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Germany is prepared to strengthen ties with Cameroon-Günter Nooke

Journal du Cameroun | Günter Nooke, German Chancellor’s Personal Representative for Africa in the Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development have said Germany is ready to strengthen cooperation ties with Cameroon.

He made the remark recently after meeting with Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya at the Unity Palace.

Speaking to reporters after the audience, Angela Merkel’s emissary said cooperation ties between both countries were reviewed during the close to one-hour meeting with the Head of State. Germany, he noted, is prepared to deepen these ties; vis-à-vis the recommendations of the African Union – European Union Summit in Abidjan last year.

Concerning the socio-political challenges in the North West and South West regions, Mr. Günter Nooke stressed that the Federal Republic of Germany is solidly in favour of measures linked to the effective implementation of decentralisation in Cameroon.

Mr. Günter Nooke was accompanied by Germany’s Ambassador to Cameroon, H.E. Hans-Dieter Stell.

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  1. Decentralization. He forgot or doesn`t know about bilingualism, sorry.
    When fons and chiefs are paid by y`de, abi, isn`t that decentralization?
    Is it now that the Ambazonians are looking up to their statehood, that it
    will happen?