Gov’t debunks claims of heavy military presence in NW, SW regions

Journal du Cameroun | Cameroon government officials have debunk claims of an out of the ordinary military presence in Cameroon’s North West and South West regions.

This comes after, many local media reports carried stories of government’s heavy militarisation of the Anglophone communities in the bid to crack down on secessionists and assailants.

Most of the reports had insinuated that the government of Cameroon had launched an all-out war against the Anglophone community blaming them for the dead of security officers who were recently gunned down by assailants.

Reacting to reports on state radio, Lele L’Afrique, Governor of the North West region, refuted allegations of heavy militarization. The Governor said even though calls for ghost towns and school boycott are still being respected in some localities, the intensity is not the same in the degree as before. He revealed that the situation in the region is changing for the better, as many citizens are cooperating with the military to track down assailants.

For their part, top military officials in the region, say their presence on school campuses have been hailed by school officials given that they have been able to prevent assailants from burning down school buildings. Most of the officials in the radio report were all hopeful that activities in the region are going back to normalcy.