I’m left confused if you are trying to learn how to write in either English or pidgin, or maybe both at the same time.

        • @Manyaka76

          I am trying to invented my own language .

          anyways like I said . people from south west Cameroon cant be president

  11. Paul is dead or alive does not make any difference. Lots of people are so frustrated that they are easily distracted by a mean thing. Paul Biya is alive and strong. We should work for peace. Anglophones are been kidnapped for slaughter every day, many don’t see. Let the leaders of the 2 camps seat at the table for peace and let be compromises on both sides.

  12. Biya will not accept dialogue, because it will mean he has to account for those missing
    from the word go, whom he is hiding in mass graves in y`de and around.
    Na deh problem dat.

  13. It is so distressing to watch the diminishing stature of Cameroon over the years. It is difficult to recognize this as the very nation that gave Africa two of her most respectable and prominent Secretaries-General in the persons of William Eteki Mboumoua and Nzo Ekhah Ngaki. It is difficult to believe that this is the very country that took football from the muddy pitches of the neighborhoods and developed it up to world cup level, defeating Diego Armando Maradona’s Argentina in the process. Is this Cameroon?

    Cameroonians should not just sit there. Please worry!!!!!!! It is unacceptable that other nations cultivate and nurse their academics while Cameroon uses and disposes of them like toilet paper! From sexually transmitted marks at earlier levels to political PhDs and professorships,

    • the nation is making a mockery of book people and no one seems to lose sleep at all! Watch how politically connected persons make fun of the head of the CNC, some professors(Akwangas,Nyamnding Messangas) , international norms (32GB is equal to 500GB of computer hard drive storage), PhD now stands for “Pull Him Down”. Terrorism and liberty have taken on a totally improvised meaning. A judge pronounced Patrice Nganang a free man inside an open court. Friends and relatives waited outside to share the good news and embrace him. But hardly was he out than armed men bundled him into a land-rover for the airport and deportation, leaving behind his valuables!

      The youth have taken the daunting task of using social media to try to sanitize society the way Moliere did with his plays. Will it work

  14. `………. diminishing stature of Cameroon over the years`. What about the 2035
    magic year? Or is it `Communal Liberalism` that you are talking about?
    Academics or job seekers? There it all went wrong and everything is gone out
    of control.
    Some ardent supports, are still dreaming it will be well. But unfortunately, when
    the end game will be over soon, confusion will step in. Take my bet.

  15. The country Cameroon no longer exists.
    What is left is a shell…an illusion.
    A referendum now is the proverbial “A stitch in time saves nine”

  16. This man Biya is evil.Pinguis,Usa,Ras Tuge etc.You people should go to OCCRP and read about this wicket evil devil imcarnate dictator call Biya how he have been wasting our monies.You alone would spend 4 years in private visists more than 65 million dollars only on private visists in Europe while your people are going without drinking water,lights,un equipped hospitals,no roads,living on less than 2 dollars aday while you squander thier wealth outside. most of your youths dying in the mediterreanian try to seek for a better life somewhere else.People are suffering here in this country,really suffering.is that not wickedness?We the Anglophones are tired of this and have spoken loudly.if our docile francophones brothers and sisters are ok with this then all is left to them.

    • Dictator Biya is indeed Lucifer in the flesh. Ahidjo left a bread basket of Africa. Dictator transformed it into a basket case and HIPC ( Heavily Indebted Poor Country).
      To add salt to injuries, he has transformed his own country into an ISLAND OF WARS. His soldiers are fighting on multiple warfronts.

      • @Mvomeka
        You have a good pen and ability to educate. Please devote some of your energies to pointing the dangers that lie ahead with respect to the imminent Senatorial elections! Voters and those who run for office need to avoid entrapment – no level playing field, no time to articulate their campaign messages, no time to go round their constituencies, running against a well oiled machine meticulously prepared during the past period of total silence. Where is the logic in going into parliament or the Senate to reenact the same shameful drama witnessed when the combined opposition was drowned by the president’s hand-picked senators and parliamentarians?